Mortimer Investment Review – Only One Thing Sure With This Firm
Mortimer Investment Review – Only One Thing Sure With This Firm

This trading company expects traders to trust them blindly. In exchange, they are not eager to provide any relevant information to potential customers, such as addresses, founders, legal names, or contact details.

Since all this is unclear, only one thing is sure. That they are a bogus scam. But to learn how to protect yourself from those and recover the funds, read all of our tips in this Mortimer Investment review.

Regulated By: No Regulations
Is This Company Safe? No
Known Websites:
Have Warnings From: MAS Singapore
Registered In: UK (allegedly)
Operating Since: 2023
Trading Platforms: Web trader
Maximum Leverage: N/A
Minimum Deposit: N/A
Deposit Bonus: N/A
Trading Assets: N/A
Free Demo Account: Not Available
How To  Withdraw From This Company? Considering absolutely zero information provided and warnings from MAS Singapore, traders can forget about regular withdrawals. Instead, you should apply immediately for a chargeback. To avoid any obstacles, get in touch with our refund team.

Legal Info: Is Mortimer Investment Legit Or A Scam?

Knowing where to look for information is the key to staying safe in the trading world. That’s why traders have to learn first to check regulations. Nothing else matters if the company is not licensed. Therefore, we went through some of the most reputable regulatory databases, such as FCA, ASIC, CFTC, and BaFin. Non-surprisingly, we didn’t find any records of the company’s legitimacy even though they claim to have FCA and SCB (Bahamas) licenses. 

Instead, we found a warning from the Monetary Authority Service (MAS) Singapore. Therefore, anything this company offers becomes questionable. Especially the fact that they claim to have more than 100k clients. But also to be active since 2001.

Who Are Mortimer Investment’s Victims?

Even though Mortimer Investment reviews are not available, it’s clear what part of the world they are targeting. Two countries stand out. Those are: 

  • Singapore
  • Malaysia

In fact, both countries are known for huge economic development and potentially rich individuals. But if you know how to avoid pressure from brokers, you will be safe. In any case, if you somehow got trapped by this firm, don’t hesitate to reach our experts for consultation.

Investment Costs With Mortimer Investment

Important to realize is that this brokerage is not revealing any trading conditions whatsoever. This makes everything even more suspicious. 

To be fair, even if there was no warning, you would realize this firm is a fraud. Nobody should invest in a company that’s hiding literally everything. But to see how brokers scam traders with fees, check our GCI Financial review.


Generally, scam brokers often give traders bonus funds to attract them into the deposit. Yet, those bonuses often contain malicious clauses. For example, to reach minimum trading volume to be able to apply for a withdrawal. Quite a nonsense if you like. Still, that’s one of the ways they rip traders off.

Mortimer Investment Trading Features

If you check the company’s website, you will realize that literally none of the information is available. Therefore, it’s hard to determine if they offer any advanced features. Thus, without Mortimer Investment regulation, it’s hard to believe there is any reliable option available.

Trading Platforms Available

For experienced traders, a trading platform can be a huge dealbreaker. Some of the most popular choices are cTrader and Meta Trader. Mainly due to numerous advanced options, such as social trading, copy trading, automated options, and many more.

Thus, Mortimer Investment trading firm most likely offers a simplified web-based platform and limited functions. To see how web traders can impact your results, check our CTmatador review.

Available Trading Assets

Another surprising thing about this brokerage is that they don’t reveal any details about available instruments. These details don’t make a big deal. Yet, it shows us this firm has no genuine intentions.

Account Types

Usually, account types help traders get better trading conditions and more benefits. In exchange, it’s expected to make bigger deposits. With regulated brokers, it makes sense both ways. Simply, more money can make more money for both sides.

Yet, with scam brokers, it only works for one side. Which is not the trader. In any case, with a non-transparent Mortimer Investment minimum deposit, you might wait a bit before investing. Otherwise, they might persuade you into something you wouldn’t like.

Mobile Trading App

With all of the more relevant details missing, we don’t expect this firm to offer trusted mobile apps. Even if they do, it would be meaningless. After all, if the company wanted to be transparent, they would be for many other details. That’s why you should stick to tier-1 licensed firms and trusted trading apps.

Demo Account

Exploring brokerage options is generally possible through demo accounts. Regardless of your experience, it makes a whole lot of sense. But when brokers are hiding something, such a feature is often not available like in the case of Mortimer Investment scam broker.


Educational programs can be very useful with licensed firms. Ultimately, it helps you reach your goals faster. Yet, this firm is not revealing any details about it.  

Mortimer Investment Withdrawal

Suspicious like everything else, we have withdrawals. First, payment methods are not revealed. Even though they are using logos of Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal, that means nothing.

Secondly, they don’t reveal the withdrawal policy, fees, and processing time. This means they can come up with any excuse not to approve your withdrawals. So, why should you trust them?

Customer Support

Another big problem with this brokerage is the lack of contact options. Practically, support is imaginary, and most likely, they only use encrypted channels. Such as Telegram and WhatsApp. But only after you register with them.

Key Information To Consider About Mortimer Investment

Mortimer Investment broker doesn’t give you a single reason to trust them. The company and its whole offer are completely mysterious. Therefore, you should avoid them at all costs.

Yet, it’s not rare that traders get caught off guard and fall into a trap. If that’s the case with you, don’t let these swindlers get away with your funds. Book your refund consultation with our team today!

FAQ Section

What is Mortimer Investment?

Mortimer Investment is an anonymous trading company offering services mainly to traders from Singapore and Malaysia.

Is Mortimer Investment a Legit Trading Firm?

No. The company is misleading traders about regulation and there’s a warning released from MAS Singapore.

How to Get Money Back from a Trading Scam?

To get the funds back you can apply for a chargeback or use alternative refund methods in other cases. For detailed guidance, you can contact our refund team.


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