One Trading Markets Review – One Way Ticket to Bankruptcy
One Trading Markets Review – One Way Ticket to Bankruptcy

Whilst trading on this platform, customers are promised to be served and assisted by an award winning customer service and company representatives. The “in-house spot aggregator and advanced order-matching technology” and other weasel words should be enough to guarantee you success and wealth. 

However, the online foreign exchange market doesn’t exactly function that way. We invite you to read this One Trading Markets review before you engage in trading anything at all on this shady platform. 

Regulated by: MISA (MWALI)
Is This Company Safe? Although somewhat regulated, this firm is not considered safe and trustworthy
Known Websites:

Have Warnings from: N/A
Registered in: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines / Comoros Union
Operating since: 2019
Trading Platforms: MT5
Maximum Leverage: 1:1000
Minimum Deposit: 100$
Deposit Bonus: 20%
Trading Assets: Forex, Indices, Shares, Metals, Energies
Free Demo Account: Available
How to  Withdraw from This Company? Untrustworthy companies tend to block withdrawals. If that happens to you, please contact our legal advisors for help promptly. 

Favors Offshore Zones

For the company headquarters the One Trading Markets broker has chosen Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, where they first registered their brokerage business in 2019. Although they do appear in the SVGFSA database, it doesn’t mean they’re regulated, as this entity doesn’t license brokerage agencies. 

That’s why the OT Markets Limited went and registered with MISA (Mwali), just so they could appear legit. However, this offshore license is nothing but a mere piece of paper that offers no guarantee in terms of segregated accounts, compensation plans or negative balance protection. 

In that sense, this entity doesn’t differ much from common fraudsters like, which should be avoided by any means if you intend to earn anything at all from your investment. To ensure safety and amiable trading conditions, make sure you choose a Tier 1 licensed broker, with a regulation issued by FCA, BaFin, CNMV or similar.

Suspicious Online Activity

Looking into the website history, we can see that it was indeed launched in 2019. This corroborates the fact that the firm was operating completely unlicensed for nearly 4 years.

Here’s the list of regions from which the site is visited the most:

  • Canada
  • United States

The brokerage is trying to improve poor visitor numbers through Facebook, Instagram, X and LinkedIn profiles. The low follower count on these pages doesn’t instill much confidence, and neither do numerous YouTube video podcasts from a guy speaking into the world’s cheapest microphone.

The firm is more than active on the WhatsApp instant messaging service, raising suspicions about it being a boiler room like WealthPros 365. Either way, the lack of any One Trading Markets reviews doesn’t help their case at all.

Low Costs are a Lie

From the account comparison page, we could notice that starting spreads are 1.2 pips, while they can even be set at 0 pips, if you decide to pay a larger amount of money. That doesn’t exactly match what is visible from inside the Demo, where the starting spreads on EUR/USD were 17. On the website it says that minimum spreads on this pair are actually 0 pips, so it’s uncertain which information is correct at all!

As for the One Trading Markets Forex leverage, it goes up to 1:1000, while the ratio on shares is kept at 1:20. 

All other fees and potential charges are left unsaid. The only commission pertaining to payouts is the $50 withdrawal fee, but we suspect there’s more secret charges waiting to be used to block all withdrawal attempts.

Sign Up Promotion

For a limited time, all newly joined users that deposit more than $200 are eligible for a 20% bonus. Since bonuses and other incentives are considered to be non-deposited funds, their withdrawal is questionable. Of course, the broker remains untransparent about this issue.

Unimpressive Trading Environment

Trading amenities you’ll find with this broker can be said to be an improvement over hardcore online swindlers, but only on a small margin. The only difference is that there’s some transparency when it comes to assets, platforms and account types. The conditions are far from what you’d call favorable, however.

MT5 Trading Platform Support

The thing that shines some light in the dark is surely the One Trading Markets MT5 app. Industry standard software, MT5 is known for superb execution speed, multiple timeframes, advanced analysis tools, mobile device support…

The thing is, no software is impervious to data tampering, not even the venerable MetaTrader. More often than not, various cybercriminal groups edit the market data in order to make sure their victims lose on each trade.

What’s Available for Trading

Instrument classes provided for buying and selling are the following:

  • Metals – Silver, Gold, Platinum
  • Indices – FTSE, DAX, Nasdaq
  • Stocks – Facebook, Disney, Nvidia
  • Energies – Oil, Natural Gas

Tiered Trading Account Structure

Another thing that raises concern is the selection of trading accounts. The firm offers tiered accounts, with more expensive ones offering some benefits like reduced spreads, different leverage, and lower stop out percentage.

Although not overly expensive, the minimum deposits are far above the $10 industry average:

  • Standard – $100
  • Executive – $500
  • Pro – $5,000

Clients may opt for a demo account once they create a One Trading Markets login.

Deposit and Withdrawal Policy

Although not entirely transparent and informative, the company does present a sort of a funding and payout policy. It doesn’t, however, mention the available transaction methods, only potential processing time. 

Generally, the One Trading Markets withdrawal requests are reviewed in a matter of 1 or 2 business days, while the money takes 3 to 5 days to appear on your account. 

The website lists various methods as available payment channels. These are Visa, Mastercard, Neteller and Paypal. Unfortunately, since that part of the client area requires KYC, we couldn’t verify if these were indeed available.

Customer Support

The firm provides several different help channels to their clients. Among them are the already mentioned WhatsApp chat room, several phone numbers and an email address.

While the website features something akin to live chat, it’s actually a contact form, hidden behind a popup widget. It was unfortunately difficult to assess the quality of the support, since nobody answered our ticket.

Broker Ripped You Off? Consider Reimbursement!

Before acquiring their current offshore license, the company was operating completely unsupervised for more than 4 years. The license that they do have right now is not exactly what you’d call a proof of legitimacy, and calling One Trading Markets scam would not be far from the truth.

Offshore firms with loose regulation are likely to steal your funds and call it a day. If you believe you’ve been defrauded by this entity, contact our legal experts. With our help, you may still recover your lost assets.

FAQ Section

What is One Trading Markets?

It is an offshore regulated forex brokerage with a troubling history and lackluster features.

Is One Trading Markets Legit?

The firm is legally incorporated and licensed, yet both their home country and license issuer are offshore nations with weak regulation enforcement.

How to Get Money Back From a Financial Fraud?

Recovery is a difficult ordeal, but not impossible. Contact our experts to learn more about the procedure, and start your recovery process.

Unfortunately, many users start reading reviews only after falling victim to scams. We sincerely hope that you are not one of them!
However, if you're here because you suspect that your investment isn't in a safe place, know that you have the right to claim funds back!

Report a Fraud Case & Claim a Refund from Scammers

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