White Bull Safety Review – This Clone Company Is The Opposite Of Safe
White Bull Safety Review – This Clone Company Is The Opposite Of Safe

White Bull Safety owns a website that is so poorly made, that many of its features are broken or unresponsive. A large number of dedicated links will lead you back to the homepage. These dead links should lead to the most important aspects of dealing with a broker, such as Regulation and Company Profile.

There’s nothing to find at this company but lies and financial ruin. The company doesn’t even offer a trading platform and has no information about Account Types. Learn more about this Forex Scam in our White Bull Safety Review.

Regulated by:  Illicit Unlicensed Brokerage
Is This Company Safe?  No – this is an unsafe unregulated broker! 
Known Websites: whitebullsafety.com
Have Warnings from:  FCA
Registered in:  United States (Alleged)
Operating since: 2022
Trading Platforms: N/A
Maximum Leverage: N/A
Minimum Deposit: $50
Deposit Bonus: N/A
Trading Assets: N/A
Free Demo Account: N/A
How to  Withdraw from This Company? White Bull Safety is an unregulated company. Withdrawals may prove impossible without legal action.

White Bull Safety – Do They Really Have A License?

White Bull Safety claims to be regulated in 3 separate jurisdictions. These are the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa. They also claim to have a company HQ in the US. All these nations have very strict regulatory bodies. We have checked the databases of FCA, ASIC, NFA and FSCA accordingly.

You see, the issue with this firm is that they are what is known as a Clone Company. This broker has copied the name of a registered Australian entity, but shares no affiliation. Because of this, the UK’s FCA has issued a public warning about this company. 

Many regulators have imposed strict rules about different aspects of online trading. Leverage is restricted to 1:30 in both the UK and Australia, and both nations require Negative Balance Protection and Segregated Bank Accounts.

Of course, without regulation, a broker doesn’t have to adhere to any of these. Unregulated brokers answer to no-one, and are quite likely to just steal your money.

Where Do The White Bull Safety Scam Victims Live?

This company has proclaimed on their website to be a US-based company, with service ranging back to 2014. As we have seen earlier in our White Bull Safety, all these claims are complete bull. In reality, the website has only been launched in 2022, and the company lacks the necessary US regulation.

That didn’t stop White Bull Safety from spreading globally. These are the most affected nations:

  • United States
  • Turkey
  • India
  • Argentina

It is evident that the White Bull Safety Scam relies on the work of Boiler Room Agents to find and hook new victims. These people are as talented as they are persistent, and will not stop calling until a victim makes an investment.

We discourage anyone from dealing with this faux broker. If you have already invested with this company, feel free to seek our legal aid in recovering your lost assets. You may reach us through the Live Chat.

White Bull Safety Contains No Trading Conditions Information

We can’t really tell if the people behind this firm are lazy, uninformed, or if they purposely obscure information. Whatever the reason behind it, you can’t find any data on Leverage, Fees, or Spreads.

Pretty much anything when it comes to trading is either hidden or missing. The link that should lead to Terms and Conditions is broken, and their Customer Support is horrendous, as you will see later in our White Bull Safety Review.

Nothing About Trading Features On WhiteBullSafety.com

The general lack of transparency continues with the White Bull Safety Trading Features. There is a Trading Account, but no Trading Platform. The Trading Instruments aren’t even listed, and all the trading data you can find is streamed directly from TradingView, through tickers.

This company has an advertisement that they offer Investing, Trading, Wealth Management and such. Besides this false advertisement, these are mentioned nowhere else on the website.

Company has No Trading Platform

This firm doesn’t advertise, or allow access to any Trading Platform. Without even the most basic utility of a functioning software solution, we don’t see how any client could speculate on White Bull Trade markets.

Legitimate brokers, like Arum Capital for instance, offer industry standard trading platforms such as MT4 and MT5. This is very important for traders, as it lets them easily switch between trading through different companies.

No Ready Information About Trading Assets

With any legitimate broker, Trading Assets are displayed prominently on the home page, or have a separate page of their own. Traders more often than not choose their broker because of the availability of various trading instruments.

With this firm, you get nothing of the sort. Aside from a ticker that scrolls Cryptocurrency prices, nothing about any Trading Assets is even mentioned on this company.

Account Types

We did manage to create an account and access the White Bull Safety Login. It directed us to a wallet, where we found out that the minimum deposit amount is $50, calculated in Bitcoin. There was no additional data about the account. We couldn’t find any info on a Demo, or an Islamic Account Type either.

The Dubious Practises With White Bull Safety Withdrawal

The reason why we first suspected genuine foul play from this firm is their financial channels. The website has a number of different logos pertaining to Bank Card, E-Wallet and Cryptocurrency Exchange companies.

When we created a White Bull Safety Login, however, the only means of depositing and withdrawing money was through Bitcoin. The website operators claim that the safest type of transactions are Cryptocurrency Transfers, because of their anonymity.

It is the direct opposite – without a dedicated software like Cypher Trace, it is impossible to track Crypto Transfers. That means you can’t tell where your money is going to, or being stored at any time. Scam companies like FXTM are known for hiding their transaction data, and pulling the rug under the victim’s feet.

White Bull Safety Customer Service

The Customer Support at this company is not there to help with the client’s issues. Their job is to instead solicit the services of this company.

We have inquired about the missing links on their webpage, but have instead of answers, only received a question in return. The question was – how much do we wish to invest? When we told them that we wish to check regulation before investing, they instantly got rude and blocked the Live Chat.

What Should I Do If I Got Scammed By White Bull Safety?

This firm is a dangerous unregulated broker. This firm obscures much of the important information. Instead, they make shallow and empty claims of legitimacy.

This faux broker is a known scam firm, and the UK’s FCA has issued a warning about their antics. If you have invested funds with White Bull Safety Fraud, feel free to book a free consultation with our recovery experts. You may reach us at any time through the Live Chat on our website.

FAQ Section

Who is White Bull Safety?

White Bull Safety doesn’t disclose any information about their company. While searching the financial regulator databases, we found out that they are in fact a clone company scam.

Is the White Bull Safety Legit or Not?

White Bull Safety is an illicit unregulated brokerage. They lack any licenses, and do not adhere to set regulatory standards in the jurisdictions they operate.

Should I Invest In White Bull Safety?

Your money is not secure when trading through White Bull Safety. If you have invested with White Bull Safety Scam, contact our legal experts through the Live Chat for support in recovering lost assets.


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