Orchidcoin Review – Every Known Crypto Scam Technique Displayed
Orchidcoin Review – Every Known Crypto Scam Technique Displayed

Online crypto investment scheme with the name of Orchidcoin is supposedly based in the UK. They couldn’t have picked a worse location for their fictitious firm, but a country with the highest regulatory standards in the world. 

The physical address given, by all means, isn’t where Orchidcoin headquarters are. It actually belongs to a licensed investment firm that Orchidcoin decided to clone. We wouldn’t even call it cloning how poorly it was done. The site only claims to be working under the organization called Fairstone Financial Management Ltd. No solid evidence of Orchidcoin being related to this legitimate business exists in any shape or form. 

So read on, as we unwrap the mystery around this fraud in our Orchidcoin review ahead.

Status:Unregulated Crypto Investment Firm
Regulated by:Not regulated
Scammers Websites:orchidcoin.net
Blacklisted as a Scam by:N/A
Owned by:N/A
Headquarters Country:UK (alleged)
Foundation year:2023
Supported Platforms:N/A
Minimum Deposit:N/A
Cryptocurrencies:Yes (BTC, BCH, USDT)
Types of Assets:Crypto
Maximum Leverage:N/A
Free Demo Account:Not available
Accepts US clients:US clients are accepted

What Is Orchidcoin.net?

As the website itself explains, Orchidcoin is a crypto investment platform. The web presentation describes it as a fast and secure way for investors to earn profits on their digital deposit. Orchidcoin goes a step further and even boldly claims to be ‘’the most trusted cryptocurrency platform’’.

Their reasons to motivate you to invest are many. We’ll only pick the ones that sound the most bizarre, just like any other scammy attempt does. For example, the crypto swindler assures investors their deposit is safe and the profit guaranteed, because it doesn’t depend on price fluctuations and it carries zero risks. Not funny enough yet? Listen to the next one. 

Orchidcoin further states all the deposits are securely stored in a safe offline storage. If by this they mean their pocket, then there’s no doubt about it. Moreover, Orchidcoin would like you to believe you can withdraw your profit anytime and instantly. Yet another fabrication worth watching out for.

Traders’ Opinion About Orchidcoin net 

As a recently created financial website, Orchidcoin still hasn’t built any kind of reputation. Especially none to brag about. What we managed to dig up only suggests potential interest from the side of traders. The several comments we stumbled upon express certain concern but also interest. We’re worried these might be the next Orchidcoin victims. 

However, straightforward experiences explained and concrete ratings still do not exist. This makes it convenient for Orchidcoin. When there’s no negative reviews left just yet, it’s harder to divert future customers from investing here. 

Where Do Orchidcoin net Victims Live?

Imagine the capability of the boiler room agents behind this website when they’ve managed to reach victims from the furthest parts of the globe already. Just for your information, the site has been operational for a little over a month. Terrifying indeed. 

Cyber fraud doesn’t have a preference for one type of traders. It doesn’t matter if they reside in more or less developed countries. The goal is the same – delude and extort as much money as possible. Here’s the list of countries we detected the most victims from:

  • Germany
  • United States
  • Turkey
  • Brazil

How Does the Orchidcoin net Scam work?

Orchidcoin scam

Although this fraudster doesn’t represent a common brokerage website, their methods do not differ much. We’re reviewed scams like Invest Ehub that lure victims with their sweetalking about high returns and guaranteed profit. Somewhat similarly this swindler functions. What Orchidcoin has made the best use of is the popularity of the crypto market. It’s already crystal clear most traders have a preference for digital assets.

By leading you to believe your savings plan and investment strategy is safe and ensures returns,  Orchidcoin can make you spend huge amounts of money. As every other den of thieves, they have their scam agents that are on the constant lookout for new victims. 

Attracting unsuspecting investors works in many ways. Whether it’s the probability of obtaining wealth or pure loneliness that drives them, scam agents are good at detecting those ulterior motives and using them against you. 

Orchidcoin Pishing Attempts

Several traders have reported attempts of Orchidcoin to steal sensitive data from people. The random email that victims receive says their Bitcoin wallet was credited with a certain sum. The scammer then sends them a particular username and password to log into orchidcoin.net in order to confirm their new balance. 

Recipients of such emails are instantly attracted by the numbers presented. In the few detected cases, the Bitcoin amount equals millions of dollars. This is, of course, fake. By forcing the victims to log into their online wallets through orchidcoin.net, the owner of the website gains access to crypto funds of the victims and is free to manipulate and abuse them.  

Orchidcoin net Platform

Creating a new account at Orchidcoin.net at the time of writing this review wasn’t allowed. The message only said this option was closed at the moment and that we should check back at a later time. This has entirely prevented us from examining the platform more closely. If there exists one to begin with. Bitbinx is one scammer that even has a proprietary trading terminal, but it’s irrelevant without a license. 

If this site was a reputable investment services provider, they wouldn’t have a problem with site visitors taking a look at their platform. However, Orchidcoin.net is not a genuine crypto platform, and doesn’t follow the standards of safety and privacy as other legitimate firms do. So it’s no wonder to see them being so secretive with the platform and picky about new users.

Can Orchidcoin net Be Trusted?

In the financial world, trust is tightly bound to authorizations and licenses. Legitimate trading certificate is the only valid evidence of the firm being trustworthy. Unfortunately, Orchidcoin doesn’t think so. The website doesn’t provide proof of regulations, nor could we locate them in any Tier 1 regulator’s database we went through. And mind you, we searched through quite a few of them – FCA, CySEC, NFA, BaFin, COSNOB and CNMV.

As it appears, Orchidcoin only claims to be run by a FCA regulated firm – Fairstone Financial Management Ltd. This heavily regulated conduct in reality doesn’t have a single thing in common with Orchidcoin. The fake investment platform we’re reviewing only mentions this legal firm as their way of forging their own legitimacy. 

Omitted license and real company info put Orchidcoin in the same basket with any other scam broker, illicit investment platform or any other form of fraudulent agency today. 

Legal directives dictate the safety conditions and measures that every firm has to apply to keep the investments safe and protected, while the trading environment is fair and regulated. Since Orchidcoin doesn’t operate in accordance with any legal framework, you cannot expect your deposits to be stored in segregated bank accounts. Neither is there room for the leverage limitation, negative balance insurance and compensation funds. 

Is It Possible to Withdraw Profit From Orchidcoin net?

The experiences online put together one general pattern that Orchidcoin presents when it comes to withdrawals. Once you attempt to withdraw the profit for the first time, the system will alert you to try with a jokingly small sum. The fraudster will let it work and have you believe that they’re honest and credible enough for payouts. 

After that, you will attempt to withdraw the bigger sum from your balance, but that’s when the viciousness of Orchidcoin comes out. The system, this time, will not allow you to make a move. Under the excuse of insufficient account balance, Orchidcoin will urge you to deposit some more so you would have enough for a successful payout. 

Alas, any more money invested will not help with another withdrawal attempt. That was just the scammer extorting some more funds. Withdrawals are altogether completely impossible with this sham.  

What Should I Do If I Have Been Scammed by Orchidcoin net?

Just because they slightly differ from the scam brokers we usually review, it doesn’t mean Orchidcoin is any better. Without a valid license to rely on, you cannot expect them to respect your privacy, keep your funds safe and provide you with a secure trading environment. 

So please, never hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re continually fighting this all the similar scammers that have defrauded honest retail traders such as yourself. Have no fear- your privacy is kept safe with us, as we’re aware how important it is. 

Nonetheless, we’re here to offer you advice and help you start the chargeback process. You deserve to have back what was unrighteously stolen from you, we strongly believe it, and so should you.

Is Orchidcoin net Legit or Scam?

This investment platform is not a trustworthy place to invest. They do not own a financial engagement license, which is obligatory for this business.

Is Orchidcoin net trustworthy?

No, because without a regulation to confirm their legitimacy, Orchidcoin is just another scam in the sea of other ones.

Is there a Orchidcoin net mobile app?

As far as the site shows, no dedicated mobile app exists. The firm doesn’t even advertise any platform at all, so we highly doubt they even have one.


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