Lionsgate Network Review – Taking the Lion’s Share of Your Money
Lionsgate Network Review – Taking the Lion’s Share of Your Money

This company appears in numerous online articles, which all praise it as a vital anti terrorist funding operation in the Middle East. After investigating numerous sources from all over the world, we have started having some doubts about the validity of these claims.

So, is this chargeback company a truly reliable business partner, or is it an overinflated balloon ready to pop? Find out in our Lionsgate Network review.

Company status: Illicit Chargeback Company
Operating Status: Active Recovery Scam
Known Websites:
Blacklisted as a Scam by: N/A
Owner: N/A
Headquarters: 3 Louis Pasteur, Tel Aviv, Israel
Foundation Year: 2022
Contact: +61 489922005

+1 4386025895

+972 524140786

Legit or Another Charlatan?

Allegedly established by “Israel Defense Forces Intelligence Corps”, this jokingly apparent fraud claims to be a limited liability company from Israel. Their primary line of business is cryptocurrency investigation and asset recovery, but they also claim to engage in cyber security and combating financing of terrorism.

Searching the Israeli ministry of justice database of incorporated firms provided no results for a firm purportedly called Lionsgate LLC. 

The fictitious persona that goes around and promotes the company is someone called Eithan Raviv, who is an alleged cyber security expert and the current company CEO. However, they do not exist anywhere online.

Considering the lack of truthful corporate information, the firm is absolutely not safe. PayBack Ltd also desperately tries to appear like a legitimate chargeback service, yet even have warnings on their name slapped by financial regulators. Beware of both.

Promotional Articles

Numerous online articles from respected news outlets like Forbes, WCNC, Nocamels and WGN9 praise the company’s efforts.

The situation becomes alarming when you realize that nearly all media outlets, including reputable news agencies we mentioned previously, allow for paid content on their websites. From their perspective, advertising is a lucrative business – which means anything goes as long as it doesn’t violate Terms of Service.

Customer Testimonials

For a company that claims to have achieved great success in a short timespan, the Lionsgate Network reviews are sure few and far between. Looking at popular rating platforms like TrustPilot, SiteJabber, TrustedReviews and ProductHunt, we managed to find no more than 9 reviews.

Many of the testimonials posted on the company site don’t match those found on the ratings platforms. What’s worse, Redditors claim to have exposed this company as a fraudulent business similar to MyChargeBack. If you believe you’ve become a victim of an online scam, book a consultation with our experts.

Active on Social Networks

In a business environment where long term experience holds significant value, the people behind website push the story of a successful startup instead.

The website was created in September 2022, with the majority of traffic coming from these areas:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Brazil
  • Israel

To reach a large and diverse client base, this firm has created profiles on virtually every social network out there. These include Facebook, X, Quora, TikTok and LinkedIn, as well as Reddit forum, YouTube video streaming service and WhatsApp chat.

The majority of posts on these again milk the idea of combating terrorist funding, and the alleged high recovery success rate. Again, no actual numbers are even given pertaining to success rates.


Lionsgate Network chargeback services generally revolve around digital asset recovery. In that sense, the company claims to employ world’s leading blockchain experts who can help you track and determine where your digital currencies ended up. 

When that is established and all the necessary information is gathered, the recovery process is promised to be swift and easy. 

While claiming to excel in something is extremely easy, actually succeeding and showing proof of that is quite complex.

Crypto Investigation

The firm we’re reviewing boasts about developing their own crypto tracing software called the Wizard. All clients that request the Lionsgate Network crypto investigation can get a free evaluation. 

This examination process is also said to include extensive research and examination of transactions to identify senders, recipients and transaction amounts.

Blockchain Forensic

Another one of the glorified Lionsgate Network services is the forensic examination that doesn’t differ much from how crypto investigation is described. Judging from the abundance of weasel words and unnecessary chunks of text found on the site, this is yet another self-promoting page. 

Just like in the previously described section, this one also boasts about these alleged crypto experts being able to recognize patterns, assess risks and link them with real world people.

Blockchain Analysis

Apparently, enigmatic mechanisms and works of the blockchain elements are very easily understood and decoded by these con artists. 

Besides the Lionsgate Network free evaluation, analysis of the blockchain operations is something that is a part of their everyday work. It comprises insight gaining, data evaluation, and security enhancement. 

Asset Recovery Solutions

Getting stolen crypto funds back from financial criminals is the final step that comes after a thorough investigation, analysis and initial assessment. Since the firm specializes in crypto recovery in particular, they also claim to be able to recover access to crypto wallets, and build legal cases that are presented in courts.

Scam Scenarios

There’s no need to go on about particular types of fraudulent activities which occur most frequently in today’s age. We’ve all heard everything about them more than once and they’re all equally dangerous. 

All of these fraudulent operations have many shapes and forms, yet all of them have a single purpose of robbing you of your capital. Here is some of the most common types of unscrupulous acts that this firm claims to be able to fight and recovery funds from:

  • Forex Scams
  • Stock Trading Scams
  • Cryptocurrency Scams
  • Binary Options Scams
  • Romance Scams

Are Costs Transparent?

There’s not a single line of text on the whole website and legal papers that explains how much the services cost. This lack of transparency is alarming to say the least and is usually encountered on other unscrupulous recovery sites, as well. 

While legitimate firms reveal the costs, taxes and fees for their engagement on each individual recovery project, the Lionsgate Network scam only claims that the clients are responsible for covering all costs.

Refer a Friend

Discounts and special bonuses are meant for the clients that refer their friends to this company. The more people referred, the bigger the final bonus. There is a 10% discount voucher for the services and every 10th affiliate gets served for free.

Bounty Hotline

Existing clients also get a chance to be reimbursed 1.5% of the final settlement amount. Becoming eligible for that only takes sharing information. If you have any details about your stolen assets or if you report a fraud, you get the reimbursement.

Can This Firm Really Recover Your Funds?

Recovering cryptocurrencies is generally a difficult process. Getting around these hurdles requires ample knowledge and experience, which this service simply may not have.

If you’re looking for a reliable recovery service with a proven track record, then book a consultation with our team instead. We are available 24/7 for your convenience, and you may reach us via the live chat.

FAQ Section

What is Lionsgate Network?

It is a cryptocurrency recovery startup that has achieved a certain level of prominence in the last few months.

Can Lionsgate Network Recover My Lost Crypto?

Much of the online content about this service is paid for by the company themselves. The small amount of public feedback does not instill confidence when it comes to the quality of the service.

Who Owns Lionsgate Network?

Lionsgate LLC company based in Israel is said to own the business, but they are not found in the government register of legal entities.

Unfortunately, many users start reading reviews only after falling victim to scams. We sincerely hope that you are not one of them!
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