Vertex Market Review – About The Anonymous Broker
Vertex Market Review – About The Anonymous Broker

If you were looking for a definition of anonymity, you found it. This broker doesn’t reveal any significant information about itself. They just present themselves as award-winning and No. 1 brokers. However, there are no grounds for that.

Vertex Market is owned by Astro Tradex LTD. According to them, they are regulated by 7 regulators on 6 continents. Besides that, they provide offices in Ireland, Australia, Chile, Malaysia, Italy, Japan and many more. In total, 11 offices all over the world.

What we found interesting is that one of the offices, based in AbuDhabi, has the same address as one of the world’s most-known trading companies. We highly doubt that Vertex-Market is as reliable as that company. We’ll elaborate on all throughout this Vertex Market review.

On top of that, we seriously recommend you not to invest in the fake brokers Libertex, FXsway, and Place a Trade. Do not trade with these unlicensed brokers if you want to save your money!

Broker status:Unregulated Broker
Regulated by:Unlicensed Scam Brokerage
Blacklisted as a Scam by:N/A
Owned by:Astro Tradex LTD
Headquarters Country:US
Foundation year:2021
Supported Platforms:MT4/MT5 /Dupli trade/ Web trader
Minimum Deposit:1000$
Cryptocurrencies:YES – BTC, BNB, ETH
Types of Assets:Forex, Commodities, Indices, Shares, Cryptos
Maximum Leverage:N/A
Free Demo Account:No
Accepts US clients:Yes

Vertex Market Is Not An Honest Fraudulent Broker?

Even though Vertex Market broker claims to be regulated by 7 regulators, it turns out to be a lie. As expected, we couldn’t find any record of them having a license for trading FX and CFD markets.

On top of that, all addresses given on their website are just public workspaces. They don’t have an office on their own. Therefore, it’s all a scam!

Vertex Market is a broker that is openly lying about regulations, and can’t be trusted. On top of that, they are hiding behind another brand that is as well providing false information.

Reasons for Using a Regulated Broker for Trading

If you get scammed by a broker like this, and they don’t have regulations, you don’t have anywhere to complain. You can only put your opinion in the Vertex Market review and that’s it. However, the licensed trading company is heavily monitored and controlled. They can’t do whatever they want.

Besides that, a licensed company is always transparent and gives you security in every possible way. Of course, losing money on the market is a normal thing, but being scammed for money is completely different.

Vertex Market Software

Vertex Market Trading Software

We didn’t expect that almost everything about Vertex Market trading is a complete scam. This broker presents MT4/MT5 as available options. However, they just have a basic web-based trading platform. It’s a standard TradingView chart that doesn’t offer many TA tools and advanced features.

Mobile Trading

It’s unbelievable how many lies about this broker. They even claim to offer mobile trading, however, it’s non-existent. You can only access it through a web trader.�

MetaTrader 4&5

MetaTrader 4/5 is a popular trading platform that has been around for many years. It is easy to use and can be customized to meet the needs of both novice traders and experienced market professionals. The platform offers trading signals from top providers, as well as expert advisors for automated trading. Besides that, it is available globally on computers, web browsers, and mobile devices.

As that being said, it’s a shame that a broker like this advertises such a platform without providing it.

Automated Trading

DupliTrade is an automated trading service that helps you duplicate the actions of experienced traders, so you can improve your trading skills. It has a rich portfolio of strategies and has been selected based on its proven track record and success.�

Since everything about this broker is a bogus scam, we doubt that this work and that it’s not manipulated.

Mac Trading

Macs are reliable and easy to use, which makes them a good choice for traders. They also have high power and efficiency, which allows traders to do their work quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, only MT4 and MT5 are good on this platform, but the only available platform with this broker is web trader.

Vertex Market Service Countries

According to Vertex Market reviews, they are scamming traders from:

  • US
  • Switzerland
  • France

Since they don’t provide any regulations, any other country could be a target of this bogus scam. Be careful and think twice before investing any of your funds. We expect very soon to see warnings from regulators against this broker.

Vertex Market’s Trading Instruments

As any other broker, they offer 5 different asset classes:

  • Forex            USD/JPY, EUR/NOK, USD/SGD
  • Commodities oil, cotton, platinum
  • Indices          FTSE100, Dow Jones,
  • Shares          Apple, Microsoft, Pfizer
  • Cryptos         BTC, XRP, LTC

Just have in mind that this broker is not licensed for trading these assets. On top of that, they don’t provide any trading conditions like spreads or leverage. Therefore, it’s all dangerous.

List of Vertex Market Account Types

Vertex Market broker offers 4 different account types with insanely high minimum requirements. Those are:

  • Bronze          1.000-4.999$
  • Silver         5.000-10.000$
  • Gold             10.000-15.000$
  • Platinum       15.000-20.000$

Even scamming companies’ minimum is 250$. For a broker anonymous like this, these amounts are bizarre.

Vertex Market Deposit and Withdrawal Policies

Vertex Market offers a couple of different depositing options. Those are wire transfers, card transfers and several e-payment options. Unfortunately, e-payments are not available for AU and EU citizens.

When it comes to withdrawals, you can use the same method as a deposit. Of course, if the broker allows you to withdraw the money. They have, like any other scamming broker, cheesy tactics to prevent you from getting your money. Many traders, according to Vertex Market reviews, had issues with withdrawals because of non-existent fees.

Vertex Market Terms and Conditions 

Since this broker is not regulated, all terms and conditions are speculative. They don’t provide clear trading conditions like spreads and leverage. Moreover, the benefits you get with this broker are minor, especially compared to some licensed brokers. Keep your money safe and start looking for a different broker on time.

Scammed by a Vertex Market Broker? – We Want To Hear Your Story. 

It’s hard to admit that you were scammed. But to prevent these guys from relentlessly scamming people, share your story with us. If you were a victim of fraud, you can always request a chargeback and get a refund. Contact us today to find out how.

What Is the Chargeback Procedure?

A chargeback is a transaction reversal process. It can be requested by the merchant or the bank. Our experts can guide you on the first steps in the fund recovery process. Get in touch now!

What Is Vertex Market?

It’s a broker that presents itself as a trusted and regulated trading company with offices all over the world. It would be good if all of that were true.

Is Vertex Market a Scam Broker?

Yes. This broker doesn’t provide any security, licenses or trustworthy ownership information to its clients.

Is Vertex Market Available in the United States or the UK?

Based on Vertex Market reviews we can see that they are only trading with clients from the US, but not the UK.

Does Vertex Market Offer a Demo Account?

No. This broker only offers 4 different live accounts with high minimum requirements starting from 1.000$

Unfortunately, many users start reading reviews only after falling victim to scams. We sincerely hope that you are not one of them!
However, if you're here because you suspect that your investment isn't in a safe place, know that you have the right to claim funds back!

Report a Fraud Case & Claim a Refund from Scammers

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