Sardis Markets Review – Getting Your Funds Back Not Easy As It Seems
Sardis Markets Review – Getting Your Funds Back Not Easy As It Seems

We can all confirm that this firm has legitimately registered in the UK. If the ownership name truly belongs to them. Nevertheless, there are a few discrepancies about Sardis Markets that might reveal their true intentions.

Therefore, we suggest you read this Sardis Markets review carefully and let us know what you think about them in the comments below. For some additional tips, don’t miss out on our SwissCap and KitcoMarket reviews.

Broker status: Unregulated Broker
Regulated by: No regulations
Operating Status: Active FX and CFD trading scam
Known Websites:;  
Blacklisted by: N/A
Headquarters Country: UK
Foundation Year: 2023
Online Trading Platforms: MT5, proprietary platform
Mobile Trading: Available
Minimum Deposit: $200
Deposit Bonus: Available
CFD Trading Option: Yes, you can trade CFDs
Crypto Asset Trading: Yes – BTC, ETH, XRM
Available Trading Instruments: Forex, stocks, cryptos, commodities, indices
Maximum Leverage: 1:400
Islamic Account: Not available
Free Demo Account: Available
Accepts US clients: US clients are not accepted
Global Fraud Protection Experts’ Verdict: If you are still considering investing with this broker, make sure to check their regulatory status and things might quickly change. In case you have money stuck with them, feel free to contact our refund specialists for advice.

Is Sardis Markets Legit or a Scam?

Generally speaking, when a company claims to be registered in the UK, everything is easier. However, Sardis Markets documents don’t provide any relevant legal information. Instead, they just provide a registration certificate. And we should believe them in their word that it’s the right one. In any case, there’s an easy way to prove if the company is operating legally. We just have to check the FCA registers.

Sadly, searching for this trading company in their database didn’t yield any results. The same happens when you look for them in other regulatory databases like CySEC, ASIC, BaFin, or CFTC. This means the company’s activities are not monitored by anyone.

How Does Sardis Markets Work?

A fun fact is that there are no Sardis Markets reviews available. Therefore, company activities remain a mystery. Thus, with their leverage of 1:400, you can only imagine where it all goes. Not to mention, half of the company’s website is in Turkish and mixed with English. That tells you enough if their main offices are truly in England.

Nevertheless, the biggest issue we found is the free Forex signals they promote, which have an 85% success rate. These tiny details with unregulated brokers never end well. But let us know how that played out for you. Ultimately, if you experience problems, our refund specialists can give you advice on your next step.

Who Are Sardis Markets Victims?

Important to mention is that Sardis Markets broker claims not to offer services in Turkiye, the US, and the UAE. But also not in countries where they are not authorized to provide services. 

And if you check the company’s traffic, you will see most of it comes from: 

  • Turkiye
  • Montenegro
  • United States
  • Cyprus
  • Canada

In fact, they are not authorized to provide services in any of these. Another problem is that the company’s certificate dates back to 2022. Yet, their domain was registered in April 2023. All in all, too many warning signs for so-called UK brokerage. So, if you face any issues with them, contact us as soon as possible for advice.

What Are Trading Platforms Available?

Another possible issue with this broker comes with its trading platform. Even though they offer Meta Trader 5, there’s also a proprietary platform available. So, you must be careful when trading to know which one you are using. 

Nevertheless, MT5 offers a wide range of possibilities, and it’s usually a good choice unless the company is not licensed, as in this case.

Is the Sardis Markets Mobile Trading App Available?

Indeed, the company provides links to MT5 iOS and Android apps. However, there are also proprietary apps available, and there are a lot of similarities with MT5. 

If you check the screenshots, you will realize they look exactly the same. And that’s a huge warning sign to avoid them.

What Financial Instruments Does The Platform Include?

If you are looking for a lot of investment options, this company got you covered. Thus, the reliability when you are trading those is quite questionable. Anyway, the following assets can be found in more than 90% of brokerages out there. Starting with:   

  • Forex – USD/AUD, EUR/SGD
  • Commodities – natural gas, crude oil
  • Shares – Amazon, Tesla
  • Indices – DAX30, S&P500
  • Cryptos – BTC, DOT

Account Types Offered by Sardis Markets

Whoever created Sardis Markets account types didn’t think about benefits for traders. Instead, they just present benefits for themselves. Which can be seen through deposit requirements. In any case, traders can choose between: 

  • Standart – $200
  • Professional – $3.000
  • VIP – $10.000

Can a Trader Use a Sardis Markets Demo Account?

As can be seen, Sardis Markets Forex company offers a demo account. Yet, that can also cause problems since you are leaving contact details to a suspicious company. 

Instead of choosing the Sardis Markets demo account, you may opt for a more secure and Tier 1 licensed firm.

Sardis Markets Fees, Spreads, Leverage and Commission

The key problem with this company is the leverage offered up to 1:400. This tells you they don’t operate under any European regulations whatsoever. In addition to that, the company advertises insanely high spreads with an average of 5 pips on standard accounts.

Keep in mind that the industry average is 1.5 pips for some currency pairs. Allegedly, other accounts include low commissions but still not précised how low. But with their ideology, this could be far more expensive than we expect.

Is the Sardis Markets Welcome Bonus Available?

This company has been offering highly suspicious bonuses. Even though these are not available if you choose maximum leverage, it’s still a valid offer. However, bonus offers are banned across Europe due to manipulative clauses. 

If you accept the bonus and experience Sardis Markets’ withdrawal issue, know there is a catch with it.

Is Sardis Markets Withdrawal Possible?

Important to note is that without the T&Cs, we are unable to check withdrawal policies. Even though the company claims to process withdrawals on weekdays at specific hours, that doesn’t need to be true.

After all, they are not licensed and can serve us with anything they want. In addition, the company doesn’t reveal any withdrawal fees or methods, so prepare yourself for surprises.

Key Information About Sardis Markets Broker

With Sardis Markets scam company you can expect a wide range of problems. If you didn’t invest with them, hopefully, you won’t after this review. But if you did and you can’t get your money out, let us know. Also, don’t forget to mention that to your local regulators who can investigate the company. And ultimately leave a warning for future traders.

In any case, the most important thing is to recover the funds. Some traders have thousands of dollars stuck with some brokers, mainly on crypto wallets. And that’s where our refund team gets into play. To find out what are steps to recover your funds, book your first free consultation with our team.

FAQ Section

What is Sardis Markets?

Sardis Markets is a highly suspicious FX and CFD trading firm that is allegedly operating from the UK but many details point out there could be issues with the company.

Is Sardis Markets Legit?

No. The company is not regulated by any authority especially not in the UK where they present to be registered.

What is a Chargeback?

Chargeback is a reversed card transfer that is completed after successful dispute resolution. For detailed guidance, feel free to contact our chargeback experts.

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