Bitasset Review – How Schemers Pull the Wool Over Your Eyes
Bitasset Review – How Schemers Pull the Wool Over Your Eyes

Investigation into this fake investment company led us down the rabbit hole, exposing more illegal activity by the minute. The entire operation is carefully choreographed, from the moment of first contact to the alleged withdrawal in the end.

Nobody is safe from these con artists, so make sure you read our Bitasset review to learn all about the risks of fake companies.

Regulated by: Unregulated Investment Firm
Is This Company Safe? No, this multiple times blacklisted scheme can’t be trusted!
Known Websites:
Registered in: UK (alleged)
Operating since: 2022
Trading Platforms: None
Maximum Leverage: N/A
Minimum Deposit: $1.000
Deposit Bonus: No
Trading Assets: N/A
Free Demo Account: No
How to  Withdraw from This Company? Contact our expert team to start a fund recovery procedure.

Dozen Blacklists Published

While being allegedly incorporated in the UK as Bit Index Capital, this conduct doesn’t have a FCA license. Something else FCA has issued for them and that’s actually a public warning

After this one, others came massively and all of the authorities posting them agree that this business is a dangerous scam. Bodies that have also placed this company on their blacklists are CNVM, CBR, FSMA, FI, A-TVP, CONSOB, FSC, AFM, and IOSCO.

After all this evidence, it’s impossible to find a single reason for investing with this shady company. We wholeheartedly recommend you to avoid them, along with other scammers like N Exchange, for example.

See Through the Layers of Lies

While the domain was created in November 2022, it did not see any traffic until much later. The first instances of a website built on this domain date back to May 2024, which explains the lack of Bitasset Trustpilot feedback.

The fraudsters are mostly focused on these nations:

  • United States
  • Canada

There is no actual company behind the site, though, and everything relies instead on a scam call center. These boiler rooms, as they are called, are behind virtually every online fraud including Gemstone Holdings.

Charlatans known as boiler room agents use phone and online services like Telegram to contact the marks directly. Under the guise of financial expertise and incredible investment yields, they pressure their victims to invest.

All of the invested money simply ends up in the fraudsters’ own pockets, as many Reddit users already pointed out in their Bitasset reviews. Should you require help recovering funds from this platform, contact our legal experts.

0% Commission?!

Instant payments, free service and no commissions charged on deposits and withdrawals are the most common lies employed by textbook scammers. This fraud doesn’t stand out in any way, and also claims to provide most competitive investment conditions, along with fee-free monetary transfers. 

Of course, all of these ludicrous statements are only meant to attract attention of the beginner investors that are yet unaware of the dangers that lurk behind fancy offers.

Ponzi Scheme in Action

As several regulators have already confirmed, the activities on this platform are based on a Pyramid scheme. That means that the portal owner promises bonuses and commissions for each referral. While their network expands as unsuspecting victims promote their fake service, the clients are actually never paid a single cent.

Unworthy of Your Time

To verify their Bitasset login, clients are directed to their email inbox. There the company promises to send an alleged Token used for user verification. This code, however, never arrived to our email. 

Therefore, not only will you not be able to examine and explore the allegedly offered features, but you won’t even be able to register your account!

No One Even Mentions Platform

Apparently, trading activities on this platform do not even happen. That is probably why no form of trading technology even appears on the website. Trading apps are not discussed and we weren’t able to create an account and verify that anyway. 

Non-functional registration form is probably for the better, considering this is a fraudulent service provider that will only rob you, no matter how small or big your investment is. 

Investment Opportunities

The company name suggests that they’re primarily focused on cryptocurrencies as an investment option. However, nowhere could we find any details about available digital assets to invest in. Neither were we able to learn more about other tradable instruments provided. 

Perhaps those who do own a Bitasset account have a better insight into what is offered, but that matters little when the entire offer is an illusion.

The Usual Tiered Investment System

As with all hoax investment firms, theBitasset investment plans are set up as various tiers. These have increasingly larger investment requirements, but allegedly yield higher returns.

The tiered plan system exists so that the boiler room agents can make a follow-up request for more money. In reality, any profits are merely simulated, with no actual earnings taking place.

Here’s what the plans look like:

  • Basic Plan – $100; 20% ROI after 24h
  • Standard Plan – $1,000; 50% ROI after 24h
  • Premium Plan – $5,000; 70% ROI after 24h
  • Ultimate Plan – $18,000; 80% ROI after 24h
  • Lifetime Plan – $500, 100% ROI after 3 months

Money Laundering Operation

In a blatant disregard for any international AML regulation, clients invest FIAT currencies and receive returns in Cryptocurrencies. The Bitasset withdrawal policy is only a few lines of text long, and claims that any profits will be automatically credited to the clients’ wallet. There are allegedly no strings attached, besides the $50 minimum.

Now, we’ve already seen numerous client complaints about victims being sent counterfeit USDT as a payout from the firm. This came only after the clients became very insistent, and started threatening legal action.

Don’t let this happen to you! Allow our professional team to guide you through the recovery process, with tried and tested escalation and settlement strategies.

Silent Customer Service

Wanting to investigate why the company doesn’t send the verification codes to users’ emails, we tried contacting the firm via an email address left on the site. 

Apparently, our Bitasset complaints couldn’t be delivered, most probably because of these reasons: the recipient’s address doesn’t exist or their mailbox is unavailable. In short, there’s no operational channel you could use to contact the customer support.

How To Recover Money From Scammers

This investment company is in violation of nearly every regulatory condition imposed in their alleged nation of incorporation. Regardless, they continue to regularly steal from their clients besides all of the regulatory action.

These dangerous cybercriminals have been in business for a relatively long time, and have deceived thousands of investors. If you, or somebody you know, have fallen victim to this dangerous online con scheme, contact our experts. You may reach us around the clock via the live chat on our site..

FAQ Section

What is Bitasset?

Bitasset is a scam of an investment firm that has been lying about being a regulated UK entity.

Is Bitasset Legit?

Absolutely not, and an abundance of reasons exist to prove that. For example the company has been blacklisted more than 10 times.

Can I Withdraw My Profits From My Bitasset Account?

Legal documents on the site claim that all payouts are automatic, but they most probably don’t even happen. If that’s the case with your funds as well, contact our recovery service promptly.


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