Yadix Review: Could This Broker Scam You?
Yadix Review: Could This Broker Scam You?

When it comes to offshore brokers, we always have the same question. Can this broker scam me? What to do if I get scammed? Not every offshore broker is the same. But how to know which one is the good one? Read our in-depth Yadix review, because we tried to solve it for you.

Regulated by: FSA Seychelles
Headquarters Country: Seychelles
Foundation year: 2010
Supported Platforms: MT4
Founder company: Quantix FS Limited

Regulation and Security

Yadix is an offshore broker owned by Quantix FS Ltd. The company is registered in Seychelles and has FSA regulations. This regulation, however, does not give us much trust since offshore brokers are always suspicious.

When it comes to the safety of the funds, the Yadix broker has a standard claim – funds are kept in segregated accounts in AA-rated banks. Yet, we have no clue which banks are those, or where are they. So, you have a choice. To blindly trust this statement, or to find a broker regulated by a tier-1 regulatory body.

When you are depositing funds with this broker, there 14 available payment methods. However, if you want to withdraw your funds, there are only 6 methods available. Why? We are not able to tell. Another suspicious thing is that when you want to withdraw funds, this broker claims that all the methods, including wire transfer, are instant. We highly doubt this.

In which countries does this broker work?

Since the Yadix broker has an offshore FSA regulation, it can trade in any country where it complies with the trading regime. However, it is very difficult to confirm if this type of broker complying with the rules. Based on Yadix reviews from its clients, we can conclude that the broker is operating everywhere. In the UK, the EEA zone, South Africa, Australia, Asia. The only restriction that the Yadix website gives us is the US. Clients from the US are not accepted by this broker.

Yadix Review

Is your money safe with Yadix?

As mentioned, Yadix is an offshore broker. It does have a license by FSA Seychelles. Yet, it is well-known fact why brokers are going offshore. To avoid regulatory bodies. And to avoid consequences for their actions. Yadix is a broker that does not give much trust. Information provided on the website is not sufficient for any trader to be sure about his funds. There were many complaints that this broker is manipulating market prices and canceling withdrawal requests. Based on this, we can say that your money is NOT safe with the Yadix broker.

When opening an account, you should definitely consider a broker with more reputable regulations such as FCA or ASIC.

Scammed by Yadix? What to do?

If you were involved with this broker and got scammed by Yadix, there are still options. You can request a chargeback and get your money back. In order for the chargeback procedure to be easier and well handled, contact our support now!

Is Yadix a good broker?

Yadix is an offshore broker registered in Seychelles. Therefore, we cannot say that it is a reputable and good broker.

Is Yadix a Scam?

Yadix broker has a bad reputation among traders. Also, it does not have any reputable license, since it’s an offshore broker.

Is Yadix regulated

Yadix has FSA Seychelles, an offshore regulation

Where is Yadix broker based?

Yadix broker is based in Seychelles.


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