Roldex Pro Review: Could This Broker Scam You?
Roldex Pro Review: Could This Broker Scam You?

Who is Roldex Pro? Can this broker scam you? We will say only this – we’ve never seen such a lack of transparency when it comes to an online trading broker. Read our in-depth Roldex Pro review, and you will understand why you should not open an account with this broker.

Regulated by: none
Headquarters Country: N/A
Foundation year: N/A
Supported Platforms: web trader
Founder company: N/A

Regulation and Security

Roldex Pro is one of the shadiest brokers we’ve ever come across. The broker does not give absolutely any information about the founder company, the foundation year, the home country. It is not regulated by any authority body. When we checked legal documents, we saw that the broker is bragging about following AML policy and working according to FATF orders. But yet, it does not provide us any information where the funds are kept, who is the company that holds the clients’ funds, or how to get the funds back in case of issues.

We did come across the name Roldex Ltd as a company on the Virgin Islands, but it remains the question if it is related to this broker.

We can safely say that this broker is not legit to trade with.

In which countries does this broker work?

As a shady broker, this broker has no limits when it comes to its operations. The broker’s website does not say anything about trading restrictions, meaning that the company is probably accepting clients from all the countries. We’ve checked some of Roldex Pro reviews, and we can say that the majority of their clients are coming from the UK, France, Belgium, the US, and Canada.

Wherever you are, we strongly advise you to not accept any offers from this scam broker.

How Online Trading Scams Work

Online trading scams are becoming more and more popular every day. Seems that offshore anyone can register online trading company. This is why you need to be extra careful and always verify the broker. Verify that it has any sort of regulation.

The online trading scam usually starts with a phone call from someone selling you the future for the minimum deposit. After you make this deposit, you are getting phone calls daily with market updates and explanations why your minimum deposit is not enough. How much you could benefit from adding more money. And how good a life you will have after this new deposit. Eventually, if you agree to deposit more, you might see some profits on the screen. The catch comes when you want to take this profit out. You get several explanations why now is not the right moment. Why you should wait. You can live without this money for a while if it’s going to double or triple, right? After you are delayed for the 5th time, you finally understand that you will never get this money. And this is where you know that you’ve been scammed.

Roldexpro Reviews

 Scammed by Roldexpro? Chargeback Is Your Solution!

If, despite all the warnings, you got involved with Roldex Pro broker and got scammed, contact us for help. 

But what is a chargeback?

Chargeback is returning funds to your debit or credit card if the money was deducted without your consent, or you didn’t get the product/service. If you were a victim of an online scam, you can file a dispute and ask for your money back. Get in touch with us now!

Is Roldex Pro a good broker?

Roldex Pro is a broker with an unknown owner and origin country without any regulation. We can say that it is not a good or legit broker.

Is Roldex Pro a Scam?

Roldex Pro broker has no regulation and has a very bad reputation as a scam broker.

Is Roldex Pro regulated?

No, the broker is not regulated by any regulatory body.

Where is Roldex Pro broker based?

This question remained without an answer since the broker does not share the information about owners or base country.


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