Kingston Trading Review – Blacklisted Enough Times To Lose Count
Kingston Trading Review – Blacklisted Enough Times To Lose Count

Calling Kingston Trading a liar would be an understatement. The firm allegedly offers brokerage services along with investment savings plans of sorts. What should be bringing you financial stability and profit, turns out to be a confirmed scammer. 

We say this because Kingston Trading has been blacklisted multiple times, by regulators from all over the world. Not only does that speak of their legitimacy, but it also suggests just how vicious and widespread this sham is. Our Kingston Trading review equips you with all the most relevant facts you need in order to understand projects like these. 

Along the way, we will also discuss how swindlers drag into their schemes all the Forex newbies and other unsuspecting victims. So tune in and join us on a journey of uncovering a well-constructed scam behind Kingston Trading.

Regulated by: Unregulated
Is This Company Safe? Blacklisted Scammers Are Not Safe!
Known Websites:
Have Warnings from: FSMA, SFC, DFSA, CONSOB, CNMV
Registered in: Hong Kong/ Taiwan (allegedly)
Operating since: 2013
Trading Platforms: N/A
Maximum Leverage: N/A
Minimum Deposit: N/A
Deposit Bonus: N/A
Trading Assets: Bonds, Equities, Mutual Funds
Free Demo Account: N/A
How to  Withdraw from This Company? Contact our legal team immediately before the swindler gets away with your entire capital!

Is Kingston Trading Legit or Not?

As much as you can try not to jump to conclusions with this one, you just can’t turn a blind eye to the fact that Kingston Trading has been blacklisted multiple times. So when you have an immediate confirmation from acclaimed authorities and financial institutions, you have to approach this suspicious website with caution. 

While this anonymous financial services provider acts as if they’re a premium investment firm and securities trading platform, they also claim to be registered in Hong Kong. However, this claim was quickly denied by the Hong Kong regulator – Securities and Futures Commission, which published how Kingston Trading was lying about their registration address being in Hong Kong. 

The rest of the warnings were also issued by major financial authorities and we’ll list them all here, including the SFC warning, which triggered the public outrage towards this fake broker and investment scheme:

Kingston-Trading sfc warning

The fact that Kingston Trading isn’t licensed anywhere at all, yet operates on a world scale is utmost concerning. This firm doesn’t implement any security measures required by the leading regulators in all the areas of their operation. That further means that the clients’ deposits are kept in segregated bank accounts and Kingston Trading can manipulate them however they wish, stealing included. 

Not abiding by any regulatory rules also implies that Kingston Trading doesn’t provide a secure trading environment for the clients in the sense that they do not limit the leverage and do not have negative balance insurance. Compensation funds are also absent, so in case of dispute, clients won’t be able to be protected and refunded at least partially. 

Lastly, we also checked with the FSC of China, which is responsible for regulating Taiwaneese brokers and Kingston Trading is not among the regulated firms. Even if they really had an office there, it would suggest that they operate under no supervision. 

For what is worth, please consider another firm that actually has a valid brokerage or similar license, depending on their field of business. Forex market is already highly volatile as it is, you don’t need an additional risk by investing with fraudulent firms.   

Who are Kingston Trading clients?

Present basically all over the world, no retail traders or long-term investors are safe from this fraudulent entity. Kingston Trading offers clients a chance to trade equities, fixed income securities or mutual funds. By diversifying their portfolio of instruments and services available, this fraudster is managing to attract so many victims it’s alarming. 

So far, most of the defrauded traders and investors have appeared in the following countries:

  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Portugal
  • Malaysia

It is apparent that the Kingston Trading scam isn’t just focused on one area or niche. The scam agents employed at Kingston Trading website work tirelessly to explore more corners of the world and bring in more customers. All led by the idea of a fixed income and effortless earning, while investing the cash that actually goes straight to the cyber criminal’s pocket. 

The deviousness of their conduct isn’t immediately visible, of course. The swindlers possess the talents and the techniques to delude their targets into thinking how Kingston Trading will solve all their financial problems and ensure a bright future for them. 

If income doesn’t appeal as strongly, swindlers use other weak points, such as loneliness and attention craving. So they even go as far as forming romantic relationships with their victims, only to betray and robb them, in the end.

Whatever it is, please do not be afraid to speak up and seek professional help for retrieving your funds. We’re always here if you’d like to just talk and share your experience or ask for advice on how to start a chargeback process.

Trading Terms – Leverage, Fees, and Spread

Not a single paragraph on the whole Kingston Trading website provides any information on the fees and trading costs and conditions. All this sham does is describe all their services and features as quality, accurate and timely. The service provider thinks that is paramount to know, not the exact amounts of commissions and fees. It’s like Kingston Trading is just trying to leave an impression on their future customers, not actually provide any useful info to work with. 

Kingston Trading Features – Trading Platform and Accounts 

As already suggested, Kingston Trading website doesn’t publish any meaningful legal document or other significant information on their concrete services. Since we couldn’t immediately join the platform, we weren’t able to access the majority of the features. Kingston Trading keeps a low profile obviously, because they’re unsupervised and unlicensed. So they try to omit as much relevant info as possible, and handpick their victims and future recruits. 

Trading Platforms Choice

The firm supposedly provides access to investments, insurance, small business, and self-directed solutions through their advanced platform solution. However, nowhere on the website could we find the much-glorified platform. Or any kind of software at all, for that matter. 

Kingston Trading keeps bragging about providing the fastest, most reliable and safest of all platforms on the market. As a matter of fact, it could very much be that no platform exists at all. It could be that Kingston Trading just hides it very well. But if they were actually licensed and acclaimed, they’d have no reason or legal grounds to hide anything. 

Available Investment Assets

The suspicious and blacklisted company can’t actually have a rich array of features and beneficial services for every kind of client or investor. Nonetheless, that doesn’t stop the fraudster from handing out empty promises and statements about providing investment advice and expertise to all investors alike. Their range of investment products should include:

  • Equities (Large Capitalization Companies, Small Capitalization Financial Institutions)
  • Bonds (Corporate Bonds, Municipal Bonds)
  • Mutual Funds (Open-End Funds, Closed-End Funds, Exchange Traded Funds – ETFs)

Institutional and Research

Kingston Trading provides their institutional clientele with primary and secondary market fixed income and equity products. Some of their most commonly offered assets are bond funds, insurance companies, bank trust departments, banks, broker- dealers, pension funds and private placements.

Investment professionals are claimed to be able to rely on the research data provided by Kingston Trading to ensure an edge on every market. Collection of information includes stock ratings, analytical information and tools. 

Withdrawing Profits

Independent legal documentation doesn’t exist at Kingston Trading. They could only be available for members, but we sincerely doubt the fraudster even has them at all. As just one of the elements of the regulatory framework, these texts exist to elaborate on delicate processes such as funding and withdrawals. 

Because this sham, just like Beaufort Securities, aren’t at all transparent in their conduct, we cannot expect any of the payouts to be performed smoothly and hustle-free. It is well known that financial swindlers make the biggest income from the investments and deposits you make. So then, let us ask you, why would they ever allow you to withdraw them?!

Customer Support

In an attempt to seem helpful and caring of their customers’ desires, Kingston Trading seemingly provides many ways for making contact. Getting in touch with their support team is allegedly easy and seamless, with the minimum waiting time. The communication channels are the following:

  • Physical addresses in Hong Kong and Taiwan (SFC already denied the HK address to be true)
  • Phone numbers
  • Email – [email protected]
  • Online form for describing your problem and requesting a solution to your email 

Key Information To Consider About Kingston Trading 

None of the common scams like Kingston Trading, AXNEB or more complex ones deserve from you to fund them by depositing hard-earned money. These proven cyber criminals are not going to last long on the market, as they have financial authorities on their track. In the meantime, you should do your best to protect your funds and invest safely, by choosing a regulated brokerage to rely on.

In the case of having difficulties while trying to get a refund or process a payout, feel free to use our online chat feature to connect with the first available agent. You will shortly be contacted by a proper legal expert who you can describe your problem to and expect valid advice and legal help.

What Is Kingston Trading?

Kingston Trading is a fraudulent website, which has been blacklisted multiple times by leading Tier 1 regulators from all over the world.

Is Kingston Trading Regulated?

Not only is this firm not regulated, but they’re also been blacklisted. Several financial authorities have confirmed that Kingston Trading attempts to sell their services and products in areas where they lack licensure and supervision. If you consider yourself to be in danger from being defrauded, contact us for legal help.

Is Kingston Trading Available in the United States or the UK?

Kingston Trading is available for the UK and US clients currently.


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