MBF Limited Review – Trying to Pass as a Legit Broker by Faking Regulation
MBF Limited Review – Trying to Pass as a Legit Broker by Faking Regulation

While attempting to portray themselves as reputable, multiple times awarded, and globally recognized brands, false brokerage domains often resort to stealing other firms’ info and legal data. The website in question may seem professional at a glance, but it hides convoluted and confusing information that has prompted us to write this MBF Limited review. 

Keep reading to find out why this service provider got blacklisted and what the cons have in store for unsuspecting victims.

Regulated by: Unregulated Broker
Is This Company Safe? No, this firm is suspicious in every legal sense, so better stay away.
Known Websites: mbf-limited.com
Have Warnings from: CBR
Registered in: UK (alleged)
Operating since: 2023-10-09
Trading Platforms: Sirix station
Maximum Leverage: 1:1000
Minimum Deposit: N/A
Deposit Bonus: Up to 50%
Trading Assets: Oils, Metals, Shares, Indices
Free Demo Account: No
How to  Withdraw from This Company? Get your money back with the help of our expert team

Chaotic Legal Data

First things first, the firm the website claims to be a part of is called M.B.F. MANAGEMENT LIMITED, listed in the UK Companies House as a financial management firm since 2016. However, they’re not regulated with FCA and connection between the site and the firm remains unconfirmed. 

Lastly, the website asserts that the conduct is regulated with IFSC, now known as FSC(Belize), but they do not appear on the list of regulated online trading services providers. 

Such unclear presentation of corporate details leads to a lot of confusion, which has prompted CBR to publish a warning on this shady entity. Seeing that Tradiora displays similar behavior, we’d recommend you to avoid them as well.

Peddling Lies and Deceit

The mbf-limited.en is a recent website, launched only in October 2023. The swindlers are trying very hard to hide this fact, while they target the clients from these regions:

  • Germany
  • Poland
  • United Kingdom
  • Netherlands
  • Ukraine

Many of these fraudulent domains rely on social network viral advertising to reach out to their marks. While this one does not have its own social media profile, they have various intermediaries who act as boiler room agents for the company.

It’s the agents’ job to get new clients to join the platform. They usually claim to be industry experts, with deep knowledge in market fluctuation. Allegedly, anyone can make a huge profit – they just need to invest a handsome sum first.

Cherry Picked Ratings

The company misrepresents the content of MBF Limited reviews on their website. They’ve cherry picked those ratings that show the firm in a good light, but the reality is that their average rating on TrustPilot is only 1.8 .

Many fraudulent companies like Jubix use the “perfect reputation” strategy to try and lure more victims. If you believe to have invested money with an unlicensed entity, contact our legal experts.

Trading Terms Reveal Malicious Intent

Trading conditions and values presented on the website are sold under the pretense of being every trader’s dream and ambition. With the leverage of 1:1000 and alleged starting spreads of 0.1 pips it would seem as if all the claims about superior conditions were honest. 

Alas, lest we trust a blacklisted financial services provider without a proper license. In addition, the vagueness of legal papers didn’t help us determine if additional costs, fees and taxes are involved. 

Special Place for Bonuses

Particular attention is paid on promoting benefits like cash rewards and bonuses. However, it is not clear how customers are supposed to unlock them. 

The only known detail is that they range between 10% and 50% of the deposited sum. Be careful when agreeing to these as they usually lead into more financial traps.

No Worthwhile Tools

If you want to make the best out of your trading opportunities and reach your financial goals, you should understand that you won’t be able to do that on this server. The compromised legal data is just the tip of the iceberg. Defunct trading terminal and unexplained account features raise more concerns than motivation to invest here.

SirixStation Platform

This is not the first or the last time we’ll be encountering this simplistic terminal, abundant on many illicit brokerage sites. Considering how easy it is to manipulate, it’s no surprise that the MBF Limited scam decided to use it as one of their tools in the process of money extortion. 

Careful however, the terminal can only be downloaded to a desktop machine without being revealed first. This file may be corrupted or cause safety issues on your end, so do not agree to download it.

Instruments Available for Trade

Besides the usual bragging about a large variety of assets, there’s very little in the way of concrete information on the site. For instance, the firm says that they offer 500 trading symbols for oil alone.

Here’s what the traders can allegedly speculate on:

  • Oil – UKOil, USOil, Brent
  • Metals – Silver, Gold, Platinum
  • Shares – MARA, TSLA, AAL, BAC
  • Indices – DAX, VIX, JPN225, DJI

Suspicious Account “Settings”

Due to either laziness or lack of any knowledge about Forex trading, the cons that have put together the offer of accounts have done an extremely bad job. Instead of describing the features that come with each package, it is only written that each of the bundles has “Settings” adjusted to its price. Speaking of price, not even that is known. All we could dig up were the account names:

  • Basic
  • Smart Start
  • Full Package
  • VIP

Glossary for Education

Learning possibilities take a special place in the MBF Limited marketing campaign. However, we quickly discovered that there’s no actual resources presented and available at all. 

What their whole offer of education opportunities boils down to is a glossary that contains about a dozen Forex terms explained.

Something Wrong With Payments

The company allows for payments to be made using bank cards, cryptocurrencies, e-wallets and direct bank transfers. Not all of these methods are supported for asset withdrawal, however, which is in contrast with the international AML regulation.

The withdrawal policy is outlined in great detail in the Terms and Conditions, but the document itself is copied from another company, which doesn’t instill much confidence. For help with MBF Limited withdrawal, contact our experts via the live chat.

No Dedicated Support Team

There aren’t any dedicated means by which you may contact the customer support. The contacts page does contain a phone number and an e-mail, but good luck actually getting anyone to respond to these. The client dashboard is much the same, with only a ticket form being provided to the clients.

Money Stolen? Get It Back!

MBF Management Limited is a front for illicit, fraudulent activities. The overall trading features are a mere facade that serves to further deceive the victims.

Don’t expect the fraudsters to voluntarily release your deposited funds! For help with asset withdrawal, contact our chargeback experts. We are available 24/7 via the live chat, and our first consultation is absolutely free.

FAQ Section

What is MBF Limited?

It is an illicit entity that takes the form of an online broker. The website itself is a front for a scam.

Is MBF Limited a Legit Broker?

No, the firm is completely unregulated, and has in fact been blacklisted by CBR.

What Can I Do If I Was a Victim of an Online Trading Scam?

Book a free consultation with our experts using the live chat option on our site. We are available 24/7 for your convenience.


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