RoboInvest Review – Uses Arrogance and Lies As Main Weapon
RoboInvest Review – Uses Arrogance and Lies As Main Weapon

RoboInvest can’t get any more obvious than they already are. A common, petty scammer is easily recognized by the non-transparent conditions of trading and attempts to confuse customers. As known, all these behaviors displayed only have a single goal, and that is defrauding customers. 

While the website isn’t even half-bad, wait till you get to the contact info. A sole channel to reach the broker is through an online form. The company introduction page doesn’t exist. Except for the firm’s name and three different, fake locations, you have no idea who your funds go to. 

Broker status:Unlicensed Forex Scam
Regulated by:Not regulated
Blacklisted as a Scam by:FINMA
Owned by:Robo Invest PLC
Headquarters Country:Bahamas/UK/Switzerland
Foundation year:2022
Supported Platforms:Webtrader
Minimum Deposit:$100
Cryptocurrencies:Yes (Cardano, Bitcoin, Polkadot, EOS, Fantom)
Types of Assets:Forex, Crypto, Stocks, Commodities, Indices, Metals
Maximum Leverage:1:100
Free Demo Account:Not available
Accepts US clients:US traders are accepted

If you had your doubts about this firm, let us solidify them by this warning, officially published by the Swiss Tier 1 regulator – FINMA:     

RoboInvest finma warning

Stay with us and let’s explore the limits of this broker’s malevolence in our RoboInvest review ahead. 

What Is RoboInvest?

RoboInvest is an active forex trading scam that is fully anonymous and faulty in many ways. We’ll start with what matters the most – the license. 

The site in question is owned and operated by Robo Invest PLC, a company already blacklisted by FINMA. 

Although RoboInvest lists three different locations – Bahamas, UK and Switzerland, they do not appear in the registers of any of the regulators supervising these countries. SCB, FCA and FINMA have never licensed RoboInvest. And why would they when the firm is nothing more than a scam scheme with trading conditions that breach every known leading regulatory framework. 

Firstly, RoboInvest claims to provide top security measures and segregated bank accounts. However, they do not. No incognito brokerage such as RoboInvest, or, for example, Orchidcoin, would ever be eligible for a license. 

Secondly, RoboInvest doesn’t implement negative balance protection, compensation fund and leverage limit to 1:30. The leverage allowed at their site goes up to 1:100. 

What has worried us even more is the total absence of the required legal docs. These are mandatory for every reputable broker. Documents such as these disclose the terms and conditions and policies that define the brokers work ethics. When a company has things to hide, they omit these textual directives from their websites. RoboInvest does it too, and that is our final proof of this broker being an illicit entity.

Where Is RoboInvest Trading Scam Active?

Contradicting all regulatory standards and going against all licensing criteria, RoboInvest still operates fully. Their victims seem to be located primarily in Europe. However, conducting their business under the radar has allowed them flexibility. So, the sham doesn’t limit their potential victims to a single country. They keep expanding the list of the preferred areas:

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Romania

What Is RoboInvest’s Range of Instruments?

There’s no doubt investing with a blacklisted firm brings nothing but economic disaster to every individual. We strongly advise you to choose a well-regulated firm if you plan on making any profit while trading. RoboInvest will offer you a variety of instruments, but actual trading is not happening with a faux broker, don’t forget that. 

Here are the instrument classes advertised at RoboInvest:

  • Crypto (BTC, ADA, DOSH, ZEC, XRP)
  • Indices (Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Nikkei225)
  • Commodities (Coffee, Cocoa, Cotton, Sugar, Wheat)
  • Metals (Silver and Gold)

Trading Platform – RoboInvest Software

Another proof of zero reliability of RoboInvest is their ridiculously bad trading platform. While the graph is simple and comprehensive, the entire layout is packed with random yet useless data so it seems professional. On the contrary, the entire preview looks messy and sloppy, with no accent on the relevant data. 

We couldn’t really test the true capabilities of this software because a Demo account is not an option. Although we signed up choosing the trial account, we didn’t get a virtual margin for trading for a limited time. Whatever we tried to click or test on the platform was immediately stopped and we were urged to deposit.

Choice Of Trading Accounts

RoboInvest’s pathetic attempt to appear convincing and helpful miserably fails in this domain. The broker does claim they have a specialized account type for every trading style or level of experience. So, in short, the swindler conveniently presents their offer of trading packages as something every trader wishes for. 

In reality, we couldn’t find anything of value being even remotely mentioned. Except for the unrealistic spreads and fairy tale commissions, the account types didn’t mention anything else except the available lot sizes. Quite shady and non- informative. Not even the names of the packages are given, and it seems like all of them are named as “Fixed’’. 

Is Withdrawing Profits Possible?

No scammer ever has made the withdrawals possible. Deposits by clients are the major source of their income, so they aren’t exactly willing to give up on their profit. Sure, they acquire it in the most illegal ways, but they are still not giving it back to you, a common investor. 

Some scammers are clear on how much they charge the withdrawal fees, like SSC Investment. RoboInvest is far more vicious than that. The Compliance document assures clients they have no fees to fear of, as the company covers all the withdrawal costs and doesn’t charge trading fees. What a rotten lie that is!

However, the next line after these concerns the bonuses, which RoboInvest uses to prevent all possible attempts for payouts. The bonus clause says all cashing out will be prolonged until you reach the trading volume requirement. In this concrete case, you have to be able to make a turnover that is at least 25 times bigger than the bonus and deposit combined. Until then, you cannot even take your initial deposit back, let alone hope to pick up the profits you’ve made!

What Should I Do If I Have Been Scammed by RoboInvest?

If you feel alone and helpless, remember us. We’re here for every scam victim in distress. Our hard-working team has been battling scam for a long time now, and we have enough experience to help you too. Even if your case seems the most difficult to you, be aware that we’ve dealt with hundreds of similar ones. We know what we’re doing, trust us.

All you have to do is use the online form to reach out to us and book your free consultation. Some of our available agents will get back to you shortly, as scammers wait for no one and we have to act quick. Tell us your story and we’ll provide you with free advice. All we ask for from you is information you have on this or any other scammer that has abused your trust. Help us take them down today.

Is RoboInvest Legit or Scam?

RoboInvest is an illegal brokerage brand, quite possibly located in a lawless offshore zone where they operate without a valid brokerage license and authorization.

Can I Trade Crypto and CFDs With RoboInvest at?

The broker claims they have such options for trading via their trading platform. However, investing with such schemes is never lucrative as they do not provide realistic trading environments and conditions.

Can I trade on a mobile device?

Since the broker doesn’t have a proprietary trading app, all you can do is use your web browser on the phone and log into the webtrader from there.


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