TradeWL Review – Fraud Innovative Only In Scamming Techniques
TradeWL Review – Fraud Innovative Only In Scamming Techniques promises you a bright financial future if you invest in their shady services. We call them shady for more than a few reasons, and they will all be meticulously explained in the following TradeWL review. 

The company behind the website is Trade WL LLC, with a UK address, yet no authorization from the UK financial authorities in the form of a regulation. The fraudulent broker operates without any license at all as a matter of fact, and we have strong proof of that. From that point on, everything just goes downhill.

Shameless TradeWL scam sells false promises for huge money they extort from traders and then just disappear into thin air. Trading conditions that await you here are in no way profitable or realistic. Apart from the terribly dysfunctional and defective software, the customer service seems to be in no way reachable. 

All of the aforementioned doesn’t even scratch the surface of a bottomless pit of reasons why you should never invest with this sham. Keep reading so you can further explore the dangers lurking on

Regulated by:Unregulated
Is This Company Safe?Scam companies are not safe!
Known Websites:TradeWL.Com
Have Warnings from:N/A
Registered in:UK (allegedly)
Operating since:2018-12-26
Trading Platforms:Web trader
Maximum Leverage:1:20
Minimum Deposit:$1 000
Deposit Bonus:N/A
Trading Assets:Currencies, Metals, Stocks, Indices, Crypto
Free Demo Account:Not available
How to  Withdraw from This Company?You can’t withdraw funds from a fraudulent broker unless you seek legal help!

Is the TradeWL Legit or Scam? 

It doesn’t take a nuclear scientist to see through the lies of TradeWL right from the start. The fake company address is only made up, as it doesn’t actually exist in the real world. So the fraudsters may be located anywhere else in the world, most probably offshore, where they run their suspicious business from. 

Since the TradeWL website still lists a UK address, they imply being supervised by FCA, if they’re indeed a regulated brokerage as they claim to be. The Financial Conduct Authority is the leading financial institution enforcing rigorous regulation standards on every financial entity in the UK. 

Apart from watching over the financial markets, this organization also issues licenses and keeps an accurate record of all licensed and blacklisted firms. After using their search engine to look for TradeWL, we’ve only gotten back negative results. That means that our little scammer here is unlicensed by FCA. 

Looking for the answer to the burning question of TradeWL’s legitimacy, we also went through several more registers, also kept by Tier 1 authorities – ASIC, AMF, CONSOB, BaFin and CNMV. TradeWL contact doesn’t show anywhere. 

There’s no other logical conclusion to draw from such investigation results, other than TradeWL not being a regulated entity. Just some of your major concerns when trading with unlicensed brokers is the absence of segregated bank accounts, which are crucial for safe-keeping of deposits. 

Unscrupulous websites do not limit the leverage, so they can force you to lose your deposits faster. Another risk-reduction method never implemented by swindlers is negative balance protection, which ensures you will not lose more than invested at first. Although TradeWL claims they implement this feature, they certainly have no proof of it, so it is yet another lie in the overflowing bucket of them. 

So beware of getting involved with petty scammers such as TradeWL, DeCapitals and any other unregulated financial services providers. 

How Do TradeWL Manage To Cheat People?

Getting potential targets entrapped in a financial sham that TradeWL support advertises cannot be performed without the use of several particular techniques. These are universally preferred and used by almost every other scammer out there, so reading this section of our TradeWL review can help you form a better grasp of these concepts. 

It is of crucial importance for the firm to come off as legit. However, besides being trustworthy, they need to have their products and services appear as shiny and attractive as possible. Good trading conditions, a profitable environment and as many automated tools as possible to make the profit making as effortless as it can seem, are just some of the key points. 

Investing a thousand dollars seems like a small price when you’re promised to accumulate a ten times bigger profit with little to none of your effort and hard work needed. And if that doesn’t work, the eloquent and irresistible scam agents and boiler room employees are ready to spark your romantic interest and manipulate your emotions as long as it takes them to rob you off of anything you own. 

TradeWL has been active for almost three years now, and their user base is at a constant growth. That means that no retail trader, professional investor or Forex novice is safe. The statistics show the following countries to be most hit by the actions of the cyber criminals behind TradeWL:

  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Ireland

Whatever your level of Forex expertise, nothing guarantees safety with TradeWL. So if you’re having problems with the TradeWL withdrawal or simply want them to stop pestering you with calls, emails and random messages, please contact us promptly. Our team of legal experts is diligent when solving such problems. 

The TradeWLs’ Exploitative Utilization of Familiar Brands

One of the main concerns of every Scam Broker is how legitimate they appear to their victims. In order to seem like a well-established company, TradeWL piggybacks on the success of other firms. This is why we can see a large number of logos of different banks and financial institutions.

Crédit Agricole, ING, HSBC, Binance and UniCredit are just some of the companies that TradeWL parades on their website. It goes without saying that an unlicensed brokerage like TradeWL is in fact, not affiliated to any of these financial companies.

The false pretenses don’t end there. As you will see later in our TradeWL Review, this bogus broker allegedly allows for the trading of Stocks. Once again, the swindlers use the names and logos of the most recognizable brands like SpaceX, IBM, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Maersk, Boeing, Amazon, 3M… The list goes on.

TradeWL Trading Conditions

It’s not uncommon for fake brokerages like TradeWL to feature deals and conditions that a legitimate broker simply cannot offer. They can get away with it, because fraudulent companies like TradeWL don’t need a successful, long-term and high quality service to profit.

A fully licensed broker usually earns their revenue through different fees, spreads, commission and similar charges. They inspire trader loyalty by offering a safe and secure trading environment that caters to the clients’ needs. Scammers simply don’t care about any of these, as their main source of income is the money they manage to steal.

Stick around as we get a more comprehensive overview of what TradeWL pretends to offer, and how much it all costs.

Account Types

As we mentioned before, the scammers enlarge their profits by stealing more money, plain and simple. The TradeWL Trading Accounts are made to reflect this purpose. That’s why TradeWL offers what we call Tiered Accounts – the different account types cost exponentially more, but yield more “benefits” to those that accumulate larger deposits.

Here is how much the TradeWL Accounts cost:

  • Gold – $1 000
  • Platinum – $25 000
  • Diamond – $50 000

Surprisingly, TradeWL does offer a Free Demo Account, unlike their scamming buddies at Bingsaub. The more costly account types are swap-free by default, which allows for trading under Shariah.

Available Trading Assets

TradeWL features all of the most popular Trading Assets on the market today. These can be divided into several groups, and some of these groups can vary in availability of different Account Types, as you’ve seen earlier in our TradeWL Review.

Here is what TradeWL offers when it comes to Financial Instruments:

  • Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin)
  • Stocks (Airbus, Bayer, Chevron, Henkel)
  • Commodities (Brent Oil, Natural Gas, Gold, Platinum)
  • Indices (US Tech 100, Germany 40, EU50, VIX)

We have noticed something interesting – the description of Trading Assets seen on the Trading Accounts page doesn’t match the actual selection in the Trading Platform. There can be 2 reasons for this: either the swindlers aren’t the most diligent bunch, and they simply didn’t double check, or it’s another layer of deceit. Either way, it’s not something you will see on the website of a reputable, authorized broker.

Trading Platforms

It would be easier to just call the TradeWL platform bogus, than attempting to describe anything that would make it seem like a trading software at all. The unresponsive chart is actually borrowed from TradingView – a charting website containing up-to-date market information and options for social trading. 

To make it all appear a bit more realistic and appealing, TradeWL has added several customization options to the widget. Naturally, these have no evident purpose or function, other than to deceive traders into thinking how TradeWL provides a bunch of techniques and charting tools, as well as advanced analytical options. 

The abundance of these oversimplified, rudimentary yet useless web distributions is justified by their subjectiveness to manipulation and heavy control. Swindlers that implement these fake software alter the data and have traders think whatever the criminals want them to think. Not until much later do the investors realize none of the trading actually happened and the profit was never accumulated. 

How Can Clients Make Withdrawals from TradeWL?

There is no way to check which financial channels are available for payouts before first depositing real money to TradeWL. This scam company only accepts payments in Cryptocurrency, a payment method which is inherently risky. Cryptocurrencies are based around user anonymity, so tracking Crypto Transfers can prove exceedingly difficult without specialized software like CypherTrace.

TradeWL doesn’t have any legal documentation, and does not outline any withdrawal conditions on their website. This makes us believe that the scammers don’t allow any payouts. Because TradeWL doesn’t use common financial channels like Bank Cards, charging back the client’s money can be exceedingly difficult without legal aid.

TradeWL: A Scam Broker Exposed

After conducting a thorough investigation, our team of scam exposing professionals has determined that TradeWL is nothing but a bogus website with the explicit goal of defrauding their customers. The broker doesn’t offer any real service or products for trading, the platform is not functional, the trading environment is unfair and not transparent and the funds deposited are not safe. 

While able to list a dozen reasons why you shouldn’t invest at TradeWL, we couldn’t find a single reason why you should trust them. But the final decision is always yours. However, if you find yourself dealing with a seemingly unsolvable problem, you are free to contact us for help. 

Our team has been battling scam for a long time and has acquired enough experience to help you in any way needed. So reach out and tell us about your problem, and the solution will be passed to you in the shortest time possible.  

FAQ Section

What Does TradeWL Do?

TradeWL is a fraudulent company that deals in stealing honest people’s money. They are a well organized group of people who try to appear as a legitimate brokerage. We advise our readers not to engage in business with any individual that claims to be an employee of TradeWL.

How to Understand if TradeWL is an Online Scam?

The easiest way to understand the broker’s real intentions is to check their credibility. You may do this by searching the Financial Regulators’ databases, and find out for yourself whether the company is authorized to trade or not. TradeWL is not a regulated broker, which understandably denotes them as a scammer.

Can I Claim a Refund From TradeWL?

Because TradeWL uses Cryptocurrency Transfers, it may prove difficult to reclaim the money you have deposited with TradeWL. If you believe to have been defrauded by TradeWL, contact your bank, regional financial regulator, or contact our staff of legal professionals for aid in recovering your lost assets.


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