Global Payback Review – Inside the Scam Victim Trap
Global Payback Review – Inside the Scam Victim Trap

Under the parole of kicking them while they’re down, the Global Payback scam relies on the idea of psychologically manipulating fraud victims in order to rob them again. Already in despair and anguish over being scammed by a false trading platform, pretender of a lover or similar, these individuals are easy targets for recovery scams.

While not even being legally registered, let alone being genuine recovery service providers, these charlatans still put on the act of being premium chargeback experts. The first red flag is the browser warning about a harmful site ahead once you attempt to access the shady domain. The following Global Payback review reveals all their dark secrets and blacklists their dirty play has gotten them on, and more.

Company status: Illicit Chargeback Company
Operating Status: Active Recovery Scam
Known Websites: – inactive

Blacklisted as a Scam by: CSA, IOSCO, CONSOB, AFM, ASC
Owner: N/A
Headquarters Country: Israel
Foundation Year: 2020
Contact: [email protected]

(+1) 6139279825

+44 2045252254

Owning Firm and a Fictitious Team

The owning company isn’t really known in this case. Since the site only ever mentions one name – Global Payback that’s what we searched for in the database of Israeli companies. The Israeli ministry of justice keeps an archive of registered businesses and this firm isn’t among them.

While it is true that this sort of conduct doesn’t need to be particularly regulated and only needs a registration, it still appears that this firm doesn’t even exist. The entirety of their business boils down to an anonymous and harmful website that offers chargeback services. It’s no wonder it has been blacklisted by financial regulators like CSA, ASC, CONSOB, AFM and IOSCO.

Nothing in particular can be found on the leadership team, either. Their alleged fraud experts and international professionals who work on cases are not revealed. All we found on the site is a stock photo of random smiling people in suits.

Disturbingly Low Trust Score

The Global Payback Trustpilot page has been claimed by the company, yet they’ve replied to no negative comments. These, by the way, make for a total of 38% of the total number of reviews. With the average rating of 2.2 stars, it is painfully obvious the company is far from what they claim to be.

On the other hand, the company website boasts about their alleged high trust score on Sitejabber, which is 3.5 stars thanks to the review selling networks. The fake positive reviews cannot hide the ugly truth: all of the defrauded individuals that have asked these cons for help have regretted it.

Global Payback Reddit comments are found on a board discussing various recovery frauds. This name comes up as one of the companies selling lies to rob those already struggling with financial loss.

Lies that Cost a Fortune

The goal of the Global Payback fund recovery scheme is to trick scam victims into thinking that they have the means and the knowledge to help them restore their lost capital.

Because the targets are already going through the process of regret and despair, they’re quick to believe claims made by charlatans impersonating financial and legal experts. These companies ruthlessly misuse the desperate situation their targets are already in and steal even more.

It is not revealed what are the Global Payback fees for the services, but the legal papers clarify that this commission is paid upfront and is not subject to refund, regardless of the outcome of the case. As the site states, the company doesn’t accept cases of customers that have lost less than $5.000.

Funds Recovery Process

In their desperate attempt to appear legit, knowledgeable and experienced in the field, the cons behind the site claim to develop their own unique strategy and approach to each case individually. Don’t let these big words fool you, however, as none of the steps of this seemingly over complicated process are revealed. 

There’s a ton of weasel words, put up so the targets think the procedure is so hard and complicated that nobody else could help them except these so-called recovery experts. Here’s the outline given on how the chargeback process goes:

  • Free Consultation
  • Legal Actions
  • Money Back 

The clients are encouraged to reach out through a simple bait – initial consultation and case assessment is completely free. Once the process starts, the company builds your legal case and contacts authorities in charge of money recovery. When that’s done, you could expect your money to be back to you in no time. Or so these “professionals” claim. 


Besides specializing in deceiving scam victims and robbing them once again, the chargeback specialists employed by this company also claim to be experts in the following areas:

  • Money Laundering litigation – undercovering the actions of money laundering after it’s been stolen from particular individuals and other victims
  • Court Litigation Advisory – the legal professionals help you understand all your rights and obligations in court and how to properly exercise them
  • Cyber forensic investigation – retrieving the cyber footprints of the financial criminals in order to help improve the process and gather all the necessary intel, especially in the case of crypto scams
  • Banking Claim – process where the company’s international experts evaluate the case in order to create a functional banking strategy 
  • Fraud Modeling – utilizing years of experience and wisdom to timely recognize the type of fraud their victims is subject to
  • Legal Claim Management – building the victim’s case in order to present it to courts and other relevant government institutions in order to retrieve the stolen funds

Types of Fraud Dealt With

Being world-class recovery experts, these actors pride themselves on being exceptionally talented and educated to deal with various types of financial deception. Judging from their advertisements found on the site, nothing can deceive their trained eye. 

At that, it is claimed that they’re always ready with their jokingly expensive techniques to help any scam victim. Sounds too good to be true?

Global Payback reviews reveal the unfortunate truth, and it’s not even close to what these con artists claim. Nonetheless, here are the most common types of duplicity these alleged experts can save you from:

  • Wire Fraud
  • Investment Scams
  • Forex Scams
  • Romance Scams


As our investigation comes to a closure, the only conclusion we can draw from an abundance of legal information collected and negative user feedback is that this company is a total sham. 

Pretenders acting like financial experts and legal professionals will sell you ideas about being able to recover your lost investment if you pay them upfront. Of course, this payment is all they need to grab and disappear. If you want your recovery case to be handled properly, book a consultation with our chat agents instead and rely on a proven team.

FAQ Section

What is Global Payback?

Global Payback is yet another false recovery service that hunts for victims among already deceived ones.

Is The Global Payback a Legit Chargeback Services Provider?

The company doesn’t exist, their legal information is false and all of the customer feedback points at fraudulent practices. Beware!

What to Do If I Was Scammed By a Fake Recovery Firm?

You should immediately report them to the relevant authorities and find yourself a proper recovery service. For details contact us at your convenience.

Unfortunately, many users start reading reviews only after falling victim to scams. We sincerely hope that you are not one of them!
However, if you're here because you suspect that your investment isn't in a safe place, know that you have the right to claim funds back!

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