Roisea Review: Fraudulent Offshore Broker
Roisea Review: Fraudulent Offshore Broker

If you want to gather more information about the Roisea broker, you are at the right place. In the following Roisea review, we analyze this shady brokerage firm operating without license and regulations.

In addition, this financial swindler hides its address; hence, the relevant jurisdiction remains unknown. It is, therefore, not surprising because several supervisory bodies warn against this fraud.

Besides, its trading platform and conditions can’t deliver success but failure. For the sake of safety, please continue reading. 

Also, we recommend you not to invest in the fraudulent brokers Grow Pro Markets, YellowStoneFX, and Tradercr.

Broker status:Unregulated Broker
Regulated by:Unlicensed Scam Brokerage
Blacklisted as a Scam by:FSMA, CNMV, AFM
Owned by:N/A
Headquarters Country:N/A
Foundation year:2022
Supported Platforms:Web trader
Minimum Deposit:5,000 EUR
Types of Assets:Currency pairs, metals, indices, commodities, energies, shares
Maximum Leverage:1:50
Free Demo Account:No
Accepts US clients:Yes
Site Grid:N/A

Is Roisea Scam or a Legit CFD-Broker?

As indicated, Roisea is a far cry from a legit broker. Beyond question, it bears all the hallmarks of an online trading scam. First, it provides services unauthorized, which means it doesn’t abide by any law. Thus, it can be involved in fraudulent trading activities.

Then, this phony broker doesn’t reveal information on its country of registration, indicating that Roisea is an unregistered business. Apart from this, it is an exposed scammer by major financial authorities.

Rosiea is a complete broker scam warned against by several financial regulators. Other than this, it operates illegally and anonymously. There is no trace of its license and regulations, as well as no details of the company’s headquarters. Lastly, its platforms and conditions are unsatisfactory. Overall, please stay clear of Rosiea.

Some Reasons Why It Is Better To Trade With a Licensed Broker

Unlike dealing with an anonymous and unlicensed brokerage company, trading with a licensed broker is the best possible solution. In the first place, your funds are protected with a range of measures. For instance, negative balance protection prevents traders from suffering financial losses bigger than their initial investment.

Likewise, segregated accounts keep you safe from an adverse event, e.g., if a broker ceases trading. Additionally, first-class brokerage firms, i.e., those certified by tier-one financial authorities (FCA, BaFin, and ASIC), cover traders with indemnification programs (up to 100,000 EUR per trader).

Warnings From Financial Regulators As a Red Flag About Scam

So, the following financial market regulators have issued a warning against Roisea.

  • FSMA—this authority regulates financial markets in Belgium and is among the most respected agencies. It has labeled Roisea as a fraudulent broker.
  • CNMV—as a Spanish supervisory body, CNMV controls forex brokers in this country. It is also regarded as a trusted agency closely cooperating with the government.
  • AFM—the Dutch watchdog that oversees the securities markets in the Netherlands and cooperates with the National Netherlands Bank.
AFM warning on Roisea

What Platform Does Roisea Provide?

Before moving forward, regardless of what Roisea promises, it can’t be taken for granted. So, its claim of the modern trading platform is as valid as this dishonest scam broker. Allegedly, the Roisea web trader can provide convenient and successful trading. But it is not possible with poor software.

Platform for Mobile

A web trader implies that trading is available only from a browser. Accordingly, there is no dedicated mobile trading app. Although it is doable to trade on smartphones, you must do it through a search engine every time. By comparison, the latest programs come as Android and iPhone applications, allowing trading on the move.

Platform for Desktop

Similarly, a web trader is an internet-based platform. That means that it doesn’t have a downloadable version for desktops. By contrast, cutting-edge programs are more user-friendly since they are available as computer software. This feature is handy, and the versatility of these platforms doesn’t impact functionality.


Speaking of a web trader, as said, it can’t be nearly as desirable as MT4, MT5, cTrader, and Sirix. These advanced programs are synonyms for safe and profitable trading.

They are equipped with a broad spectrum of useful tools, including copy trading, expert advisors, unlimited pending orders, stop loss, and fast execution. On top of this, they have an intuitive interface, enabling trading from any device.   

What Сan Be Traded? – Assets List

Speaking of trading instruments, every trader seeks as many tradable assets as possible. With this in mind, fraudsters like Roisea falsely promise access to popular financial markets. Even though it might be the case, trading conditions are disadvantageous.

  • Currency pairs: EUR/CHF, GBP/USD, AUD/CAD;
  • Metals: gold, silver, palladium;
  • Indices: FTSE 100, NASDAQ, DAX 30.
  • Commodities: wheat, coffee, cocoa;
  • Energies: natural gas, crude oil, electricity;
  • Shares: Apple, Boing, JP Morgan.

Surprisingly, Roisea doesn’t offer trading on cryptocurrencies. Anyhow, please don’t pay attention to its offer.

What Are Traders Saying About Roisea?

Bear in mind that positive Roisea reviews are fabricated to draw your attention. Scammers employ malicious users and bots for this purpose. Consequently, online customer reviews can’t be taken as a reliable source. Far better and safer is to check assessments and articles by professional traders. Anyway, think twice before investing your hard-earned money. 

Where Does Roisea Engage In Fraud? – Countries Of Service

Regarding the area of operations of Roisea, it is focused on scamming traders from

  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Sweden.

If you are based in any of these countries, keep in mind that these markets are among the jurisdictions with stringent measures. Accordingly, brokers providing services in any of the foregoing countries must be approved by the respective financial market regulator. For instance, AFM/Netherlands, BaFin/Germany, FSMA/Belgium, FSA/Denmark, and FI/Sweden.      

Financial Affiliate Program

In reference to the financial affiliate program offered by Roisea, it is just one of the dirty tricks to rope you into investing. This con artist attempts to entice you with unrivaled and lucrative opportunities. As per its website, some of the advantages include large commissions, state-of-the-art technology, and transparent terms of exchange. Of course, this is a pack of lies and a decoy to rip you off.

What Are the Different Roisea Account Types?

Roisea Account Types

The following live trading accounts are available at Roisea.

  • Beginner: 5,000 EUR starting deposit, leverage 1:10
  • Trader: 10,000 EUR starting deposit, leverage 1:20
  • Expert: 25,000 EUR starting deposit, leverage 1:30
  • VIP: 50,000 EUR starting deposit, leverage 1: 40
  • Exclusive: 100,000 EUR starting deposit, leverage 1:50.

As can be noticed, the minimum required deposits are too high. Taking the status of this bogus brokerage company, these accounts carry too much risk. In contrast, you can open a real account for as low as 10 USD with a credible forex broker.

Free Demo Account

On a side note, a demo account makes trading without risk and costs possible. Every respectable broker that wants to stay competitive must offer this option. However, broker scams avoid offering a free practice account because they can’t cash in on it. Also, it can expose their unprofessional services, unfavorable environment, and weak platforms. Correspondingly, a demo account option is missing at Roisea.         

About Leverage, Spreads, and Fees

When it comes to the Roisea trading environment, it is misrepresented and unproductive. The leverage ranges from 1:10 to 1:50, which is surprisingly per the standard. Scam brokers often provide a high ratio putting traders at risk.

For your reference, some jurisdictions cap the proportion for the retail clients, i.e., it is 1:30 in the UK/EU and 1:50 in the US/Canada. As for other conditions, spreads and trading fees are not disclosed. But we are sure that they are manipulated to appear cost-effective.  

High Minimum Deposit and Withdrawal Terms

As mentioned earlier, Roisea requires a high minimum deposit, i.e., 5,000 EUR, which is a plain rip-off. Why take chances with pure fraud when for less than 50 USD, you can start trading with leading forex companies?

As regards the deposit and withdrawal procedure, Roisea reportedly accepts funding via credit and debit cards and wire transfers. No matter what, take note that there are no money withdrawal guarantees with an unlicensed brokerage firm, and definitely not with a proven scam.                

Choice Of Payment Methods

Concerning the supported means of payment, Roisea claims to accept secure payment methods. This includes VISA, Mastercard, and bank transfers. However, this is less likely because these forms of payments can be canceled. On that account, scam brokers insist on crypto wallets that are hard to track and reverse.

Was scammed by Roisea Broker? – Let Us Hear Your Story

So, in the event you are tricked by the Roisea broker, you must take instant action. In the first instance, notify the relevant authorities. If you feel embarrassed, don’t be.

Anyhow, we can assist you and report the scam. In addition, leave negative reviews on the internet to alert others. On the subject of refunds, recovering money is doable with cyber security experts, but more on this in the following section.

How Does Chargeback Work?

In connection therewith, if you wonder how to get your money back, a chargeback process correlates with the means of payment. With credit and debit cards, it is straightforward—a victim needs to apply for a refund within 540 days.

Bank transactions are reversible; please make sure to cancel a transfer on time (before confirmation). Finally, crypto payments are challenging and require professional assistance. In the context of that, get in touch with our chargeback specialists.

What Is Roisea?

Rosiea is an unlicensed and unregulated broker operating anonymously. 

Is Roisea a Scam Broker?

Yes, Roisea is an outright trading scam blacklisted by several major financial authorities.

Is Roisea Available in the United States or the UK?

Yes, Roisea renders services without authorizations in the US and the UK.

Does Roisea Offer a Demo Account?

 No, Roisea doesn’t provide a demo account, which is much of a muchness for all scammers.


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