LeapFX Review – Pied Piper Which Leads Unwary Traders Into a Trap
LeapFX Review – Pied Piper Which Leads Unwary Traders Into a Trap

Financial market regulation may provide a relatively safe work environment, but there are some branches that do not fall under the general umbrella. One of these is the affiliate campaign business, which mostly deals in providing a vital advertisement revenue for niche services.

All would be fine and dandy, if the various deceivers and cybercriminals did not learn how to abuse these campaigns to attract potential victims. See the remainder of our LeapFX review to learn about one such platform.

Regulated by: Affiliate Campaign Scam
Is This Company Safe? No, this website is associated with fraudulent brokerages, so don’t trust them!
Known Websites: leapfx.com
Have Warnings from: N/A
Registered in: N/A
Operating since: 2018
Trading Platforms: None
Maximum Leverage: N/A
Minimum Deposit: N/A
Deposit Bonus: N/A
Trading Assets: N/A
Free Demo Account: No
How to  Withdraw from This Company? Affiliate campaigns do not facilitate withdrawals. Contact our expert team if you wish to have your funds reimbursed through a legal process.

An Illicit Bunch Altogether

Lack of transparency is one certain evidence of a company not operating legitimately. This website doesn’t reveal what their company location is, or under what name it was even registered. There are some clues around the site that suggest the firm is operating within the US jurisdictions, but there’s simply no concrete proof of that. 

Another terrifying aspect of the whole story lies in the fact that such schemes do not fall under any legislation. Regulatory laws, standards and limitations that regulate financial markets do not apply to this form of entities. 

That provides a safe environment for these campaigns to steal user data, sell it to offshore brokerage platforms and earn commission at that.

How Affiliate Scams Function

According to the WhoIs information, the leapfx.com domain was first created in 2012. It did not host the affiliate campaign we see today prior to 2018, though.

The fraudsters mostly target these nations:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Germany

These promotional campaigns do the dirty work for scam brokers called Blaze Markets and AndroFX. This is done through the site itself or Telegram message service.

For the “service” of connecting the victim to a scam platform,  they charge a percentage from both parties. Since they collect various personal information from potential traders, the swindlers then sell the data to other con artists, widening the circle.

Fake Reviews Attract Victims

It’s not uncommon for deceptive services to post misleading content on ratings platforms like TrustPilot, SiteJabber or Reviews.io. Many of the clients that have posted a positive rating actually complain about the service not working as intended.

This might indicate that the company is using some kind of an extortion tactic to get users to leave positive LeapFX reviews. If you believe you’ve been defrauded by this company, contact our legal experts for help.

Secret Expenses

Alleged fee-free services do not exist, not in today’s day and age. While this shady platform will earn your trust by making you believe they charge nothing, soon enough you’ll discover the bitter truth. 

Facing extraordinary expenses, withdrawal taxes and unfair costs of trading operations are something most common on these sites. Therefore, we advise you to only invest with a fully transparent, regulated service.

Nothing Substantial to Offer

Serving simply as a medium between potential victims and unregulated online trading firms, the LeapFX platform doesn’t provide any trading tools or options. The sole purpose of this service is to advertise illicit trading portals and connect them to their targets. You won’t find any trading tools except in the form of a promise.

Automated and Manual Trading Systems

The website primarily engages in marketing various LeapFX AI based trading solutions, software and add-ons. Some of them are Target Trader, Power Growth Trader, King Robot, Power Trader and others. 

All of these tools are described as highly profitable and accurate in over 90% of the cases. That is achieved through using AI powered systems that identify opportunities and work for you tirelessly. Such solutions don’t even exist, sadly.

Can Anything be Traded at all?

Trading systems we found listed on the site can reportedly be used for trading various products, out of which currencies are mentioned once. However, there’s no clarification given what exact instruments are available. 

There’s also no details about which tradable assets groups these tools are compatible with. Everything about the LeapFX trading facilitators is hazy.

3 Step Screening Process

Even if you generously share the information these vultures are after, there’s a supposed procedure you have to pass in order to get your LeapFX login created. These are the steps:

  • Exclusive interview
  • Verified stats
  • Live testing

It’s like you’re trying to pass an entrance exam to a prestigious university. All of it is just another foul strategy at play for the purpose of the scam team appearing serious. After all, registering on the site will redirect you to an unregulated trading firm like Exton Global. These miscreants just gather new victims for illicit platforms.

Victims are Denied a Withdrawal

As an affiliate campaign, there is no such thing as a LeapFX withdrawal. Any paid money is considered compensation for their service, at least that’s the general issue. You see, if this was a legit affiliate campaign and the clients got connected to a regulated broker, this would not be problematic.

The bogus brokerages the victims get directed to, however, only feature a semblance of trading. This “trading”  happens on a doctored platform, as is the case with T1Markets. These hoax firms are known to show fictitious profits in an effort to extort their victims for more money, but ultimately do not allow a payout to happen.

Solicitation Disguised as Support

Anyone who’s ever dealt with a telemarketer before will tell you that there is no such thing as customer support. These persistent persuasion experts will use any opportunity they can to divert the conversation in their favor. 

You’re unhappy with the broker that ripped you off? Well, that’s too bad – try this other ripoff firm instead! Contacting the help desk with any of these firms will inevitably lead to more problems.

Money Stuck With Fraudsters? Get it Back!

The LeapFX scam is a deception campaign intended to deceive potential traders into investing with an unregulated broker. The company charges a percentage for leading unsuspecting investors into a financial trap.

This firm does not feature a withdrawal option, but that doesn’t mean that any money you’ve invested has to go down the drain. With the help of our experts, you may start a legal process to have your funds reimbursed. You may contact us at any time, and remember – the first consultation is free of charge!

FAQ Section

What is LeapFX?

LeapFX is an affiliate scheme that serves as a medium between scam brokers and unwary Forex investors.

Is LeapFX Legit?

While affiliate campaigns don’t need regulations, they still have to be legally registered and this entity isn’t.

Should I Trust LeapFX to Choose a Broker For Me?

Absolutely not. They make you think they will connect you to the best online trading firm while they push you right into another financial trap.


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