Invictus Capital Review – Is It Safe Investing With This Firm?
Invictus Capital Review – Is It Safe Investing With This Firm?

In the company’s T&Cs there are numerous entities mentioned as involved in the investment journey. Nevertheless, the primary one is Invictus Capital Financial Technologies SPC, registered in the Cayman Islands.

It doesn’t sound promising especially when you know the company operates with crypto mutual funds. But to avoid early conclusions, we suggest you read this Invictus Capital review until the end.

Regulated by: Regulated
Is This Company Safe? No
Known Websites:
Have Warnings from: N/A
Registered in: Cayman Islands
Operating since: 2017
Trading Platforms: N/A
Maximum Leverage: N/A
Minimum Deposit: N/A
Deposit Bonus: N/A
Trading Assets: Crypto mutual funds
Free Demo Account: No                                
How to  Withdraw From This Company? With too many negative comments about the company, traders should be prepared even to have potential withdrawal problems. If that’s your case, reach our refund specialists for consultation about recovery options.

Legal info: Is Invictus Capital Legit?

If you look at the legal information, you might think the company is absolutely legit. Thus, the moment you check Invictus Capital reviews, the suspicion might arise. In any case, the main advantage of this investment firm is its offshore licenses. The first one comes from CIMA (Cayman Islands). This one dates back to 2021, even though the company was registered in 2017.

In addition to that, there is a license issued by FSC (British Virgin Islands), yet it seems this one is revoked. All in all, protection measures with this firm compared to FCA, BaFin, or ASIC-regulated firms can’t be compared. And this company doesn’t have any of those.  

Who are Invictus Capital’s Clients?

According to the Invictus Asset Management presentation, they have been offering services to more than 20.000 investors worldwide. Most of those come from top-tier licensed countries, such as: 

  • United States
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia

Yet, the concerning detail is that this firm should have a license from the FCA in the first place. Otherwise, they are not offering services legitimately in the UK. In addition to that, they have a disclaimer saying they can’t offer services to US citizens without adequate licenses.

Check our EagleUp Investments review to understand why such licenses are important. If you experience any trouble with these firms, our refund team is available for consultation.

Traders Reviews

The company’s reviews on Trustpilot are disastrous. With almost 80% negative comments, it’s clear how much the company’s regulation brings to customers. Especially since many of those reported withdrawal issues.

To make everything even worse, comments on Reddit are nothing better. It appears mutual funds like Invictus Capital C10, Bitcoin Alpha, and others are not trustworthy. If you have funds stuck in those, reach out as soon as possible for refund options.

Investment Costs Not Revealed

One of the potential issues with Invictus Capital’s crypto investment services is non-transparent costs. In general, that’s also a sign for traders why to stick with top-tier regulated firms. 

To learn more about how trading conditions can impact your results, check our review as well.


Generally, bonus offers with mutual funds are not a common thing. Therefore, you can sleep tight when it comes to that. But other concerning details can certainly give you nightmares.

Invictus Capital Trading Features

In general, Invictus Capital finance solutions include four different mutual fund options. Those are Crypto 20, Crypto 10 hedged, margin lending, and Bitcoin Alpha. 

The problem with crypto mutual funds is that these are often outperformed by individual cryptos. Instead, you should opt for something more profitable.

Trading Platforms Available

The company’s platform where investors track their portfolio is completely web-based. Just recently, the company switched from Ethereum to the Polygon network, and that’s where traders experienced losses and frozen funds. But when you trade with an offshore investment firm, what else you can expect?

Available Trading Assets

In general, it all goes around the top 20 cryptocurrencies available. Pretty much works like indices for stocks. Currently, the funds include assets like: 

  • Ethereum
  • Shiba
  • Terra
  • Tron and a few others.

Account Types

Quite surprisingly, the company doesn’t reveal any minimum deposit requirements for its programs. Therefore, once you complete the Invictus Capital login process, you might find out more about it. 

But after all the negative reviews, hopefully, you will skip registration here. In any case, this company doesn’t offer special deals and promotions for bigger investors.

Mobile Trading App

Unfortunately, this company doesn’t offer any apps. Thus, with the company’s partially operating website, it’s not surprising anymore.

Demo Account

A demo account with this firm is another missing feature. There’s practically zero proof the company’s services work and they want us only to rely on their offshore licensing. Surely, not the smartest move.


Since the company does everything for investors, there’s no need for proper education either. Thus to realize when to back out from some deal, you have to be adequately educated. That’s why many inexperienced traders first trade with top-tier licensed firms.

Invictus Capital Withdrawal

When you see all the Invictus Capital Reddit comments, you might wonder if any withdrawal ever happened. Surely, the company has been around for so long and there was a good hype about them. 

Thus, with such a bad reputation, it’s hardly believable that traders will trust them further. Especially if they realize the withdrawal process is an absolute mystery.

Customer Support

Generally, the company’s support options look quite mediocre. With only e-mail, one phone line, and non-functional live chat available, there’s not much you can expect. 

In addition to that, the company’s social networks like Twitter and Instagram don’t exist anymore. So, that might be a bailout sign.

Key Information To Consider About Invictus Capital

Even though the Invictus Capital crypto20 fund might be attractive, traders have to remember one thing. It’s that numerous negative reviews completely overrule the company’s offshore regulations. Also, it appears the company is slowly preparing to shut down the platform since half of it doesn’t work properly.

Before that happens, you better withdraw funds on time and invest with some top-tier licensed firm. After all, you want your funds safe. In case you experience a potential issue withdrawing funds, let us know. 

With our refund experts, you can go through all the necessary steps for recovery. Most importantly, the first meeting is completely free. Get in touch today for detailed guidance.

FAQ Section

What is Invictus Capital?

Invictus Capital is an offshore crypto mutual fund investment firm that has been around since 2017.

Is Invictus Capital a Legit Investment Firm?

Even though the company has offshore regulations, there are numerous irregularities in their offers and for that reason, you might have potential issues.

How to Withdraw Funds From My Invictus Capital Account?

With numerous negative reviews, it’s highly possible withdrawals are not even possible. If any problem happens, reach our refund specialists for detailed guidance about alternatives.

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