Worldvex Review: An Investment Platform Stealing Investments
Worldvex Review: An Investment Platform Stealing Investments

Worldvex is everything wrong with the investment schemes nowadays. They’re completely anonymous, of unknown parent company and origin, and, of course, without a proper financial regulation. That is, unfortunately, not everything that is wrong with this fake financial services provider. 

On top of everything, and being as illegal as they are, they offer ridiculously high expected returns, which are anything but possible. All these factors have contributed to Worldvex eventually being blacklisted by two Canadian regional financial entities. More on that later.

Little is known about Worldvex at all. So, traders and investors worldwide need to be warned of the dangers lying in bad investment decisions. With that thought in mind, we urge you to read this Worldvex review entirely, before you put your capital into a money-devouring machine. 

Status:Unregulated Investment Platform
Regulated by:No regulation
Blacklisted as a Scam by:CSA (Canada), ASC (Canada)
Owned by:N/A
Headquarters Country:N/A
Foundation year:2022
Supported Platforms:N/A
Minimum Deposit:$500
Cryptocurrencies:Yes (BUSD, SHIB, DOT, ADA, BTC, XRP)
Types of Assets:Cryptocurrencies
Maximum Leverage:N/A
Free Demo Account:Not available
Accepts US clients:Yes

What Is Worldvex?

Worldvex is what is today called an investment platform. Allegedly, all the investors have to do to participate is put in a certain amount of money. The platform owners have claimed to use an automated trading system that perfectly predicts price movements.

By using the clients’ deposits the AI conducts the whole trading process in the investor’s stead. The described system is supposedly unmistakably always processing the right trades and bringing customers pure profit in return. The income is claimed to be generated every several hours. 

So as an expected result, Worldvex claims the clients receive a percentage of their initial investment every couple of hours. That is, in essence, how the system works, over at Worldvex. But that is, naturally, not true in a single step of the entire scheme. If it was, Worldvex would be a celebrated platform, not a blacklisted scam. 

Warnings About Worldvex 

The Worldvex website has two warnings issued against it. As the Alberta Investment Commission explains, the firm is on their financial alerts list because they’re a suspected scamming scheme. 

The company or the individual behind the Worldvex name is not registered with ASC, yet seems to engage in activities that require registration under Alberta securities laws or may be an investment scam. You can examine the warning posted at the ASC website.

Next financial watchdog that has detected the illegal activities performed by Worldvex was CSA, another Canadian jurisdictional regulatory body. The warning was reposted from ASC and you can find it here:

Worldvex warning

Where Do Worldvex Victims Live?

Worldvex apparently tends to diversify when it comes to countries they pick their victims from. Being a suspected scam, they obviously make an effort to reach as many customers as possible. And it seems to be working out well for them, sadly. For now, the number of reported scam victims is the highest in the following countries: 

  • United States
  • Philippines
  • Nigeria
  • United Kingdom
  • Japan

How Does the Worldvex Scam work?

Worldvex is made out of lies. The whole web of falsified information and fabrications is built to extort money from victims fast. Along with that, the system provides the scammer a safe way out by using crypto transactions. You’re probably already well-aware how hard these are to backtrack and reverse.

The manipulative, yet irresistible scam agents over at Worldvex convince their targets to invest a little more every time. Then they have them wait for the returns, which are promised to sky-rocket. Such high ROI is normally attracting investors of sorts. Because who wouldn’t like to just invest a little and have it returned several times fold while not moving a finger?

Unlucky for you, the common investor, the capital you deposit through a Bitcoin wallet goes directly to the scammer’s pocket. There’s no super advanced artificial intelligence trading model that recognizes patterns in data and places only lucrative trades. While you’re waiting for the promised guaranteed return, the con artist already enjoys counting profit.

Worldvex Platform

While joining the Worldvex platform is relatively an easy process, there’s not much you can do before you deposit. You won’t even be able to take a look at the trading platform until you choose a package and fund your trading account.

Based on the screenshots placed on the Worldvex site, we weren’t astonished by the simple looks and obvious lack of more advanced tools. That’s just from the information we could extract from the photos of the terminal. We’re sure the disappointment would be even greater if we could access it and confirm our doubts. 

This experience made us reminisce of AE Global Link, which is a common fraudulent broker that also doesn’t provide access to the terminal until you pay up front.

Worldvex Investment Plans

Now we’re getting to the fun part that hints at the manipulative nature of Worldvex and their empty promises of high returns. Immediately after creating a new trading account, you’re asked to choose an investment plan. These are described as more lucrative the more money you put into them. The return time is shorter for the more expensive packages, while the bonuses are higher. 

Every account type besides that has another false claim to make you stick to it. It says every customer has a 10% referral bonus for each individual they drag into the scheme and force them into investing. How convenient for Worldvex. Their existing victims bring in new ones while the swindler just sits and waits for more prey to get tangled up in their web. 

Here is how much you’re expected to pay minimum for each of the plans:

  • BASIC PLAN – $500
  • PREMIUM PLAN – $3,000
  • ULTIMATE PLAN – $20,000
  • OPTIMUM PLAN – $200,000

Is It Possible To Withdraw Funds From Worldvex?

Although Worldvex assures their targeted investors the withdrawals are instant and fully secure, we wouldn’t bet on it. If the website owner was indeed so professional and honest, they wouldn’t mind sharing their own information with us. The same goes for the mandatory legal docs and Withdrawal Policy, that is completely omitted from the site. 

With no clue about how payouts really work, you can’t expect your services provider to treat you with respect and due dedication. They want to keep you in complete darkness, so they can swindle out of the situation easily and snag your money in the process. In the same manner, ECM is an unscrupulous brokerage that reveals little to no info at all about this crucial step. 

Worldvex only reveals that the minimum amount for withdrawing is $500 and that crypto transfers are only available. This circumstance itself leaves room for enough doubt that will demotivate anyone and make them stay away from investing here.  

What Should I Do If I Have Been Scammed by Worldvex?

As dire as the situation may seem, it is quite simple actually. Make haste and contact us to book your free consultation today. The chargeback specialists we employ have plenty of experience in dealing with scammers like this one. So getting your money back will not be as problematic or impossible as you think. 

In return, we’d appreciate it if you shared with us your experience with scammers. Be it Worldvex or any other, your knowledge is precious to us. It actually helps us detect other forms of scam as soon as they pop up. In the end, it makes it easier to notify the other members of our audience and help others avoid the peril.

Is Worldvex Legit or Scam?

Worldvex is not a legitimate investment firm. They have no proof of license and were actually blacklisted twice. So everything about them points at the fact that they miss a regulation and are not legit.

Is Worldvex trustworthy?

No, this platform is not trustworthy. As a proven scammer, they have only set up a scheme that steals other people’s investments and sends them directly to the frauds.

Is there a Worldvex mobile app?

Worldvex doesn’t make it clear if they even have a trading platform, let alone a proprietary mobile app.


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