Master FX Options Review – Masters At Playing Roles Of Reputable Firms
Master FX Options Review – Masters At Playing Roles Of Reputable Firms

Master FX Options isn’t quite the epitome of a reputable company that can help you acquire financial benefit and professional growth. If you’re wondering why we think so, you are advised to read the following Master FX Options review. 

Before making a grave mistake and investing with just any platform that offers an attractive deal, please make sure they’re regulated. Not in the sense of claiming to be legitimate but by also having a license issued by an authority that can confirm that. 

Regulated by: Unregulated Investment Firm
Is This Company Safe? No, this firm is illicit and blacklisted and steals your deposits!
Known Websites:
Have Warnings from: AFM
Registered in: UK/US (alleged)
Operating since: 2022-07-26
Trading Platforms: Web
Maximum Leverage: N/A
Minimum Deposit: $300
Deposit Bonus: Not available
Trading Assets: CFDs on Forex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities, and Treasuries
Free Demo Account: Not available
How to  Withdraw from This Company? Contacting our representatives is advised if you wish to restore your initial investment with this scam.

Why Master FX Options is a Scam

For an anonymous company, Master FX Options is quick to declare how well regulated they are in the UK, South Africa, USA and by “Various Securities And Exchange Commission”. First thing we did was double check these ludicrous claims and they all turned out to be lies. 

Firstly, the main UK financial regulator – FCA has no record on this firm. FSCA is the South African regulator that has also never licensed this firm. Lastly, the US has some of the strictest regulators in the world, and NFA doesn’t have any intel on Master FX Options, either.

What’s more, upon further investigation we came up with a warning against this firm, issued by the Netherlands authority – AFM

Without clarifying what were the legal institutions that have regulated this broker, it is clear that the claims about licenses are all false. Master FX Options doesn’t keep deposits in segregated bank accounts, nor do they employ risk-reducing measures. Lastly, in case of dispute, you will have no access to financial ombudsman and compensation plans.

Focus on EEA Victims

Being relatively new to the Forex market, Master FX Options still hasn’t been active enough to attract the attention of the regulatory authorities. That doesn’t mean it will not happen any time soon, especially considering how many victims are starting to report about their bad experiences on this platform. So far, most of the scamming is done is these countries:

  • Estonia
  • United Kingdom
  • Bulgaria

If you think you’re safe just because you reside in another area is a naive approach. These miscreants engage the most convincing and most persistent boiler room agents to offer their deceptive services. The telephone sellers, catfishes and other participants in the scam scheme will act all friendly, nice and supportive just to earn your trust and then run away with your capital.

Unknown Costs of Everything

Such apparent lack of transparency displayed by Master FX Options is another sign of the firm being completely fake, unregulated and operating with malicious intentions. Because this site offers investment services, they claim traders take no part in placing trades. 

The only ones engaged in such activities are dedicated account managers. This is what this defunct platform uses as an excuse not to reveal any of the trading costs, commissions and fees. 

Inferior Trading Tools and Equipment 

After being promised remarkable trading conditions and software, our disappointment with what we witnessed in the user area was immense. The nonfunctional trading platform doesn’t respond to any of the commands and inputs. 

Unclear trading conditions made us worry additionally, while the investment plans sounded too good even for a fairy tale. Falsely promising yet overly expensive is what this service is. Just like what CFDglobe also advertises.

Keep reading our review to find out what we dig up.

Unreliable Terminal

Entering the user panel, this is the message we were greeted with:”Caution: Your Trading Account is a Special Account so avoid Trading for Yourself and note that your account are been managed by our Assigned Account Managers”. 

The broken English for a UK/US firm wasn’t the biggest of our concerns. However, the fact that the platform is a contrived web terminal borrowing the Tradingview chart instead of having its own is what raised the red flag. Interaction with it is not possible.

What Can(not) Be Traded

To make their offer all the more interesting, Master FX Options makes a mention of the several asset classes being supposedly available for trading. If we completely neglect that the trading software doesn’t work and no trading is done, their offer of assets may even be considered attractive:

  • CFDs on Currency Pairs (EUR/USD, EUR/CHF, USD/GBP)
  • CFDs on Commodities (Gold, Silver, Oil)
  • CFDs on Stocks (Tesla, Ferrari, Disney, Netflix)
  • CFDs on Treasuries (US treasuries)
  • CFDs on Indices (FTSE100, JPN225, DE40, ES35)

Investment Plans 

We’re reviewed a lot of fake offers presented by investment firm scams, but this one takes the cake. Every investment plan you buy at Master FX Options is valid for 7 days, after which you get a guaranteed return which is equal to your deposit multiplied by 7. Take a look:

  • Starter Plan – invest  $300, profit $ 2,100 after 7 days
  • Silver Plan – invest $500, profit $3,500 after 7 days
  • Gold Plan – invest $1,500, profit $10,500 after 7 days
  • Premium Plan – invest $3,000, profit $21,000 after 7 days

No Demo Account

Investment firms generally aren’t known for allowing traders to participate in trading on their servers without risk and with virtual cash. Therefore, we weren’t surprised to learn that Master FX Options doesn’t provide a Demo account. 

Regardless of the offer, any platform is more respected when they allow traders to examine the trading environment and practice before placing a serious investment. 

How to Withdraw

If you’ve made a mistake and already deposited with Master FX Options, there’s a possibility that your funds are already gone. After learning that this platform only allows crypto transfer we immediately knew their monkey business has to be oriented on crypto thievery. 

These kinds of transactions are anonymous and hardly reversible, so the swindlers remain unknown and out of legal reach. We recommend you refer to our legal team for support in issuing a chargeback.

Contacting Master FX Options

Nothing is harder than establishing contact with a fraudster that doesn’t want to be contacted. To get in touch with Master FX Options, you can either call a US number that no one answers or submit a ticket. There’s also a live chat option, but that apparently doesn’t function either – we never received a response except a notification about all operators being busy.

Scammers like FxActive Broker are also unreachable, unless they contact you first. It’s just one of their safety measures.

Proper Action Against Scam

It doesn’t usually take a lot to conclude a scam has happened. If you find yourself in a seemingly unsolvable situation with your funds locked on a scam website, do not despair. Do not pay any additional fees cyber criminals may ask of you in order to release the funds. 

Please contact our legal experts teams in order to book your free consultation. We will equip you with the information, advice and support needed to get back your funds from financial fraudsters. 

FAQ Section

What is Master FX Options?

This is an investment firm scam that operates under no legal supervision and with a public warning on their conduct.

Is Master FX Options Scam Or Legit?

The project is a total scam, which was confirmed by the Dutch regulator - AFM, that has labeled this firm as a boiler room agents scheme.

What Are Master FX Options’ Investment Plans?

These are the 7-day-earning-plans that demand deposits from $300 to $3,000 for ROI of 700%.


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