Is Titan Invest a Legit Broker?
Is Titan Invest a Legit Broker?
Regulated By: SEC
Headquarters: USA
Founded In: 2018
Platforms: Titan
Instruments: Stocks

Looking at the Titan Invest Crunchbase profile, they seem to see themselves as a provider of high-quality investment products for retail investors. However, our Titan Invest review found that this is just another broker offering the same tired auto trading promises as any other while dressing it up under the name of a hedge fund to appear more legitimate.

Titan Invest Review: Regulation and Security

Titan Invest is the brand of the operating company Titan Global Capital Management Inc. It’s a very recent startup as far as this kind of investment provider goes, only starting out in 2018. The company was founded by Clayton Gardner, Joe Percoco, and Max Bernardy. As a US-based firm, this broker has a registration as an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.

Traders with this broker are also under the protection of the Securities Investor Protection Act. Our Titan Vest review found that every client is insured up to $500,000. The broker also uses the latest digital security, including the 256-bit encryption commonly employed by banks.

Titan Invest Review: What Can You Trade With This Broker?

The broker pegs itself as a type of hedge fund for retail traders. Of course, actual hedge funds are reserved for professional traders with enough money to buy-in. The much lower $100 minimum deposit for retail traders with Titan app investing gives them reasonable access. However, their offerings aren’t all they seem to be. Whereas hedge funds have expert analysts making moves, our Titan Invest review found that this broker is using automated systems, or robo-traders, to pick investments.

While the broker has had some success, generating decent returns over the last few years, it’s only been operating since 2018. It’s incredibly unlikely that this algorithmic trading approach is going to give any long-term benefits to their clients. Traders can adjust their acceptable risk, and automated trading will select stocks to match their requirements. There’s an annual advisory fee of 1 percent of the portfolio’s value, with a minimum of $5 per month.

Which Countries Does Titan Invest Accept Investors From?

As an SEC Investment Advisor, this broker only has the authorization to offer services to US residents. Unlike many European and offshore brokers, who can get away with some leniency, these regulations are strictly enforced. Without a US residential mailing address, traders cannot sign up for any of their services.

Titan Invest Review

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

If you’re wondering, “should I invest in Titan?” there are a few different ways to make withdrawals and deposits. As an SEC firm that handles certain types of accounts, this broker’s deposit methods are somewhat restricted. Traders can link their bank accounts to make direct deposits to the broker or fund an account using a wire transfer. Withdrawals can then be made directly to the trader’s bank account.

Titan Invest Review Conclusion

Titan Invest’s performance really hasn’t demonstrated the effectiveness of its automated trading approach. While they’re doing better than other brokers with similar claims, it would still be reckless for traders to invest significant amounts of money with this broker. They’re opening themselves up to real risk for only limited gains and should get their money out while they still can.

Is Titan Invest a Regulated Broker?

Yes. This broker is registered with the SEC as a Registered Investment Advisor, allowing them to use their algorithms to make trading decisions for their clients.

Should I Invest in Titan Invest?

It’s not entirely clear yet. With only two years in operations, the results they’ve gotten from their algorithms aren’t distinguishable from luck, and things could turn bad at any moment.

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