LinityBase Review – Being Blacklisted Didn’t Stop This Fraud From Stealing
LinityBase Review – Being Blacklisted Didn’t Stop This Fraud From Stealing

What if we told you about a broker that is apparently illicit but claims to provide exceptional trading conditions and tools? Would you trust this LinityBase review that brings solid proof of the website being a bait for investors while not providing a single of the promised features?�

If you are still indecisive about this multiple times blacklisted scam, let us enlighten you. It is our duty to present you with nothing but raw facts about apparent fraudsters who try to pass as legit while revealing not a single info about their leadership and owners. 

Regulated by:Not regulated
Is This Company Safe?Offshore scams are not safe
Have Warnings from:SVGFSA, SCA, OSC, FSMA, LB
Registered in:SVG (allegedly)
Owning company:�LinityBase Trading Services LLC
Operating since:2023-02-09
Trading Platforms:Web trader
Maximum Leverage:N/A
Minimum Deposit:N/A
Deposit Bonus:N/A
Trading Assets:Commodities, Indices, Stocks, Currency Pairs
Free Demo Account:Not available
How to� Withdraw from This Company?Please consider asking for legal help when attempting withdrawals, because fraudulent companies aren’t likely to allow you to complete payouts.

Is LinityBase Legit or Scam?

It is truly disturbing to find out everything we did about LinityBase. First of all, this company that claims to be registered in SVG has an official warning issued on them by the country’s regulatory body – FSA. SVGFSA doesn’t even regulate brokers, yet had to publish the warning that debunks LinityBase’s statement about being registered there. Take a look:

This is not the only warning that LinityBase Trading Services LLC has on them. There’s more than a few� regulators who consider this firm to be nothing more than a fraudulent entity:

LinityBase osc warning

Being blacklisted so many times points out the fact that LinityBase doesn’t provide the trading conditions that Tier 1 regulations describe. The most important ones are segregated bank accounts, compensation funds, negative balance protection and leverage restriction. The EEA zone has an additional set of regulatory rules issued by ESMA. It refers to the security enhancement and increased transparency of all companies which offer financial services and securities trading.�

These are just some of the general reasons why we do not recommend this broker to invest with. You will be pushed into risky trades, experience poor customer treatment and suffer huge financial loses. So better stay away from this site than regret investing anything here.

Who are LinityBase victims?

Spreading like pestilence, LinityBase has a wide area of operation. Not only do they target more developed areas, but they also do not stick to a single market. All that makes them all the more suspicious, especially because they’ve only been operational for several months. This implies the broker’s viciousness and just how accustomed they are to scamming various victims, regardless of their level of experience and education. Most of the victims reside in these countries:

  • Canada
  • Netherlands
  • Australia

Do not be surprised if any of the LinityBase scam agents approach you with their offer. The deal they will try to sell you naturally sounds very attractive and almost impossible to resist. However, we warn you: anything that looks too good is most probably not true or real. In every single case of scam, the conditions offered include impeccable trading parameters and huge guaranteed returns.�

If you’ve been approached by these boiler room agents and need help dealing with the damage they’ve done to your financial status, feel free to contact us.

LinityBase Scam Reviews and Complaints

Out of the total 133 reviews on TrustPilot, an astonishing 46% of them were all negative. The most common rating given to LinityBase is the lowest. Customers are reporting about various issues they experience and it seems like LinityBase treats their users quite poorly. Major problems that clients are describing pertain to withdrawals and LinityBase persistently asking for more deposits. Here some of the testimonials, please read them carefully, so you don’t have to go through the same trouble:

My issue has been going on for a while. I invested a lot and got nothing. They didn’t work on my withdraw request which I’ve been waiting for. Emailed them several times and all I get is it will be with u 1/3 days since May. I will never use this company again. My advice is to avoid this terrible company.

They attract unsuspecting minds to join them. I started with a lot, but my advisor kept asking for more in different forms. I really thought I had made enough fortune to change my life, but little did I know that it was all gone and connected to an offshore.

Linitybase is a scam and what this company does is ask for deposits but block withdrawals. I have been defrauded of 15,000 euros of share capital, which they “promise” to return if I pay 10% of the amount!!! I do not have and will not have such funds, because all funds have been exhausted. There is $37,000 in the account, but their system does not allow them to be withdrawn – you cannot withdraw anything independently without their approval. FRAUD!!!

LinityBase Trading Conditions

Playing the role of a good Samaritan is what LinityBase tries to be especially good at. Your broker is so sweet and nice, while incredibly generous too, since they claim not to charge anything for depositing and withdrawing money.�

The site ensures the clients that only payment services providers, like third party terminals and banks may issue fees. Otherwise, this innocent broker doesn’t charge you anything. Not even too good to be true. More like completely and utterly fake and unrealistic, actually.

LinityBase Trading Features�

The website completely lacks any legal documentation that provides traders enough information about the general trading features and parameters. Don’t even get us started on how shallow and uninformative the website itself is. This borderline useless web presentation has all the links messed up.�

Terms and Conditions link leads to the Privacy Policy doc. The link to the platform and the sign up page redirect you to the contact page! The already mediocre looking website is all chaotic and wrong. So do not expect to find all the information you seek about the trading process itself.�

Available Trading Services and Assets�

What do you think of the possibility of buying and selling financial instruments without knowing under which conditions the trading happens? Leverage, spreads, fees, and other stats is what should be available to traders beforehand. Unfortunately, this is not the case with LinityBase.�

The situation is not much brighter when it comes to the available assets for trading. Here are the only several groups of products, only briefly mentioned:

  • Commodities (silver, gold, sugar, wheat, coffee)
  • Stocks (netflix, microsoft, alibaba, facebook, tesla)
  • Indices (nasdaq, dow jones)
  • Currency Pairs (EUR/USD, USD/AUD, CAD/NZD, USD/GBP)

Trading Software Overview

LinityBase platform

There is simply no way to get to the trading platform at LinityBase. When we tried to open an account, there was no option to register. And when we attempted to get to the terminal, we kept being redirected to the contacts page. It seems that LinityBase is carefully trying to filter all their future victims and likes to know who they’re dealing with, in advance. Without an account, we couldn’t get to the user area and explore the options given by the platform. Yet another element you can add to the list of details that LinityBase gives no information about.�

The supposedly remarkable software cannot be accessed anyhow. Unless you’re an existing customer, you will not be able to get to the trading zone. Such circumstances inevitably lead us to question the existence of the advertised software in the first place. Usually, we’d expect a basic web trader, just like most of the other known scammers enforce. CapitalsWise is one of them. However, in the case of LinityBase, not even that is certain.�

Account Types

Another of our attempts was to examine the possibility of choosing between multiple accounts. We weren’t all too shocked to see that exploring this condition is futile, just like it was with the trading costs and platform. Registration button is nowhere to be found.

If you want to open the Account Types page, the link actually takes you to the general services page. Practically useless, this page only has several images of happy actors in front of computers with some services named but unexplained. What are the users supposed to think when they see this?�

Does LinityBase Have a Demo Account?

At the time of writing this review, we could only assume joining is possible if you first apply for an account. When the high council of LinityBase scammers decides you to be worthy of it, they’d probably let you register a profile with them. If there’s a possibility of that account being a Demo one – we do not know. There’s neither the possibility of finding that out anyhow.�

We wouldn’t advise you to be overly optimistic about Demo accounts with scammers. Vittaverse is a fraudulent website, known for also not providing the possibility of risk-free trial trading.

Is Profit Withdrawal Possible?

LinityBase is assuring their users how they’re able to fund their trading account and withdraw all their profits quickly, seamlessly and tax-free.We wouldn’t really count on it. The entire story about hustle-free withdrawals sounds just about like anything else LinityBase promises – unrealistic and improbable.�

If their claims were anyhow true, they’d be entirely transparent about all the elements revolving around these actions. But LinityBase isn’t. They’re dishonest and rotten to the core, just like any other scammer. Countless negative reviews online aren’t anyone’s product of imagination. Users are legitimately having problems with LinityBase payouts. Not just when it comes to withdrawing profits, but also taking back their initial deposits seems entirely impossible.�

Customer Support

All frauds commonly glorify their customer support service. Supposedly always available, diligent and helpful, they sound like they care about their customers more than you’d ever expect. But do not fall for it. Even if it sometimes seems like the friendly agent is full of understanding. It’s all a part of their performance meant to get you to invest. A portion of negative reviews on LinityBase refers to how irresistibly nice support agents are one day, but ignoring or cold the very next.

Key Information To Consider About LinityBase�

This LinityBase review was meant as a warning to all beginners in Forex that are looking to try their luck in price-speculating. It isn’t rare that novice traders are the main targets of scammers. If you’ve been contacted by a charming seller that’s trying to extort money from you in the form of deposits, do let us know.�

What’s even more important, you should not keep quiet as a scam victim. Speak up and let us hear your story. We’ll do our best to help you recover the funds you’ve lost.�

What Is LinityBase, And Should I Invest Money In It?

LinityBase is a fraudulent broker with multiple blacklists. Please consider smarter investing, but we can also help you get back the capital you’ve put into this scheme.

Can I Trade Cryptocurrencies And CFDs With LinityBase?

The site does not mention crypto coins as an available instrument group.

Does LinityBase Give a Deposit Bonus When Opening an Account?

Such information is not disclosed on the website or in any of the official legal docs.

Unfortunately, many users start reading reviews only after falling victim to scams. We sincerely hope that you are not one of them!
However, if you're here because you suspect that your investment isn't in a safe place, know that you have the right to claim funds back!

Report a Fraud Case & Claim a Refund from Scammers

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