Claim Justice Refund Review – Parasites Leeching On Distressed People
Claim Justice Refund Review – Parasites Leeching On Distressed People

The difference between genuine recovery service and schemes that follow their insatiable thirst for financial gain is more than evident. While the first group represents a stable business oriented at helping scam victims, the other is only looking to benefit from someone else’s catastrophe. 

So, Is Claim Justice Refund legit? Or there’s something more to the company? The lack of transparency and legal issues are just some of the warning signs we’ll be discussing in the following Claim Justice Refund review. 

So tune in – the following article will help you distinguish who wishes to help you and who just kicks you while you’re already down. 

Regulated by: Unregulated Chargeback Company
Is This Company Safe? No, multiple allegations of scam are proof of their illicit tendencies.
Known Websites: – inactive

Have Warnings from: ASC, CSA, IOSCO, FCA, KNF, CONSOB
Registered in: Israel / US / UK branch dissolved
Operating since: 2020
Contact: US: +1 888-316-1175

CA: +1 855-951-2884

IL: +972 3-763-0987

AU: +61 2-5601-9018

SW: +46 20 12 76 40

Legal info: Safety Concerns

Since the Ministry of Justice in Israel has a detailed database of the registered companies, we inquired on their site about the alleged Claim Justice, Tel Aviv- based firm, that runs the websites. However, no results came back. 

What we did find about this fully anonymous and not in the least transparent business are countless warnings, published by acclaimed financial authorities, all over the world. ASC was the first to alert investors of the dangers behind the scheme. CSA and IOSCO reposted this publication in order to make sure it reaches a wider audience.

The UK branch – Data Tech BI Ltd (dissolved in July, 2023) targeted UK victims and FCA quickly published an alert concerning their unlicensed chargeback operations. PayBack Ltd, a known Israeli fraudster behind the facade of a legit chargeback service, suffered the same fate.

However, this publication was archived or removed; the reason for that is probably because the firm was closed. What did make our job easier is the fact that KNF, CONSOB, and IOSCO reposted this warning and confirmed our doubts about the Claim Justice Refund scam.

Another company is mentioned in Terms and Conditions – MoneyPay LLC, it is located in the US. We found it in the Delaware register of businesses, but nothing further is known about the conduct. Most likely another branch for facilitating the communication with the US victims.

Multiple Fraudulent Domains

It seems that these swindlers decided that domain didn’t get enough traction after its launch in 2020, so they decided to double down with in 2021.

One of the main red flags with this firm is that they claim to provide services exclusively in these nations, whilst allegedly based out of Israel:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany

In order to improve their chances of snagging new targets, the con artists have created a number of social network profiles as well. Among them are ones on Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn and even Pinterest, albeit not with many followers. They appear in the google search results, so they serve to instill an idea of a successful business.

Faking Online Reputation

If you were to take a look at Claim Justice Refund reviews on ratings platforms, you’ll quickly notice a trend. All of the positive comments include the name of one of the alleged case managers, and how good their communication skills are. There are no mentions of successful case resolutions, no numbers or any other tangible information.

The comments on TrustPilot are all like this, and the reason is because they were written by the review seller networks. SiteJabber provides a somewhat better insight into the whole scheme, and the Claim Justice Refund Reddit board will tell you all about these so-called follow-up scams.

Features Offered

It’s difficult to assess the “variety of services” the company actually offers. All they mention are some weasel words intended to make it seem like they are doing something other than ripping you off.

The only feature that is specifically mentioned is recovery of funds from unregulated brokers, including forex and crypto financial scams. This is allegedly done through “cyber forensics” and “top law enforcement techniques”, or in other words the same as MyChargeBack, another follow-up fraud. 

Another discrepancy worth noting is the Claim Justice Refund refund services working hours. One site says that they work only Monday to Friday, from 08 to 19 GMT, while the other includes Saturdays as well. The FAQs say that they are available 24/7, so which is it?

Service Costs

Claim Justice Refund Forex scam recovery, as well as the refund of any other assets, doesn’t come cheap at all. These people won’t even consider working with cases that lost less than $5,000 in equity, and there’s a good reason for that.

There’s a minimum down payment of 10% of the estimated loss, up front. The firm will ask for another 14-19% of the recovered funds, when the assets are allegedly returned to the client, summing up the fees to 29% of the initial loss value.

Still, recovering some of the money is a better deal than recovering none at all, right? Well, if you consider that you’ll just be coughing up at least $500 to these charlatans in advance, all you manage is increasing the original loss without getting anything in return for your trouble!

Customer Support

At least the Claim Justice Refund crypto recovery customer service is there when you need it… Well, at least for a couple of days. Much of the communication is one-way, and many customers complain that after a few months, they’re basically getting no return information whatsoever.

The cozy-feely boiler room agents working for this scheme will keep you “in the loop” as they say only to avoid immediate public outrage. After a year or so, most of the victims just give up and don’t even bother to complain.

Need Professional Help? Take a Look At Our Service Instead

Much of the information presented by the Claim Justice Refund recovery company makes no sense at all. The number of cases under investigation is much higher than the sum of resolved or active ones, meaning that the majority of people are simply ignored.

It just goes to show that all those warnings weren’t posted by the regulators for nothing. If you require a high quality recovery service with a proven track record, feel free to book a free consultation with our experts.

FAQ Section

What is Claim Justice Refund?

It is a fraudulent scheme known as a follow-up scam. It preys on the already defrauded people to squeeze out additional funds from them.

Is Claim Justice Refund Legit?

No, the firm is operating with no legal oversight, and has been placed on numerous blacklists around the world.

How to Recognize Scam Fund Recovery Sites?

Always do your diligence when investigating a company's legal background. If you’re uncertain if the firm is legit or not, you can always turn to our website for more information. If you believe you’ve already been defrauded, contact our experts for help.

Unfortunately, many users start reading reviews only after falling victim to scams. We sincerely hope that you are not one of them!
However, if you're here because you suspect that your investment isn't in a safe place, know that you have the right to claim funds back!

Report a Fraud Case & Claim a Refund from Scammers

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