Trades Universal Review – 5 Alarming Things About Trading Broker
Trades Universal Review – 5 Alarming Things About Trading Broker

Once you start digging deeper into the website, you realize first that company doesn’t have any regulations. Because this is an offshore company registered in Marshalls you need to know that small countries can’t do any regulation whatsoever. This usually ends up with clients being ripped off. That’s why we will show you in this Trades Universal review why you should always trade with a licensed company.

Also, we recommend you not to invest in the fraudulent brokers Finotive Funding, GStockLegal and Goldmar.

Broker status:Unregulated Broker
Regulated by:Unlicensed Scam Brokerage
Blacklisted as a Scam by:CNMV
Owned by:N/A
Headquarters Country:Marshall Islands
Foundation year:N/A
Supported Platforms:Web-based Trading
Minimum Deposit:250 USD
Cryptocurrencies:YES – BTC, Cardano, Dogecoin
Types of Assets:Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, Indices, Stocks
Maximum Leverage:1:200
Free Demo Account:No
Accepts US clients:No

Trades Universal And Availability of a Forex Broker License

Trading with an unlicensed trading company like Trades Universal is very controversial. Simply, companies like these can make up any terms and conditions that they wish. Most clients are not even reading them and that’s how they start losing money.

Even if Marshalls had regulation, that wouldn’t be good enough. Even the most trusted trading companies in the world have regulations. The difference is that legitimate companies are looking for the best ones.

Why It Is Better Not to Choose An Unlicensed Broker

Unlicensed companies can give you any leverage they want or any withdrawal fee they want. The number of misleading conditions is huge.  Sadly for clients, whatever you do, they can find another reason how to negate your statements.

That’s why regulations and licenses from authorities like FCA, BaFin or ASIC can give you peace of mind.

Is Trades Universal a Legit Broker or a Scam?

Trades Universal Broker should be avoided at all costs. There are a lot of fees, no regulations, a very poor trading platform and no integrity. A company is similar to many others, that did nothing good for people.

Warnings From Financial Regulators 

Trades Universal Warning

Through our research we have found on FSMA – Financial services and markets authority that Trades Universal trading company was issued a warning from CNMV – Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores ( Spain ).

 What is even worse, is that company is not trying to change anything. They keep doing the same things. That’s a downside of non-regulated companies. Unless they are closed they are dangerous.

Trades Universal Software – Platform Tools

Trades Universal Trading Software

Luckily, Trades Universal gives you direct insight into their web-based trading platform. What is a downside of that is that you can very quickly realize that it’s not so good. The platform itself is not offering any significant tools for trading. It’s not user-friendly and from our experience, it can be very manipulative.

Through years of analysis, we found that platforms like these most of the time present you with information that is not real. Sometimes even data on charts, but the even worse part is your capital. There is a high probability that money is gone before you even start trading.

Mobile Trading

Trades Universal doesn’t offer any mobile version for its clients. That is one more trick that offshore companies are using. If they are not ready to invest money to provide a mobile version for their clients that should ring a bell.

Companies that are offering at least MT4 or MT5 platforms, usually have an available mobile version. That makes trading way easier and gives clients a dose of confidence.

Trades Universal Assets – Trading Instruments

Doing Trades Universal Reviews we found that they offer the following assets:

  • Commodities – Silver, Gold, Natural Gas
  • Indices – FTSE, Nikkei, NASDAQ
  • Shares – Nike, Coca-Cola, Amazon
  • Cryptocurrencies – BTC, XRP, ETH

There is a small number of assets available on the platform. Therefore, your options are limited and risks are higher.

Where Does Trades Universal Engage In Fraud? – Countries Of Service

There is no proof that these are only one, so wherever you are coming from be careful. Especially from countries like:

  • UK
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Italy

Additionally, we strongly advise you to avoid the fraudulent brokers Caplita, Forex Treasures, and VirtusCapital.

What Are The Different Trades Universal Account Types?

Trades Universal broker doesn’t offer any specific accounts for trading. The minimum requirement is 250 USD and after that everything is on you. With companies like this, there’s a high chance that you’ll be offered account types once you see your first results.

Be aware of these tricks. To see how much you can make, you can do that with licensed companies. They often offer micro accounts and whatever you make you can scale it. A number that you got is what you could make with a bigger investment.

How Much Is Leverage, Spreads and Fees

The leverage that Trades Universal offers is up to 1:200. On the trading platform it’s not specified what leverage you have on each asset. Therefore, it can be very tricky. Once you look at the platform you can’t see any information about the spread. Most probably registration is required.

Going through terms and conditions shocked us. Trades Universal is giving themselves the right to charge you for anything. Starting from withdrawals of less than 100 USD, filing a chargeback, etc.

What Is The Minimum Deposit and How Do I Withdraw?

The minimum deposit is 250 USD like in most trading companies. Trades Universal states that it can be done with Visa/Master card, Wire transfer and cryptocurrency transfer.

You should be extremely careful providing your details to such an untrusted broker. They state that when you request a withdrawal company is reviewing it and only after that it can be finalized. As well they have the right to decline a withdrawal with some method and to suggest you another.

Scammed by Trades Universal Broker? – Allow Us to Hear Your Story.

Every client has a similar story. But every story is in some way unique and there is a solution. If you were scammed by a broker, let us know.

Chargeback is the most powerful way to get your funds back. That’s why you should always use trusted payment methods.

What Is the Chargeback Procedure?

In general, the idea of a chargeback is to trace the money route and reverse the transaction.

Whether it’s done with a credit/debit card or wire transfer it can be finished by issuing the bank.

On other occasions that are not through the bank. On any occasion, our experts can assist you with that.

Here you can book your free consultation and find where you can start.

What Is Trades Universal?

Trades Universal is an offshore and unlicensed trading company that offers clients to trade on the financial market.

Is Trades Universal a Scam Broker?

Yes. There is no license available or information about owners.

Is Trades Universal Available in the United States or the UK?

Trades Universal is only available in the UK, but not in the US.

Does Trades Universal Offer a Demo Account?

No. The company only offers a live trading account with limited trading conditions.


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