Investique Review – Blacklisted Con Mimics Professional Earning Portal
Investique Review – Blacklisted Con Mimics Professional Earning Portal

The Investique investing scheme has taken on the role of a regulated financial advisor and investment platform from the UK. While they claim to be able to drastically increase your wealth, FCA and other regulatory bodies have something entirely different to say about them.

In order not to fall for the same trickery as others have, please pay attention to the following Investique review. 

Regulated by: Unregulated Investment Firm
Is This Company Safe? No, several regulators consider this firm a scam, so better stay away.
Known Websites:
Have Warnings from: FCA, IOSCO, AFM, CONSOB
Registered in: UK (alleged)
Operating since: 2023
Trading Platforms: None
Maximum Leverage: N/A
Minimum Deposit: N/A
Deposit Bonus: N/A
Trading Assets: Private Equities
Free Demo Account: No
How to  Withdraw from This Company? Since payouts are denied, you should immediately contact our legal professionals for help with chargeback.

Multiple Proofs of Scam

Besides the fake headquarters address, the firm doesn’t share any other corporate information. This includes any ownership information, registration or license. Moreover, legal documents do not load, although the links could be found on the site.

The company address presented on the website is allegedly in London, UK. This should mean that the firm is regulated by FCA. Instead, after checking if Investique is regulated by the jurisdictional authorities, we could only find warnings from FCA and several other entities – IOSCO, AFM and CONSOB.

Consider investing with a properly regulated platform and avoid these kinds of schemes altogether. Another similar one is Kaizen Tech Limited, and they’re also known as blacklisted for not providing the adequate safety of funds and for predatory tactics.

How Fraudsters Lure Victims

The website was created using SproutMedia, an amateur web creator template. The site itself was launched in August 2023, and is directed towards these countries:

  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Brazil
  • Switzerland

Fraudsters like Ibinex frequently use small-time social media influencers to attract more victims. This one works through a scam promoter who calls himself Joe Coggings, an alleged co-founder of the company. The additional LinkedIn and Instagram pages help solidify the appearance of a large company.

The story of this would-be investment firm revolves around exceedingly large ROI. The con artists claim that their average is 192%, which is unprecedented in the business.

This helps them lure investment newcomers with little experience, and milk them for money for a prolonged period of time. The lack of any Investique reviews online keeps the marks clueless through the process.

Unfortunately, at one point the victims will suspect something is wrong, but at that moment the damage is already done. If you’re one of the people victimized by these financial predators, contact our legal experts for help.

Hidden Fees Strategy

Since there’s not a single legal paper that could be previewed on the site, we could only get information from FAQs. There, it is stated that the company doesn’t charge any upfront fees or exit commissions. There is, however, a management fee and the admin fee, but these are not revealed and supposedly depend on the particular investment.

All of this serves as evidence of the company not being transparent about the costs of their services, which further casts doubt on their credibility and trustworthiness.

No Features to Rely On

If you expect to be able to explore more of the company’s features and tools, you’ll be disappointed with what is present on the site. Besides promises about a rich Investique portfolio and countless investment opportunities being available, nothing else is found. Lies and empty talk is all this blacklisted con has to offer.

Trading Area Not Assembled

It’s understandable that investment firms don’t always provide trading software for the clients to use – after all, professional brokers handle their trading activities. 

However, there’s always details about the trading technology and software solutions available, many of which are accessible. On this site, not even a glimpse of the Investique app is provided.

Limited Portfolio

Investique stocks investing takes the central part of the entire offer. To be more precise, private equities are advertised as main investment products. However, there’s no details about other assets available to choose from. 

Regulated and esteemed online financial services providers always make sure to diversify the offer of products available, as that attracts more clients. These miscreants can’t even remotely compare to reputable brands worldwide.

Convoluted Sign Up

If you want to find out more about what the company has to offer, you have to register your Investique login. Only several contact details are needed and then you will be asked to verify your email address via a link. Even though we completed this procedure, each time we opened a certain page we were asked to sign up again. 

It was as if users get instantly logged out and have to log in again. Except that, in this case, no login is available, only signing up anew. No information is provided about investment plans or minimum deposit requirements. We only found that expected ROI can go as high as 192%.

Are Profits Real?

No matter how much cash you decide to invest into this promising but equally fake and dangerous scheme, you will never make profit. That is simply because the fraudsters are just after your money, so they will confiscate anything you deposit and disappear.

With legal documents or clear instructions on how payouts are performed, we could not find out anything about the Investique withdrawal requirements and terms.

Useless Help Desk

The customer support is said to be available in 30 different languages, but there’s no mention of when the support staff is actually available for contact.

Either way you can’t actually contact them, since the call center dedicated phone line is non-functional. Allegedly, clients may also contact the help desk via email or contact form on the website, but our questions never got replied to.

Fraudsters Got You? Get Your Money Back!

This notorious financial con has been placed on numerous regulatory blacklists. Through the combination of deceit, persuasion and pressure sales tactics, they have managed to steal from thousands of people.

Don’t let these cybercriminals get away with it! Contact our legal team today, and start your fund recovery procedure. Our first consultation is absolutely free of charge, and you may reach us around the clock by using the live chat on our website. 

FAQ Section

What is Investique?

Investique is a known fraudulent entity that offers high returns on investments. Therefore, you should contact us immediately if they are refusing to pay what they owe you.

Is Investique Legit?

Most definitely not. The company has been blacklisted multiple times by reputable regulatory bodies.

Where is Investique Based?

The firm claims to be operating out of the UK but they provide a fake address.


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