TruthGPT Review: What is TruthGPT Coin and Is It Safe?
TruthGPT Review: What is TruthGPT Coin and Is It Safe?

TruthGPT is one of many coins that are exploiting celebrities. Often you can find videos and alleged Tweets from famous people saying that they support specific crypto and are investing in it.

This one is no exception. Therefore, we elaborated on everything in our detailed TruthGPT review.

Is This Coin Safe?It’s not safe
Have Warnings from:SSB, NJOAG
Registered in:N/A
Operating since:2023
Minimum Deposit:No Minimum
Deposit Bonus:N/A
Free Demo Account:No
How to  Withdraw Your Investment?It’s highly unlikely you will be allowed to withdraw your money. Therefore, you can contact the local authorities, law enforcement, and our chargeback and CipherTrace specialists for help.

How to Verify Is TruthGPT Legit Or Another Scam Project?

First of all, any new coin needs to have a whitepaper. And yes, the TruthGPT website gives you access to some kind of information, but it’s mainly irrelevant. Namely, this whitepaper should contain technical details, use cases, roadmap, but also information about the team behind the project and the regulations they comply with.

Meanwhile, TruthGPT says their team prefers to remain anonymous, with the lead developer being “Truth Seeker.” That sounds like a bad joke, right? In addition, there’s no phone number or an official address where we’d be able to look for the owner. Say you invest a lot of money, you cannot get it back, and you have nobody to contact or sue. Not good.

In May 2023, the Texas State Securities Board placed an immediate cease and desist order to stop this investment scam. Not long after, NJOAG of New Jersey followed up with a similar order. Then, we’ve got orders in Montana, Alabama, and Kentucky as final confirmation that the entire project is bogus.

To summarize, the TruthGPT scam is just one of many, and we advise you to be careful.

Who Are TruthGPT Victims?

TruthGPT registered its domain in the GoDaddy WHOIS database in February 2023. Ever since, the coin has been advertised all around the globe. According to traffic reports, the majority of their victims come from:

  • US,
  • UK,
  • Canada,
  • Japan,
  • India.

Note that there have been a lot of fake ICOs in the past, and more are about to come. Be wary, and don’t trust anything that sounds too good to be true.

How Does TruthGPT Scam Work?

With all the technology, scammers have it way easier now to convince you to purchase something. For instance, TruthGPT uses various deepfake videos where celebrities allegedly support the project and explain how they are investing in it. Additionally, the company is faking images and Tweets of famous supporters.

Their web page includes misinformation and partial truths including Elon Musk. The company promises early investors high gains once the coin reaches market value. And yet, at the time of writing, TRUTH was worth $0.0001579 on CoinMarketCap, which is actually the lowest it’s been since it was listed.

The company is creating FOMO or Fear of Missing Out, claiming that there are only 1 million coins, and you must use the opportunity now. Let us remind you of a similar story with OneCoin, whose owner ended up on the FBI’s Most Wanted list. Don’t let it happen to you, and don’t fall for this clearly fake coin.

TruthGPT Mobile App 

TruthGPT mobile app is available for Android and iOS users. However, you have no use for such an app. You will see your money standing in the same place.

Further, you can contact TruthGPT support through the mobile app, but there’s only a bot available. You cannot find a human to resolve potential problems. In addition to the bot, you can join the Telegram group. And yet, we doubt anyone will help you with any issues.

How to Buy TruthGPT?

According to the website, you need to install MetaMask or TrustWallet on your device. Then, you can purchase ETH through ERC20 or transfer the coins from any other wallet. Then, you should connect this wallet to Uniswap, paste the TRUTH address, and swap ETH for TRUTH.

Every transaction incurs a 3% buying or selling fee. Considering that the coin has no value, we advise against buying it. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever profit from this phony currency.

What to Do If I Was Scammed to Buy TruthGPT?

There might be a solution if you were convinced to buy TRUTH and cannot get your crypto back. Our CipherTrace analysts can help you track your digital coins, prove where the money is, and you can file a report to the authorities.

Since law enforcement is already aware of this fake token, we believe they’ll be prepared to take action. Book a free consultation, let us evaluate your case, and we’ll find a way to assist.

What Is TruthGPT?

TruthGPT is a fake crypto token promising future gains for early purchasers. If you were convinced to buy this worthless coin, let us know, and we may be able to assist.

Is TruthGPT Available in the United States or the UK?

You can purchase the coin from anywhere. Yet, be careful since US authorities have already issued cease and desist orders.

Is TruthGPT a Regulated Crypto Project?

TruthGPT is hiding its owner, while the website doesn’t provide any regulatory information.


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