Victoria Coins Review – Fake Crypto Trading Ads Can Be Easily Exposed
Victoria Coins Review – Fake Crypto Trading Ads Can Be Easily Exposed

If you don’t know if you can trust certain brokerages, it’s quite easy to investigate them. In the case of the Victoria Coins scam broker, it was already mentioned they were on a warning list of the FMA.

Yet, many traders didn’t understand how they got new traders on board. After detailed research, such things are finally exposed. Hopefully, you will learn from this Victoria Coins Review why not to trust quick money schemes.

​​What’s more, we strongly recommend that you avoid the fraudulent brokers Roi Republic, Trade Capital Markets, and Astra Horizon.

Regulated by: No regulations
Is This Company Safe? No
Known Websites:
Have Warnings from: FMA
Registered in: Saint Vincent and Grenadines
Operating since: N/A
Trading Platforms: WebTrader
Maximum Leverage: 1:400
Minimum Deposit: $250
Deposit Bonus: N/A
Trading Assets: Forex, indices, cryptos, commodities, shares
Free Demo Account: No
How to  Withdraw from This Company? Withdrawing funds regularly from this broker was a mission impossible. Luckily, refund methods are always an option, and for detailed guidance on the funds recovery process, contact our refund experts today.

Victoria Coins Broker – Legit or Scam?

Victoria Coins company is based in St. Vincent and Grenadines (SVG). Since this offshore country doesn’t provide licenses for FX and CFD services, we need to look for their regulation elsewhere. The main difference between offshore Tier 3 regulators and Tier 1 regulators is in requirements.  For instance, FCA, BaFin and ASIC are the strictest ones. Consequently, the most trusted.

Unfortunately, their database is empty upon searching for Victoria Coins scam broker. The benefits of having regulation are mostly related to clients’ security. So, if the broker doesn’t have it, that means that they don’t care. You can forget about features like negative balance protection or guaranteed stop loss. Not to mention segregated bank accounts for deposits or compensation funds.

Victoria Coins has no regulation and warning is issued against the broker. Non-transparent ownership and location information. Uncompetitive trading conditions and many negative reviews.

Financial Watchdogs’ Cautions

Victoria Coins Warning From FMA

What we came across through the research are multiple warnings against this broker. Victoria Coins scam is well-known among regulators. 

But the primary one that exposed this trading scam is the Austrian FMA. If this is not a clear sign to avoid this broker nothing will.

Victoria Coins Promoted By Fraudulent Ads

In general, all brokers without a license using WebTraders can’t be trusted. Such platforms are manipulative and can be used to present traders with fictive market details. For instance, huge wins or unexpected losses. But why is this important?

As can be seen, FinTelegram exposed the scheme by applying through Facebook campaigns for the company’s promotions. There were two brokers assigned to the same campaign. The problem is, that Victoria Coins broker advertises an automated crypto trading engine that generates $2.900 per day.

If you think about it, if that’s true, they would do it themselves in the first place.

Nevertheless, with fake software, this company can make up any results they want. That’s why trading software plays a huge role with them. Unfortunately or luckily, whatever you like, the company is inactive currently. Still, if you watch out for our tips, you will learn how to avoid such traps in the future.

What Traders Are Saying About Victoria Coins

Even though reviews are often fake, if you see more than 75% of negative ones, something is not good. In fact, that’s exactly what Victoria Coins reviews are all about.

Of 36 traders that shared their experience on Trustpilot, almost 80% is not satisfied. Many complained about withdrawal issues and manipulated trading information.

Victoria Coins Software – Platform Comparison

Another key point to look at is the trading platform. Many traders get discouraged to trade with a broker if they don’t have the necessary tools.

With Victoria Coins scam broker that’s exactly the case. They don’t provide any trusted third-party software like MetaTrader or cTrader. On the contrary, it’s only a web-based platform without any advanced trading features. Not to mention manipulation potential.

Mobile App

Instead of providing a reliable mobile app to trade anywhere anytime, you can only access the platform through the browser. With such a poor design of this platform, we doubt its reliability and responsiveness.

With this in mind, you have many reasons why not to invest here. Better look for a Tier 1 regulated broker with a stable platform.

Victoria Coins’s Trading Assets and Instruments

Victoria Coins uses a wide instrument range to an advantage. However, a non-transparent broker with a suspicious platform is not something that can back up attractive offers. Anyway, their assets are divided into 5 major classes:

  • Commodities – gold, platinum,
  • Indices – FTSE 100, Dow Jones
  • Shares – Alibaba, Cisco,
  • Cryptocurrencies – BTC, ETH, LTC

With their leverage of 1:400 and non-existent negative balance protection you have a perfect recipe for a disaster. The easiest way to get into a non-existent debt that will put pressure on you to make a bigger deposit.

Victoria Coins Countries Of Service

These offshore scam companies tend to scam anyone on their way. Some rich countries are their main prey. That’s why they are mainly scamming traders from:

  • Australia
  • Sweden
  • United States
  • Serbia

It’s just a matter of time before this broker will be exposed by some other regulators.

Victoria Coins List of Account Types

Victoria Coins List of Account Types

The broker claims to provide a new age solutions. Account types names could present that, unless you dig deeper into the offer. Suddenly, you realize they are nothing different than any other scam. 

They offer 5 account types:

  • Trial – $250
  • Passive income – $10.000
  • Portfolio Management – $50.000
  • Retirement – $100.000
  • Heritage – $200.000

Can a Trader Use a Demo Account?

The only way of testing their services is by opening a live account. This broker doesn’t offer a risk-free option like a demo account or at least micro accounts.

If you want to risk your money here you can be our guest. However, if you want to make safe investments opt for a Tier 1 licensed broker.

Terms of Service for Victoria Coins

The most disturbing fact here is a transparent but unfair withdrawal policy. They charge insanely high fees up to 30%.

But also, they restrict traders from getting withdrawals unless they reached a certain trading volume.  Not to mention the malicious bonus policy, where you can’t withdraw anything unless you made a 25 times bigger trade volume. 

Important to realize is that the broker only accepts cryptocurrency payments. Whether from a wallet or third-party crypto exchanges, which makes them highly anonymous.

Leverage, Spreads and Fees

Their maximum leverage of 1:400 is violating all rules and regulations. With spreads from 7 pips on some pairs, you can see that this is a rip-off.

On top of that, the broker has included all possible fees. From overnight swaps to withdrawal fees. Nothing to motivate you to stay here. However, if you already deposited any money there is a solution.

Scammed by a Victoria Coins Broker? – We Want To Hear Your Story

Let us know first about your experience with this scam broker. Raising a voice collectively can prevent traders from getting into these scammers’ fishing nets. Since they don’t have regulation, your only solution is a fund recovery program.

However, cryptocurrencies are hard to trace. Especially for non-experienced traders. On the other hand,  our specialized fund recovery team is equipped with the necessary software to trace cryptos – CipherTrace. Latest technology designed to find your money.

How to Get Money Back From an Inactive Broker?

Usually, scam brokers don’t even respond when they are active. Not to mention when they vanish completely. So, withdrawing and recovering funds can be quite frustrating. As can be seen from Victoria Coins reviews, traders were using a wide range of payment methods. From card and wire transfers to crypto.

In some cases, withdrawing funds might be easier. For instance when you are recovering funds transferred via credit or debit card. However, other payment methods are far more complicated and that’s why brokerages are forcing those. Thus, with our refund experts, nothing is unreachable. So, if you want to get your money back, send us a message and book a free first consultation with our team today!

What Is the Chargeback Procedure?

If you were using a debit/credit card you can start a chargeback process. Maximum allowed time to start it is up to 540 days. But this is a crypto transaction. So once you trace it down you can start the necessary procedures.

Let the professionals guide you through the process. Get in touch with us already today. Don’t let these swindlers get away with your money. Book your free consultation here.

Unfortunately, many users start reading reviews only after falling victim to scams. We sincerely hope that you are not one of them!
However, if you're here because you suspect that your investment isn't in a safe place, know that you have the right to claim funds back!

Report a Fraud Case & Claim a Refund from Scammers

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