USI Tech Review: Old Scam Still Running Under New Domain
USI Tech Review: Old Scam Still Running Under New Domain

We’ll go straight up with the facts about USI Tech. As most people already know, this Ponzi scheme was registered in Dubai as USI-Tech Limited, a.k.a. United Software Intelligence.  

It has been banned around the globe, leading to often domain changes. According to our intel for this USI Tech review, the owner is hiding while running a new domain in Brazil. Let’s expose it once and for all.

Broker status:Unregulated Broker
Regulated by:Unlicensed Trading Scam
Blacklisted as a Scam by:FCNB, FMA, ASIC, CSA, MSC, Finanstilsynet, CNMV, BCSC, NSSC, OSC, FI, SSB Texas
Owned by:USI-Tech Limited
Headquarters Country:Dubai
Foundation year:2017
Supported Platforms:WebTrader
Minimum Deposit:200 BRL
Cryptocurrencies:Yes – BTC, BCH, ETH
Types of Assets:Forex, cryptocurrencies
Maximum Leverage:N/A
Free Demo Account:No
Accepts US clients:Yes

Is USI Tech a Legitimate Crypto Trading Provider?

USI Tech appeared as something new, offering people a chance to earn 140% within 140 days using their immense crypto software. Considering that 2017 was the year when BTC boomed for the first time, many rushed to use this incredible opportunity.

The company was registered in Dubai, operating as USI-Tech Limited. It is advertised as a crypto and Forex trading provider offering high returns. The scheme’s promoters boasted that you could earn as much as $10 million from a $40 investment. Hence, the suspicion of HYIP. As it turned out, those who suspected it were correct.

After the US authorities exposed USI Tech, the scheme was transferred to Eyeline Trading, another domain related to it. Then, the brand collapsed and rebranded, appearing again as WealthBoss. Undoubtedly, there is no lack of related firms and domains, leading to the same scam.

Warning Issued by Financial Authorities

Here we surely won’t lack material. Back in December 2017, the Texas State Securities Board slammed USI-Tech with an emergency order to stop soliciting US investors. According to the order, this is an overseas firm with two US-based sales agents, Clifford Thomas, and Michael Rivera, who aren’t registered to sell securities in Texas.

During the same month, the Financial Commission of New Brunswick issued its own alert regarding USI Tech Limited, stating it’s not registered to trade in or advise on securities or exchange contracts in this Canadian province. During the following months, other Canadian regulators followed the warning, including here MSC of Manitoba, BCSC of British Columbia, OSC of Ontario, NSSC of Nova Scotia, and Canadian Securities Administrators.

In April 2018, Europe got its first warning regarding USITech from Spanish CNMV. This warning was republished by the Norwegian Finanstilsynet and Estonian FI. According to it, the company is not authorized to provide investment services in the country.

In August of the same year, New Zealand FMA and Australian ASIC announced that was not authorized to solicit investors. Finally, we’ve learned that ActionFraud UK received a number of complaints against USITech, along with the German and Austrian Crime Police.

USI Tech FMA warning

USI Tech Countries Of Service

We did a traffic analysis of USI Tech, and here are the results. This fraudulent site mainly advertises in the following countries:

  • US,
  • Australia,
  • UK,
  • Germany,
  • France.

The domain has been active since May 2017 but is constantly changing. The latest one is registered in Brazil, while we’re receiving lots of reports from Latin America about the scheme. Be wary, and don’t fall for USITech fraud.

Traders’ Experience With USI Tech

As you can guess, reviews of USI Tech are far from ideal. At the time of writing, we found 25 reviews of the first domain,, on Trustpilot. The company is rated bad, with 84% of 1-star reviews.

Unsurprisingly, their name popped up on various forums, such as Reddit and Quora. Reddit users are describing the scam and providing their own experiences as evidence. Meanwhile, one user on Quora exposed Ralf Gold and Jao Severino as company founders. Then, they shared that the lattest one has been involved in another scheme, AMC Invest, which has led to arrests.

All in all, USI Tech is well exposed, and our review aims to assist victims in the way toward monetary recovery.

USI Tech Token Packages

USI Tech offers five different token packages containing a certain number of tokens which are then exchanged for crypto. Here are your options:

  • Silver – 200 BRL, approx. $40
  • Gold – 10,000 BRL, approx. $2,045
  • Ruby – 40,000 BRL, approx. $8,175
  • Emerald – 100,000 BRL, approx. $20,440
  • Diamond – 200,000 BRL, approx. $40,880

With each package, you’re entitled to a certain amount of bonus tokens, ranging from 100 to 100,000 tokens, depending on your stage level. 

Note that packages expire after 140 days, and you’re expected to upgrade. Typical Ponzi scheme, similar to Novotrend.

How’s the Scam Conducted?

Once you purchase the package, you’re getting tokens transferrable to Bitcoin. Then, you can use the company’s trading bot to increase your chances of profit. This bot allegedly brings 140% within 140 days.

However, as you can guess, there’s no magic tool for the crypto market, nor is there a way for you to earn massive amounts of money with this scheme company. As you had a chance to see throughout this and all the user reviews, USITech is unlicensed, fraudulent, and convicted.

The best thing you can do is avoid this scam altogether and keep your money safe. And if you have already invested, reach out to us, and we might be able to assist you in following your funds and collecting legal evidence.

USI Tech Withdrawal

At this point, we can only talk about the USI Tech refund. Namely, the company is using money coming from new investors to approve withdrawals for previous ones. As happened with their other domains, they were left with no money for payouts, which led to the domain shutdown.

Then, they start a new domain, collecting money from new investors and running in the same circle. If you cannot get a payout from USI Tech, you should submit a chargeback or a refund request, depending on the payment method you used.

If it is BTC or any other cryptocurrency coin, we can help you track and trace funds. It’s not all lost, and you shouldn’t give up on your hard-earned money just yet!

I Was a Victim of the USI Tech Scam, What Can I Do?

If USI Tech scammed you, you should file a complaint to local authorities immediately. Additionally, you need to take steps toward fund recovery. Whether it’s a credit card chargeback or locating your crypto through CipherTrace software, our experts are here to assist.

Book a free consultation today. Let us evaluate your case, and we’ll give you an honest estimate. Don’t let scammers keep your money!

What Is USI Tech?

USI Tech is a crypto Ponzi scheme registered in Dubai, extorting money from inexperienced investors.

Is USI Tech Regulated?

No, USI Tech is not regulated and has no authority approval for its services.

Can I Get My Money Back from USI Tech?

Getting your money back from online trading scams is possible. Book a free consultation with our experts, and we might be able to assist with the matter.


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