Mex Atlantic Review – Important Details About This Offshore Broker
Mex Atlantic Review – Important Details About This Offshore Broker

Mex Atlantic broker is under the ownership of Mex Atlantic Corporation based in the Cayman Islands. They operate since 2021 as the part of MultiBank group. This is a well-established organization that operates worldwide. But to see if that makes Mex Atlantic broker reliable, we will go through a detailed analysis.

To understand reasons why you should or not trade with this broker, read this Mex Atlantic review carefully.

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Broker status: Regulated Broker
Regulated by: CIMA
Regulators’ Complaints: N/A
Owned by: Mex Atlantic Corporation
Headquarters Country: Cayman Islands
Foundation year: 2021
Supported Platforms: MT4/MT5
Minimum Deposit: $50
Cryptocurrencies: Yes – BTC, XRP, LTC
Types of Assets: Forex, Commodities, Indices, Shares, Cryptocurrencies
Maximum Leverage: 1:500
Free Demo Account: Yes
Accepts US clients: Yes

Does MEX Atlantic Have a License?

To sum it up, yes. It’s quite a loose one, coming from the Cayman Islands. CIMA license is in the Tier 3 group. The requirements for this license are just monetary. The company has to pay around 120.000 USD as initial capital to get this one.  If we talk only about Mex Atlantic, they don’t have any Tier 1 licenses like FCA, BaFin or ASIC.

Even though other entities that are part of the MultiBank group have some Tier 1 licenses, that doesn’t make Mex Atlantic a trusted broker. Especially if you check any reviews.

Tier 3 group of regulations in combination with high leverage is not a good start. Especially after reading some Mex Atlantic reviews. Even though they are part of the MultiBank group, that doesn’t make them reliable by default.

Trading Platform and Other Apps on MEX Atlantic

Trading Platform and Other Apps on MEX Atlantic

On the positive side, Mex Atlantic broker provides access to the most trusted platforms. Those are MetaTrader 4 and 5. 

Both platforms are well-established among traders, primarily, due to their high reliability, fast executions and advanced trading features. But a trusted trading platform doesn’t make a broker trusted as well.

Multibank Ctrader

Another key point is Mex Atlantic’s proprietary platform. It’s called MultiBank cTrader. This trading software is available for Windows and Android devices. However, iOS users will need to use this software through a web browser. 

The main benefit that cTrader brings is automated trading. That is highly speculative sometimes because you are not in control of your trades.

Metatrader 4&5

MT4 & MT5 are industry-standard for a long time. There is a vast of advanced features traders can use to execute their trades more efficiently. Luckily, these platforms are available for both Android and iOS users. Even though MetaTrader is trusted, trading conditions with this offshore broker are risky.

MEX Atlantic’s Trading Assets and Instruments

Mex Atlantic trading company offers assets from 5 major instrument classes. Those belong to:

  • Commodities – natural gas, cotton, silver
  • Indices – AU200, BE20, DAX30
  • Shares – Amazon, Alibaba, Cisco
  • Cryptocurrencies – BNB, ADA, XRM

Whether you are looking for high-volatility or long-term investments, you have those options. However, leverage up to 1:500 is completely out of the comfort zone. 

Firstly,  as much as it can make profits that much can wipe your account off. Secondly, this is not allowed by ESMA rules for retail traders in the EEA zone.

What Are The Different MEX Atlantic Account Types?

Mex Atlantic broker offers 3 different account types. Those are:

  • Standard – $50
  • Pro – $1.000
  • ECN – $5.000

The main benefit comes from spreads. With the ECN account, traders get raw spread. Yet, you are charged in return with a commission per lot. Not to mention leverage that goes up to 1:500 as shown earlier. This is against all EU, UK and Australian regulations.

Can a Trader Use a Demo Account?

Besides live trading accounts, traders can try their luck with demo accounts. Must be remembered that many Tier 1 licensed brokers offer as well micro accounts. Those are beneficial because you have a more realistic picture of trading. But a demo account is a good option to check the trading platform and features available with a certain broker.

Terms and Conditions for MEX Atlantic – What You Should Know

In general, all terms and conditions should protect traders. If you understand them, you will be well informed and you can’t get tricked. On the positive side, this broker provides negative balance protection. On the negative side, some Mex Atlantic reviews don’t bring joy while reading. This is because clients have other issues, mostly with withdrawals.

Another key point is the bonus. Broker provides 20% bonus on deposit. Any UK or EU regulator has strictly forbidden bonuses. With this in mind, double-check everything before you invest any money.

MEX Atlantic Partnership

Mex Atlantic broker offers any individual to become a company partner. There are multiple partnership options and each of those brings certain benefits. But mostly through bonuses, which are banned by some regulators. Unfortunately, not with CIMA. 

Some options are IB or CPA Affiliate programs. Those programs the company uses to bring more traders to the platform.

Leverage, Spreads and Fees

As mentioned earlier, leverage is already violating some rules. The maximum allowed by ESMA is 1:30 for retail traders. Spreads are not precise. Therefore, you can only check them on the platform. An important and unreasonable fee that this broker charge is $60 for inactivity.

What if I had a problem with a MEX Atlantic Broker? – We Want To Hear Your Story

After all, you can always reach out to their regulator if you have any issues. Since many traders complained about withdrawals, you can request a chargeback. Our fund recovery team can guide you step-by-step through the process. Don’t waste time and contact us today!

What Is the Chargeback Procedure?

Important to realize is that you can reverse any card transaction. This is especially important in trading. But you can only request it in the first 18 months of the transaction. For any questions, contact us now and book a free consultation!

What Is MEX Atlantic?

Mex Atlantic is an offshore broker operating since 2021 in the Cayman Islands. Moreover, they claim to be a part of the MultiBank group.

Is MEX Atlantic a Reliable Broker?

Even though they have CIMA regulations, some reviews wouldn’t say that this broker is trusted. Therefore, it’s better to look for a Tier 1 regulated broker.

Is MEX Atlantic Available in the United States or the UK?

Mex Atlantic specifically doesn’t disclose their countries of operation. Since they don’t have strict regulations, they are not limited in any way.

Does MEX Atlantic Offer a Demo Account?

Yes. Besides 3 live trading accounts, traders can choose a demo account first.


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