Investo Capital FX  Review: An In-Depth Look
Investo Capital FX  Review: An In-Depth Look

A broker that claims to be based in Denmark and offers leverage higher than any regulated EU entity can offer? Something sounds suspicious about Investo Capital FX broker. That was the reason for us to Investo Capital FX review and check what is wrong with this particular brokerage.

Investo Capital FX Details

Regulated by: No regulation
Headquarters Country: Denmark
Foundation year: 2019
Supported Platforms: MT5
Minimum Deposit: $10
Types of Assets: FX, commodities, indices, stocks
Maximum Leverage: 1:500
Demo Account: Yes
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Regulation and Security

Investo Capital FX claims to be based in Denmark; however, it’s hiding the company owner. After careful review of the DFSA register, we could not find Investo Capital FX listed anywhere. This is the first red flag among many we came across during this Investo Capital FX review.

On the address where the broker is allegedly registered, we found Crowne Plaza hotel. Another fun fact, FXMBT broker has the same address. It seems that they could be a part of the same operation. Yet, the biggest proof of scam is FTM Global Market that has the exact same address and the exact same website as Investo Capital FX. If you want to verify it, you can read our FTM Global Market review.

Since the broker does not have regulation, there is no guarantee for any funds you invest with this fraudulent company, very similar to Trustpac and Super1Investments scams.

Can I make money with Investo Capital FX?

Based on everything we’ve found and everything you’ve seen so far, the answer is no. There is no way for anyone to make money with an unregulated scam brokerage. Since this same MO we’ve seen with FTM Global Market, and there are many complaints about this broker, we can confirm that Investo Capital FX is not a money-making place. The broker is offering MT5 trading software, but we all know that the trader’s favorite is still the MT4.

Also, the spread is not listed clearly. Under the section “Assets” we found that the spread for EUR/USD pair is 0.4 pips, while on the main page the spread for the same pair is listed to be 1.0 pips. 

Also, the leverage broker provides is too high, 1:500. It’s against all the regulations and is exposing your money to too high risk.

The broker does not give any information about deposits and withdrawals. The only thing we can confirm is that the minimum deposit is $10 for the Micro account.

Investo Capital FX scam

Scammed by Investo Capital FX?

If you were scammed by Investo Capital FX, report it immediately. Our support team has experience in assisting clients to get their funds back from scam brokerages. They’ll help you file a dispute and request a chargeback.

But what is a chargeback? It’s a way to refund your card in case you were a victim of online fraud. 

Get in touch with us immediately and let’s start the procedure!

What is Investo Capital FX?

Investo Capital FX is an online trading brokerage without regulation.

Is Investo Capital FX a scam?

Investo Capital FX is an unregulated broker; therefore, it’s considered unsafe.

Is Investo Capital FX regulated?

Investo Capital FX is not a regulated broker and is operating illegally.


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