NFL Markets Review – Partnered With A Scam Broker?
NFL Markets Review – Partnered With A Scam Broker?

NFL Markets Dubai-based broker might look legitimate at first glance. With fully transparent addresses and contact details, it appears they are not hiding anything. On top of that, they are partners with regulated broker BDSwiss.

But to see if that’s good or bad, we recommend you read this NFL Markets Review carefully. Indeed, not every regulated broker can be trusted. Let’s find out why.

Regulated By: No Regulations
Is This Company Safe? No
Known Websites:
Have Warnings From: N/A
Registered In: United Arab Emirates
Operating Since: 2022
Trading Platforms: MT4, MT5
Maximum Leverage: 1:1000
Minimum Deposit: $100
Deposit Bonus: N/A
Trading Assets: Cryptos, forex, commodities, indices, shares
Free Demo Account: Available
How To  Withdraw From This Company? With the whole withdrawal procedure depending on a brokerage with a warning, you can’t expect clean withdrawals. Therefore, if any problem occurs, contact our refund specialists and find a solution.   

Legal Info: Is NFL Markets Legit Or A Scam?

The first thing you can see is that the company claims to have been in business since 2011. Yet, their domain was registered in November 2022. On top of that, they allegedly have thousands of clients and over $1 trillion in crypto transactions. But who would trust that much money to an unregulated broker? Nobody with a common sense.

In the first place, the NFL Markets broker doesn’t have any licenses. Starting with domestic DFSA (Dubai) and top-notch ones like FCA, BaFin or ASIC. Another issue is that the company’s partner, BDSwiss, has numerous issues with regulators. There are multiple warnings connected to the BDSwiss group, starting with BaFin, BCSC, and FCA.

Who Are NFL Markets’s Victims?

Sadly, there are thousands of clients, and zero NFL Markets reviews. Isn’t that strange? In any case, website analytics show us where most of their traffic (i.e., victims) comes from: 

  • United States
  • India
  • Belgium
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada

So if this firm ever contacted you, be wise and don’t fall under pressure. Yet, if you have money stuck with this broker, contact us as soon as possible for chargeback advice.

Investment Costs With NFL Markets

Generally speaking, some trading conditions with this broker might look attractive, such as leverage of up to 1:1000. Thus, without negative balance protection, that’s the worst thing you can get. 

On the positive side, the company offers average spreads of 1.5 pips. But if you get those, you can consider yourself lucky. While the commission is not included in any of NFL Markets account types, fees are not disclosed.


Since the company’s T&Cs are not available, it’s hard to check if any bonus offers are possible. Usually, such offers include shady clauses. To see how to recognize those traps, read our Gammaron review.

NFL Markets Trading Features

As something positive about this broker, we can find Trading Central’s availability and autochartist features. In addition to that, the company is using highly trusted trading platforms. Yet, with their lies about the registration date and potential number of clients, it’s hard to trust these.

Trading Platforms Available

The platforms traders can use with this firm are Meta Trader 4 & 5. Both options include numerous advanced features, charting options, customization features, and fast executions. 

Yet, if you wait a bit with a deposit, you will realize that a trusted platform doesn’t define a broker as a trusted one.

Available Trading Assets

Trading instruments can play an important role for traders. Yet, if the broker won’t allow you to get your profits out, instruments go in the second plan. In any case, the options are: 

  • Forex – USD/JPY, CAD/EUR
  • Indices – DAX30, CAC40
  • Commodities – crude oil, gold
  • Shares – Microsoft, Google
  • Cryptos – ETH, XRM

Account Types

As can be seen, NFL Markets deposit requirements are reasonably low at $100. Either for Classic or Premium accounts with slight differences. But also, there’s a VIP account with a $3.000 deposit requirement. Thus, the only difference is a lower starting spread. Yet, not guaranteed one.

Mobile Trading App

On the positive side, the Meta Trader bundle includes iOS and Android apps as well. Therefore, you can enjoy a maximum of features wherever you are. 

However, there are firms like BitMart that have trusted apps but also shady businesses. Therefore, think wisely.

Demo Account

Before you even think of depositing money with an NFL Markets scam broker, you might reconsider a demo account first. Thus, to get advertised free demo access, you have to complete a full registration. This means leaving contact details with a scam broker.


According to the company’s presentation, traders can get access to the trading academy and live webinars. Thus, without regulation, customers might wonder how reliable it is. Will it teach you how to throw money away into scammers’ hands or how to invest wisely?

NFL Markets Withdrawal

As can be seen, all withdrawals are processed through the partnered company BDSwiss. To remind you, one with multiple warnings. Also, all fees and commissions depend on them.

Even though the processing time is claimed to be within 24 hours, all of that is highly speculative. Therefore, watch out for the oldest tricks in the book, such as verification problems, AML laws, and unclear fees.

Customer Support

Even though contact details are fully transparent, it’s a question if those are reliable. Since none of the thousands of clients left a review about this “trusted” firm, you should wait a bit with depositing.

In any case, if you register, you can expect support availability only five days a week. On the positive side, they provide phone lines and e-mail as contact options.

Key Information To Consider About NFL Markets

Primarily, the company is not licensed by any trusted regulator. Secondly, the company is connected to a firm that has multiple issues with regulators. All in all, zero reasons to throw your money away with them. Instead, you should opt for Tier 1 licensed firms and avoid any trouble.

However, getting scammed can happen to anyone. And it’s not the worst thing in the world. At least if you know what to do next. Sometimes, it’s as easy as filing a chargeback. Thus, for any form of refund, we suggest you talk to our experts and get professional guidance. Book your free first consultation today!

FAQ Section

What is NFL Markets?

NFL Markets is a Dubai-based Forex and CFD trading firm with an alleged presence in the markets since 2004.

Is NFL Markets a Legit Broker?

Definitely not. The company is misleading traders to believe they are legit. On top of that, they are not regulated.

What is a Chargeback?

When a cardholder disputes a charge on their account, their bank reverses the debit or credit card transaction. This process is known as a chargeback.


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