Monetaryb Review – No Monetary Gain Found Here
Monetaryb Review – No Monetary Gain Found Here

Monetaryb is a completely unknown and unnamed company running a scam crypto exchange. No website or firm info exists on the web, yet they’re fully active and are defrauding people as we speak. 

The poorly made website isn’t just lacking in the creativity and design aspects, it is also uninformative and fully unreliable for investing. Our Monetaryb review breaks down the scam signs, tactics and the hidden intentions. 

Regulated by: Unregulated Crypto Exchange
Is This Company Safe? Unregistered companies are unlikely to be safe!
Known Websites:
Have Warnings from: N/A
Registered in: N/A
Operating since: 2023-02-28
Trading Platforms: Web
Maximum Leverage: No leveraged trading available
Minimum Deposit: N/A
Deposit Bonus: Hinted but undisclosed
Trading Assets: Crypto
Free Demo Account: Not available
How to  Withdraw from This Company? Beware of the unregulated crypto exchanges – contact us for help in dealing with scammers!

Major Scam Signs

The Monetaryb website doesn’t give us a single piece of info to work with. When the firm is trying to stay anonymous, it’s obvious they have a lot to hide. LIcensed companies are in every single aspect of their conduct different than Monetaryb and any other scam, Profit Trade included. 

Unknown location prevents us from exploring the jurisdictional database. That’s why we searched FCA, CONSOB, CySEC, NFA and BaFin. However the search returned no results. Without a Tier 1 regulation, you basically cannot trust whatever service provider you choose. The loose security measures of other regulators do not protect you and your funds are in danger of being misused and stolen. 

Victims Are Numerous

  Monetaryb practices the same scam techniques we’re already used to seeing – scam agents tirelessly call victims and attempt to convince them to start investing. Everything happening from that point on just goes further downhill and solidifies the victims’ position of a financial hostage. Whether you’re looking for easy profit or become entrapped as an emotionally manipulated investor, the outcome is always the same – fraudsters getting rich off your misery. 

We implore you to contact us promptly if you’re experiencing anything similar to the aforementioned. Especially if you’re a resident of these countries:

  • United States
  • India

Unknown Costs

The mobile adapted website is very vague about info on fees and costs. That is, unless you become a client first. However, that is completely improbable without an invitation code. One obstacle after the other deem it impossible to get knowledgeable of anything that awaits you at Monetaryb.

This alarming level of anonymity should be enough to warn off all potential clients and spare them the losses. We’d also recommend you to avoid RaceOption.

How Is Trading Conducted?

The overall simplicity of the website doesn’t imply its ability to support a complex trading terminal. What is shown on the homepage suggests a rudimentary platform of limited functionality equipped with basic features. From the looks of it, the terminal could be a complete bogus, like we’re already used to seeing in fake crypto exchanges that only serve to defraud traders.

Crypto Assets Available

The site reveals some of the available currency pairs you can trade. These are just a dozen crypto coins traded against USDT. The pars go as follows:


Questionable Packages

Another aspect of the Monetaryb shallow offer also includes the absence of customized account types. Instead of making it easier for investors to pick their most convenient package in accordance to their preferences, Monetaryb only offers a single account type. Even that basic account was out of our reach because we didn’t have the promotional code. 

You see, the scammer prefers to filter their victims and restrict access to their site. This is usually done to protect their anonymity. There’s an option to link your existing Huobi account to Monetaryb, but no further info is given about it. 

Demo is Neither an Option

Especially important to all the beginner crypto investors, trial trading is crucial for their development and learning. Most of the reputable financial services providers make sure they give investors a chance to learn and later buy their services. Monetaryb doesn’t pay attention to helping investors advance and develop skills. They also have a lot to hide, so allowing risk-free trades and access do not work well for them. 

Referral System and Bonuses

Because joining the platform requires imputing the Promo code, we can assume that Monetaryb has designed a way to get victims on board without much effort. Bonuses are also offered, but no access to that without an account.

The referral system mentioned on the site isn’t explained, so we can’t verify what kind of passive income or commission they promise. What is important to know is that many of these bonuses are banned in strictly regulated zones due to misuse by the service providers.

Monetaryb Withdrawal – It Doesn’t Work!

Since the entire profit you believe you’ve made is false, the sham will not allow you to withdraw it. However, what is alarming is that you won’t even be able to withdraw the initial deposit you’ve made with the swindler. Especially if the account funding is done via crypto wallets. 

These anonymous transaction channels are reserved by scammers to make all the transfers definite and anonymous. Even if you submit a withdrawal request it will most probably be denied. First you will be asked to pay fees, charges and send in more verification docs, just to prolong it and to make you lose some extra funds to the scam.

Customer Support – Does it Exist?

We cannot tell with any certainty if the customer service works at Monetaryb. The Online Chat is added to the website, but only existing users can activate it. We were again directed to the sign up page when we tried to get in touch with the staff. It doesn’t seem like Monetaryb has made their help section available either. Our conclusion is that your help inquiries fall to deaf ears here. 

Key Elements To Remember

Monetaryb is not the first nor the last form of pig butchering scam, crypto scam and any other shape of it. What we’d like to remember is to always be informed enough before taking upon yourself any investment, big or small. Not a single penny should be lost to fraudsters. 

In case you cannot deal with a cyber criminal on your own, seek help from authorities. We’re also at your service if you need assistance in retrieving your investment. 

FAQ Section

Is Monetaryb Scam?

Yes, this unregulated, fraudulent entity offers services without a proper license and breaches all regulatory standards.

How To Open A Huobi Futures Account In Monetaryb?

A single line of text at suggests the possibility to open an existing Huobi account with Monetaryb, but no additional info is provided.

How To Trade With Monetaryb?

Because of their fraudulent nature, we do not believe any trading is possible on this site. If you need help restoring your payment, contact us.


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