Apex Trader Funding Review – Is This Company Secure For Your Money?
Apex Trader Funding Review – Is This Company Secure For Your Money?

In the first place, apextradingfunding.com doesn’t reveal any location or ownership information. That’s already a huge warning sign. But even without it, you can see the pattern of this company.

They are offering proprietary investment services and evaluation plans for traders. But is that secure and how they trick their customers, find in this unbiased Apex Trader Funding review.

Regulated By: No Regulations Requested
Is This Company Safe? No
Known Websites: https://apextraderfunding.com/
Have Warnings From: FINACOM
Registered In: US (allegedly)
Operating Since: 2021
Trading Platforms: NinjaTrader & Rhitmic (allegedly)
Maximum Leverage: N/A
Minimum Deposit: $147/month
Deposit Bonus: Not available
Trading Assets: Cryptos, indices, commodities, currencies
Free Demo Account: Not Available
How To  Withdraw From This Company? After reviewing their services, non-transparent offers and negative reviews you realize that withdrawals are impossible. Therefore, if you have trouble getting your money back, contact our chargeback team immediately.

Legal Info: Is Apex Trader Funding Legit Or A Scam?

ApexTraderFunding doesn’t mention any ownership details in the T&Cs either, even though the governing law appears to be in Texas. Anyway, this company is not a member of the NFA. Neither do they have a trusted Tier 1 license for trading, such as FCA, ASIC, BaFin or CFTC.

As a proprietary company, they don’t legally need a license. But a bit of transparency would surely be good. After all, someone is giving you money for trading, isn’t that suspicious already? If that’s not enough, check the warning from the Finacom.

Who Are Apex Trader Funding’s Clients?

According to who.is the company started in 2021. But strangely, Apex Funded Trading already reached a few strictly regulated countries, such as: 

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany

If you have any problems with Apex Funding Trading, feel free to contact us for advice. But also if you have problems with any other broker. For example, one that you find in our TexTrade review. Generally speaking, they are not regulated and everything should be expected.

Traders Experiences

Another suspicious sign of Apex prop firm is their reviews on Trustpilot. In fact, there are 4073 total reviews and just around 5% of negative ones. Yet, that’s highly unrealistic. But also, negative reviews reveal the real truth.

Apex Trading prop firm is not letting their customers get their money back. Ultimately, they stop responding to your requests. If you are stuck with Apex Trader Funding Inc, get in touch with our refund specialists.

Investment Costs With Apex Trader Funding

All the investment costs are combined into one monthly fee. However, there are no details about leverage, spreads or other commissions. Of course, there is Apex Trader Funding 80% discount expiring in 4 days. But most likely that’s a standard bait.

Apex Trader Funding Trading Features

In general, we have already seen too many flaws in this company. But another risk for Apex Trader Funding payout comes from the shady software. They are offering NinjaTrader and Rhitmic.

These are quite unpopular choices compared to Metatrader or cTrader. But even that can’t be confirmed since there is no transparent access to the platform available.

Is Apex Trader Funding Legit?

The company is far from legit. They are offering unlogical investment and evaluation plans. You are paying a monthly fee and they give you virtual funds for trading.

Otherwise, why would they risk $100K for your $200-$300 monthly fee? Nothing makes sense with this company. After all, they lack crucial regulations and transparency.

Available Trading Assets

Available trading assets with shady companies can also be fictive. Especially if they are using unreliable software. In this case, the options are: 

  • Forex – USD/AUD, HKD/NZD
  • Commodities – gold, cotton
  • Indices – DAX30, S&P500
  • Cryptos – Mini BTC, Mini ETH

Account Types

Important to realize is that the company offers you more than 15 account types. All of those differ only in the software that you are using. In any case, the minimum to start with is $147 per month. Depending on the program, you have different goals and trailing thresholds.

All the fees are paid monthly. But there are additional costs like evaluation resets for $80 and $85 per funded account per month.

Mobile Trading App

The Apex Trader Funding mobile app is available for all software options. Luckily, all the Apex Trading Funding commissions for software are included in the price. Even though, for a software license the company should pay for. To understand the importance of a trusted app, read our Win Option review.

Demo Account

Sadly, before you register you don’t have Apex Trader Funding login feature to see the platform. So, if you are not familiar with trading, this is science fiction for you. 

Ultimately, you want to test everything out before paying anything. And that’s what regulated brokers provide to you.

Apex Trader Funding Withdrawal

With shady Apex Trader Funding instruments, platform and non-existent withdrawal policy, issues are inevitable. Not to mention non-transparent funding options, withdrawal processing time and fees. After all of this, you are not wondering why customers are complaining about Apex Trader Funding support.

Customer Support

If you have any issues with the Apex Trader Funding account, you won’t get help from them most likely. The company only provides an online contact form. Instead, traders would be more comfortable with less mysterious options. But to see why that is important, check our Probit review.

Key Information To Consider About Apex Trader Funding?

The Apex Trader Funding scam is designed to get money from you and not give you anything in return. They are not regulated and they are completely anonymous company. Be careful with their pressured offers like Apex Trader Funding 90% profit split. That’s just a bait.

In the end, problems are inevitable. But what’s important is to know that you can apply for a chargeback in the first 540 days of any card transaction. If you need detailed advice and guidance, book a free first consultation with our specialized team. Get in touch now.

FAQ Section

Is Apex Trader Funding legit?

No. The company operates without regulations and numerous negative reviews are pointing to withdrawal and support issues.

What does Apex Trader Funding offer?

The company offers funded trading investment plans. Practically they give you $25k for trading in exchange for a $147 monthly fee. But your money is real, there is fictive.

What is the profit split on Apex Trader Funding?

Allegedly 100% up to $25k. Afterward, the trader should get 90% of the profits. Doesn’t make sense. But if you have any withdrawal problems, contact us immediately.

How To Earn Recurring Commissions From apextraderfunding.com?

Traders can earn recurring commissions by inviting other people into this scheme. As long as those people are paying, you are earning 15%. Of course, allegedly.


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