Tangent Capital Pro Review – Red Flags All Over The Place
Tangent Capital Pro Review – Red Flags All Over The Place

This brokerage presents itself as a company with a professional and safe environment. They also claim to provide maximum security to their traders. However, they forgot to share ownership and address details. Not even a single contact option is available, either.

In general, nobody can say that a lack of information represents a trusted company. But not to go away from the topic, check out all the facts about this firm in our unbiased Tangent Capital Pro review.

Regulated By: No Regulations
Is This Company Safe? No
Known Websites: https://tangent-capital.pro/; https://tangentcapital.ltd/;
Have Warnings From: FSMA, ASF, CNMV, CONSOB
Registered In: N/A
Operating Since: 2023
Trading Platforms: Web trader
Maximum Leverage: 1:200
Minimum Deposit: $100
Deposit Bonus: N/A
Trading Assets: Forex, Stocks, Commodities
Free Demo Account: Not Available
How To  Withdraw From This Company? All the facts revealed in this Tangent Capital Pro Review lead to the conclusion that withdrawals are impossible with this brokerage. If you experience even the slightest issue, don’t hesitate to contact our specialists for advice.  

Legal Info: Is Tangent Capital Pro Legit Or A Scam?

If you are about to invest money, you better do it with a licensed broker. Only then can you be sure that protection is guaranteed. Also, keep in mind to trade with Tier 1 licensed firms, such as the ones holding FCA, ASIC, or BaFin licenses. This way, you get the maximum out of the trading experience. On the contrary, when the company has no regulations, like Tangent Capital Pro, you get problems.

For instance, Tangent Capital Pro broker is found on numerous warning lists. To make it even worse, all the regulators that issued a warning are considered trusted in Europe. Starting with FSMA (Belgium), CONSOB (Italy), CNMV (Spain), and ASF (Romania).

Who Are Tangent Capital Pro’s Victims?

As it seems, the company has been active for only a couple of months. Unfortunately, only a few user reviews are publicly available. But enough to discover where this company is mostly active. In the case of Tangent Capital Pro Forex brokerage, those countries are: 

  • United States
  • France
  • Turkiye
  • United Kingdom
  • Netherlands

Considering they are targeting highly regulated countries, it looks like they are experienced scammers. Most likely, they are just rebranding until they are exposed. But now, you know some of the tricks. Moreover, our Tangent Capital Pro review will help you learn some more. On the other hand, if you want to recover the lost funds, contact our team for consultation.

Leverage, Commissions, Spreads, Fees and Taxes

Another key fact about this company is its leverage of up to 1:200. This also tells you they are not regulated. Simply, all licensed firms are allowed to provide certain leverage. In some cases, 1:30, and in others, 1:50. Only in special cases, when traders become professionals, can they get higher leverage.

As for the other fees and spreads, the company claims to have minimum ones. But we highly doubt it. Also, they state they have negative balance protection, which, of course, they don’t.


Generally, the company doesn’t reveal precisely if they are offering bonuses. But T&Cs reveal there’s a catch with non-deposited funds. 

Of course, these clauses can easily prevent traders from withdrawing any funds. In this case, the minimum trading volume method is used. To learn how to recognize bonus scamming tricks, read our Atomic Trade review.

Tangent Capital Pro Trading Features

The only thing catching traders’ eye with this brokerage is the negative balance protection. Potentially a lightning-fast platform as well. However, knowing they are not regulated, all these statements are questionable. Especially once you see availabilities on the company’s platform.

Trading Platform Available

Instead of trusted options like cTrader or MetaTrader, Tangent Capital Pro trading is done on web trader. With this in mind, it becomes quite obvious they are just up to manipulation. These platforms are quite unpopular due to easy back-end access. Therefore, we suggest you choose licensed companies and trusted tools.

Available Trading Assets

Tradeable assets are another interesting topic. But very often, it is irrelevant if the company is a fraud. Simply, whatever assets they offer, market data, P&L, and balance could be fictive. If there are no such obstacles, you can still find flaws here. The company lacks indices and crypto assets. Instead, you can trade:

  • Forex – USD/JPY, EUR/HKD
  • Commodities – natural gas, crude oil
  • Stocks – American Airlines, General Motors Company

Account Types

Trading accounts with this firm present you with nothing more than the amount they want from you. The only difference between the accounts is the leverage and minimum deposit requirement. Therefore, the options are: 

  • Small – $100
  • Medium – $5.000
  • Big – $15.000
  • VIP – $40.000

Mobile Trading App

Another key problem is that the company doesn’t offer any mobile applications. This is one of the key advantages of MetaTrader and any broker using it. Therefore, those trading away from their desktop setups can expect trouble. Similar to the one we reveal in our Bitchain review.

Demo Account

Generally, brokerages should offer a demo account. This way, traders can explore tools, charting options, indicators, and much more. 

Yet, with scam brokers like Tangent Capital Pro, that’s not possible. With this in mind, you know there is something hidden there.


If you think that’s all, take a look at the company’s educational package. They only provide educational materials and glossaries. Practically nothing that you can’t find yourself on YouTube. Instead, take a look at any Tier 1 licensed company’s offer and see the difference.

Tangent Capital Pro Withdrawal

Withdrawing funds after numerous warnings and zero withdrawal transparency is quite impossible. The company is taking up to 7 days to process a withdrawal. In addition to that, traders have to wait a couple more days for funds to be transferred.

But before that, you can expect verification and fees-related issues. Since the company is not sharing any details about it.

Customer Support

One of the most disturbing facts about this brokerage is the lack of reliable customer service. Only e-mail and web-contact form is available. But only from 10 AM – 7 PM. Therefore, if you need something urgently, you may as well forget it.

Key Information To Consider About Tangent Capital Pro

Everything about this brokerage is suspicious. Luckily, numerous warnings have exposed their shady activities. But even without those, you can see patterns. From web-based platforms with risky and unclear conditions to zero transparency.

Therefore, if this company stole money from you, contact our team urgently. Once our refund team analyzes your case, you can get advice about refund options. On top of that, the first meeting is free. Send us a message today!


What is Tangent Capital?

Tangent Capital is an anonymous brokerage that is scamming traders all over the world. But after numerous warnings, their time is gone.

Is Tangent Capital Pro a Legit Broker?

Not at all. The company is not licensed by any authority but on the contrary. There are multiple warnings issued against them.

Can I Recover Money from a Trading Scam?

Surely. The key to that is to follow precise steps that depend on the payment method. For assistance, feel free to contact our refund team.


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