TopEU Review – Dishonest Forex Broker
TopEU Review – Dishonest Forex Broker

This company is registered in early 2012. But the broker doesn’t reveal any of their office information. Which is very suspicious from the beginning. Since they are presenting themselves as trusted ones, this is not the right start. Additionally, this broker doesn’t have transparent contact information. Such as phone numbers or social media.

So, to find out if money is safe with this broker read this unbiased TopEU review.

Broker status:Unregulated Broker
Regulated by:Unlicensed Scam Brokerage
Blacklisted as a Scam by:N/A
Owned by:N/A
Headquarters Country:N/A
Foundation year:2012
Supported Platforms:Web trader
Minimum Deposit:250 EUR
Cryptocurrencies:Yes – BTC, DASH, ETH
Types of Assets:Forex, Commodities, Indices, Shares, Cryptocurrencies
Maximum Leverage:1:200
Free Demo Account:Not available
Accepts US clients:No

TopEU Is Not a Trustworthy Broker?

TopEU broker tried to hide everything important. They claim to be a reliable and top-notch broker. But without regulation, it’s hard to believe it. Since they don’t reveal any headquarters information you don’t know what laws they comply with. Which is very problematic in case you have any issues.

Additionally, this broker doesn’t have any Tier 1 licensing. For instance FCA, BaFin or ASIC. These are the most trusted Tier 1 regulators and provide the highest security standards. But their registers were empty upon search of TopEU trading company.

With this in mind, you know that you don’t have funds protection. Most likely all their presentation is just a farce. You don’t have negative balance protection or segregated deposit accounts. Not to mention guaranteed compensation funds.

Anonymous broker without any regulations. TopEU provides a suspicious trading platform. Extremely high withdrawal fees. Malicious bonus policy.

Trading Platform and Other Apps on TopEU

Trading Platform and Other Apps on TopEU

The company advertises its TopEU web trader as the most reliable option. Actually with a high-class trading environment. But we will all agree that stop-loss, trading history and reports are not those features. But that’s what this broker advertises.

On the contrary, if you take a look at Meta Trader or cTrader you will see the real high class. Not to mention that this web trader’s reliability is questionable. Their data is easily accessible through the back end. Which leads to market manipulation. Moreover, it’s not available for any Android or iOS device. Unless you use a browser.

What Financial Instruments Does The Platform Include?

As for the trading instruments, TopEU broker covers everything the same as any other scammer. But also as any other regulated broker. So, the only difference comes from regulation and fund protection. Now you understand the difference.

Anyway, you can choose assets like:

  • Forex                        USD/GBP, AUD/NZD, SGD/JPY
  • Commodities             gold, silver, palladium
  • Indices                      S&P 500, Nikkei 225, AU 200
  • Shares                      Master Card, Deutsche Bank, Johnson & Johnson
  • Cryptocurrencies       BTC, LTC, XRM

TopEU Countries Of Service

TopEU reviews don’t reveal much. But enough to find out what their patterns are. They are mostly scamming traders from:

  • Poland
  • Germany
  • Czechia
  • United Kingdom
  • Other countries

With this in mind, you know that nobody is safe. But as you can see they are operating in the UK. Whereas mandatory regulation should be from FCA or at least their TPR. This tells you that this broker is not up to good.

TopEU List of Account Types

TopEU List of Account Types

With TopEU trading company, clients can choose between 6 account types:

  • Simple          250 EUR
  • Smart           750 EUR
  • Complete      2.500 EUR
  • Gold             5.000 EUR
  • Platinum       15.000 EUR
  • VIP           On request

Important to realize is that all accounts don’t bring costly benefits. The only benefit you can get is related to more training sessions, educational material and support.

Can a Trader Use a Demo Account?

TopEU trading company is a shady broker at first glance. But also at second. Because they don’t want to reveal anything about themselves. Same works for their platform.

Traders can’t use a demo account with this broker. The main reason behind it is all the flaws that traders can discover during that time. So, they try to make you deposit money before you realize how bad they are. Whilst some regulated brokers offer you transparent demos, but also micro-accounts.

Terms of Service for TopEU

Let’s start first with payment options. This broker only accepts:

  • Wire transfers
  • Card transfers

Important to realize is that withdrawal processing time takes up to 5 business days. Also for wire transfers, you can expect a $25 withdrawal fee. But only if you get a chance to withdraw. Since this broker has a very suspicious bonus policy.

Primarily, you must make a trading volume 25 times bigger than your deposit and bonus amount. Moreover, you can’t withdraw any profits made from bonuses. Which is a trick that brokers use to scam traders. They can tell you all the profits were generated through the bonus. So, you are not eligible to get it out.

Leverage, Spreads and Fees

If this broker really operates from the EU, they violate all rules and regulations. Primarily with their leverage of up to 1:200. While ESMA and any other regulator allow a maximum of 1:30.

With an average spread of 0.5 pips, this broker doesn’t have such a bad offer. But their fees will rip you off. For any withdrawal before a 200 times bigger turnover, you must pay a 10% fee. Which is insane. Not to mention some other non-existent fees they will serve you to extort more money.

TopEU Bonus Program Rules

Bonus programs are also banned all across Europe. Mostly due to fraudulent clauses that we already mentioned above.

For instance, this broker offers primarily welcome bonuses. To start scamming you from the beginning. They vary from 20% – 50%. We suggest you opt for a Tier 1 licensed broker. Primarily due to full transparency.

Scammed by a TopEU Broker? – We Want To Hear Your Story

Firstly, let us hear your story. It’s not a shame sharing that you were a victim of these bogus scammers. However, our fund recovery team can assist you to get your money back.

One of the easiest solutions available is a chargeback process.

What Is the Chargeback Procedure?

Every card transaction can be reversed within the first 18 months. Whether you file for a chargeback or a merchant.

But these swindlers will do anything to avoid the payout. So, the best option is to leave that to professionals. Our specialized team for such situations is available for consultation. Book your first meeting for free already today!

What Is TopEU?

TopEU is a completely anonymous broker offering services for a long time without authorization.

Is TopEU a Scam Broker?

Absolutely. They don’t have a trading license but also they are completely misleading traders.

Is TopEU Available in the United States or the UK?

This company scams traders coming from the UK, but US citizens are safe.

Does TopEU Offer a Demo Account?

No. There is no risk-free option available with this non-regulated anonymous broker.


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