Wilton Option Review – Your Best Choice Is To Refuse The Broker
Wilton Option Review – Your Best Choice Is To Refuse The Broker

Allow us to tell you something about this fraudster. The broker you know as Wilton Option is nothing but an outrageous scammer. Yup, we intend to prove that in the Wilton Option Review. So, let’s proceed to analyze what’s on the table in terms of a license, platform and trading.

Also, avoid the trading frauds Axe Market, BE22, and Honest Capital at all costs! Moreover, before investing, always look into the past of internet trading firms!

Broker status:Unregulated Broker
Regulated by:Unlicensed Scam Brokerage
Scammers Websites:wiltonoption.com
Blacklisted as a Scam by:FINMA
Owned by:N/A
Headquarters Country:Switzerland (allegedly)
Foundation year:N/A
Supported Platforms:WebTrader
Minimum Deposit:250 EUR
Cryptocurrencies:Yes – BTC, ETH, XPR, USDT…
Types of Assets:Forex, Crypto, Commodities, Stocks, Indices
Maximum Leverage:1:400
Free Demo Account:Unavailable
Accepts US clients:Yes

Wilton Option Is Scam Platform? – The Truth About Regulation

Right off the bat, we were on alert because Wilton Option didn’t mention its owner. Moreover, the dubious broker claims to operate out of Zurich, Switzerland. Kudos to you, Wilton Options, but are you sure you can get past the local financial market watchdog?

If you know anything about the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), you know it’s one hell of a strict regulator that’s very meticulous when it comes to trading. Wilton Option did find its place in the database of FINMA, but on the wrong end of it, i. e. on the blacklist.

Wilton Option is a deceitful scam broker that claims to be based in Zurich. It offers Forex, CFD and crypto trading to unsuspecting traders from Belgium, Sweden, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia and the Netherlands.

Why It Is Better Not to Choose An Unlicensed Broker

Wilton Option is unlicensed as they get. Trading with this broker is in vain. You’re missing out on all the benefits that regulated European brokers provide.

These include negative balance protection, transaction reporting, a compensation scheme worth 20,000 EUR, segregated funds and leverage restriction (1:30). In addition, the broker has to have a minimum operating capital of 730,000 EUR.

Warning From FINMA

To touch on one of the previous claims, the Swiss regulator – FINMA, has issued an unambiguous warning against Wilton Option. Therefore, the danger of trusting this provider just reached new heights. We strongly advise you to read the warning and ditch the broker once and for all.

Wilton Option Warning

Wilton Option Software – How Safe Is The Platform?

Wilton Option Trading Software

With this kind of marketing, it’s no wonder scammers such as Wilton Option manage to stick around. The unscrupulous broker sure did put in the effort to promote its simple and elementary platform – WebTrader.

Bear in mind that this browser-based platform has some basic charts and indicators but lacks advanced tools such as live market reports and algorithmic trading. Plus, since the broker is unregulated and anonymous, you cannot be sure where your money is going.   

Desktop & Mobile Trading Platforms

The fraudster offers both desktop and mobile versions of its platform. It’s fake. The only available option is the online platform. This is yet another one of Wilton Option’s dirty tricks to lure in victims.

AnyDesk, TeamViewer and Aeroadmin

If you’ve noticed these apps on the website, you’re probably wondering why Wilton put them there. Well, these apps allow one user to access the PC of another. 

So, if you allow the fraudster to see your desktop, it will undoubtedly look for data related to your finances. Therefore, you must never do it.

Trader’s Reviews of Wilton Option

At the time of this writing, Wilton Option had 45 reviews on Trustpilot with an average score of 4.1. However, the reviews were mixed and we believe the positive ones were written by bots. Here’s one that isn’t fake, written by a poor trader that got defrauded.

I have submitted multiple requests and messaged customer support several times and my account manager Mr Oscar for withdrawl but instead they want me to put in more funds, when i have already 109k euros with them without profits but still not enough to withdraw…

Trustpilot Customer

Wilton Option Range Investment Opportunities – Trading Instruments

Providing a comprehensive list of instruments can help lure victims into this trap. Wilton Option knows this, which is why the broker did it:

  • Forex pairs – EUR/USD, USD/JPY, AUD/CHF…
  • Indices – DOW30, UK100, NIKKEI225…
  • Commodities – gold, wheat, crude oil…
  • Stocks – Bayer, Toyota, Apple…
  • Crypto – BTC, XPR, USDT…

Where Does Wilton Option Commit Fraud? – Countries Of Service

We did our research and found that Wilton Option engages in fraud in the following countries:

  • The Netherlands;
  • Belgium;
  • Sweden;
  • Ireland;
  • Lithuania;
  • Latvia.

Fortunately, Swiss FINMA reacted to this threat. We will urge other regulators to do the same. If you have some info, please share it and help us stop this devious scheme.

What’s more, we strongly recommend that you avoid the fraudulent brokers CoreGeneric Capital, ImportCapital, and XTB Global.

Wilton Option Accounts Overview

Wilton Option offers a total of five different account types:

  • Mini – 250 EUR, leverage up to 1:5;
  • Silver – 10,000 EUR, 1:50;
  • Gold – 25,000 EUR, 1:200;
  • Platinum – 150,000 EUR, 1:300;
  • Premium – 500,000 EUR, 1:400.

The price jumps are outrageous. Each account allegedly carries numerous perks such as a personal account manager, blah, blah, blah. The first three have a withdrawal fee of 25 EUR + 1%. 

Company Offers a Demo Account?

No. There’s no demo account available. That’s a big red flag. To check out trading, you’ll have to invest, which is a problem. All we found was a promo code in the registration menu.

Minimum Deposit and How Do I Withdraw?

Wilton Option claims clients can deposit via credit/debit cards and wire transfers. However, instead of the latter, we found an option for cryptocurrencies. This small discrepancy is alarming. Scammers prefer crypto over bank transfers due to anonymity.

The minimum deposit is 250 EUR and the minimum withdrawal amount is 100 EUR. Fees are charged depending on the account type.

Wilton Option Negative Balance Protection

This cool feature comes into play once you’ve actually realized a certain trading volume. It prevents you from going negative, obviously. 

But first, you have to have a licensed broker and a valid platform to trade. Then you can think about negative balance protection.

How Much Is Leverage, Spreads and Fees

The maximum leverage is 1:400. Yet another reason why this broker is illicit. In the EU, there’s a leverage restriction (1:30 for retail clients). Anything above and you’re risking it big time.

Spreads start from 0.4 pips, which is great. However, we wouldn’t bet on that in this case. As for fees and commissions, Wilton Option says there are none.

Scammed by Wilton Option Broker? – Allow Us to Hear Your Story

If you have any useful information or experience regarding Wilton Option, please tell us. We will do our best to put this scammer away for good. Before concluding this review, we would also like to tell you more about possible refund methods. Namely, a chargeback and crypto tracing.

What Is the Chargeback Procedure?

  • Credit/debit card transactions can be reversed via chargeback.
  • You can request a chargeback at the issuing bank within 540 days.
  • Crypto transactions allow the scammer to remain anonymous.
  • However, with the right method, we can help you trace the payment to a wallet within a crypto exchange, after which, you can request a refund.

Contact us today and start your chargeback process.

What Is Wilton Option?

Wilton Option is an anonymous and fraudulent broker that allegedly offers Forex, CFD and crypto trading.

Is Wilton Option a Scam Broker?

Yes. We’re certain of it. The firmest piece of evidence is the warning issued against the broker by FINMA.

Is Wilton Option Available in the US or the UK?

Yes. Unfortunately, the illicit broker is available in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

Does Wilton Option Offer a Demo Account?

No. We didn’t find a free demo account or a trial account. All there is in the registration menu is a promo code field.


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