AroTrade – Get the Insights on This Belize Broker
AroTrade – Get the Insights on This Belize Broker

The online forex CFD broker AroTrade is a brand under which the company Speed Solutions Ltd operates. The broker is in Belize, where they maintain a registration with the International Financial Services Commission. This is a common offshore haven for brokers looking to avoid the more stringent controls of regulators like the FCA and also CySEC. Overall, this broker has little to tempt traders to go with them, even if a more reliable regulator regulated them.

Trading with AroTrade

The broker has an extensive selection of CFDs and also currency pairs. AroTrade offers over 1000 total investment options, including currency pairs and CFDs on stocks, commodities, and also cryptocurrencies. The broker provides extremely high leverage of 1:200. However, any brokers offering investment services within the EU can only offer leverage of up to 1:30, per ESMA mandate. As this broker has a registration in Belize, they seem to have avoided this limit.

Unattractive Trading Options

Any traders interested in AroTrade will be disappointed that they do not offer the industry-standard MetaTrader 4 platform. The broker only lets traders invest using their browser platform. This platform doesn’t have the advanced technical tools that MetaTrader 4 has and also is far too simple for most traders. The broker has the standard payment methods available, bank wires, credits cards, and also online payment processors. Their withdrawals all require a service fee of 3.5 percent.

Account Types and Deposit Bonuses

There are five different accounts available with AroTrade. These go from Basic up to Platinum. The minimum deposit to open an account is $250, not great, but not terrible. The broker offers deposit bonuses, a practice forbidden in the EU by the ESMA. Basic accounts give a bonus of 20 percent the initial deposit, and Platinum provides a bonus of 100 percent. To set up a Platinum account, traders must put down a deposit of $25,000. As with many other brokers, these bonuses have many terms and conditions that make ever withdrawing them highly unlikely.

Let Us Help You Put Things Right

In conclusion, when an offshore broker is uncooperative, traders don’t have any reliable means of contacting them or working through regulators. Our team has specific experience in dealing with offshore brokers. We know all the different routes to recovering your funds. Contact us today for a free consultation, and our representatives will be able to tell you if our program can lead to a successful refund for you.


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