XeonFx Review – A Broker With Zero Credibility After a Warning
XeonFx Review – A Broker With Zero Credibility After a Warning

XeonFx is one of those brokers that don’t hesitate to use all the necessary tools to make itself look legit. In this case, it’s the official UK address and fake regulations.

However, the Xeon Fx broker is quickly exposed and we are about to help you understand how. But if you want to find out more about brokers and their services, don’t skip our SPMarket24 and StockCore reviews.  

Regulated by: No regulations
Is This Company Safe? No
Known Websites: xeonfx.com
Have Warnings from: FCA
Registered in: UK (allegedly)
Operating since: 2022
Trading Platforms: MT 5 (allegedly)
Maximum Leverage: 1:500
Minimum Deposit: $100
Deposit Bonus: N/A
Trading Assets: Forex, Commodities, Indices, Shares
Free Demo Account: Yes
How to  Withdraw from This Company? FCA warning against this broker is enough for you to change your mind about investing here. In case you already did, contact us if you need withdrawal assistance.

Legal info: Is XeonFx legit or a scam?

XeonFx pro as the official owner claims to be registered in the UK. With this in mind, you know where to look first. Those are Tier 1 registers like FCA, BaFin, ASIC and AMF. Thus, none of these databases hold any information about the xeonfx.com license. Instead, there is a warning from trusted FCA.

Consequently, you can’t expect any protection that this broker might offer. Starting with the FCSC compensation scheme, negative balance protection or anything else.

Who are XeonFx Victims?

XeonFx scam broker doesn’t hesitate to target anyone. But they are mainly scamming traders from:

  • Brazil
  • United Kingdom
  • France

Such countries have very strict regulaions and you should opt for brokers with domestic Tier 1 licenses primarily. Yet, for scam brokers, there are no restrictions. If you already were someone’s victim, there is still a refund option. Send us a message if you want to find out more and get advice.

Leverage, Commissions, Spreads, Fees and Taxes

Important to realize is that this scam broker doesn’t reveal any trading costs. Therefore, everything is open for manipulation. Which is expected honestly from a broker that directly lies about regulations.

If they are any close to regulation they wouldn’t offer leverage of 1:500. In fact, that’s a clear sign this broker is not genuine. Also, the broker promises low spreads but without precise information about it.

XeonFx Trading Features

Considering their bogus lies about licensing you can’t trust anything that this broker offers. Starting with no commission policy and an award-winning platform. But also high-quality support and cutting-edge technology.

         Is XeonFx legit?

No. Without proper authorization, this broker can’t provide its services legally. On top of that, they offer extremely risky trading conditions without any client protection. Also, there are many misleading information presented by the company.

         Available Trading Assets

According to XeonFx scam broker, they offer more than 40.000 assets. Those are divided into 5 categories. Thus, they are missing the most popular class – Cryptocurrencies. Anyway, you can trade with:

  • Currency pairs   (GBP/JPY, AUD/SGD)
  • Indices          (DowJones, Nikkei225)
  • Shares          (Amazon, Alibaba)
  • Commodities    (natural gas, palladium)
  • Bonds          (US T-Bond, EU-Bond)

         Account Types

Surprisingly, XeonFx broker doesn’t use account types as scamming mechanisms. Instead, they offer the same conditions for everyone with live accounts. Thus, don’t be surprised if you get a strange offer while trading with them.

         Mobile Trading App

As can be seen, the company promotes a highly trusted MT5 platform. MetaTrader5 is undeniably the most popular trading platform in the forex industry ever. Yet, download options on their website don’t work. This puts a shadow over their information.

         Demo Account

Generally speaking, demo accounts are great options for beginners. But also for pro traders to test if the broker is genuine. But in the case of the XeonFx scam broker, you can’t get hold of a demo even though they claim to provide it. Such a page is considered unsafe and provides a 404 error.


Like most of the stuff on their website, the Educational program doesn’t work either. All lead to registration. Which is the way for the broker to get your contact information. Anyway, they claim to offer beginners courses, trading tools courses, stocks and CFD courses.

XeonFx Withdrawal

The XeonFx withdrawal procedure is a mystery at best. Without a transparent withdrawal policy, you can expect everything from such a shady broker. In general, the company claims to accept trusted payment options like cards, Skrill, Neteller and PayPal.

But in reality, things might be different. Since they are lying about trading software, regulations and who knows what not.

Customer Support

A key warning sign about any broker is poor customer service. To get in touch with a XeonFx broker you can use e-mail, online contact form and live chat. Most likely you will get assistance if you want to deposit money. But if you want to withdraw it, you can expect more pressure and unprofessionalism. Also, the company doesn’t reveal its support working hours.

Key Information To Consider About XeonFx?

Throughout this XeonFx Review you could see all the red flags about brokers in one place. But there is always more behind it and we can’t put it all into one review. But firstly, this broker is not regulated. Secondly, they openly lie about having a license from a trusted FCA regulator. After all, everything that broker claims to offer is most likely fake. Starting with software, trading conditions and many more.

Tier 1 regulated brokers are generally the only ones you can truly trust. But if you already got caught by scammers it’s not the end of the world. It can happen to anyone. However, most important is your reaction to that. Either you will forget about money and experience or you will do something about it. If you want to get your money back, book a free consultation with our team for advice.

FAQ Section

Is XeonFx Legit?

No. XeonFx is not licensed and the FCA issued a warning against them. Also, they are lying about regulations.

How Does The XeonFx Scam Work?

They attract traders with quick-money scheme advertisements to register for more information. But then they start harassing people until they deposit

How To Get Your Money Back XeonFx?

Depending on the funding methods you have various solutions. Get in touch with us and share your experience with us to build a strategy for a refund.


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