PUPrime Review – Regulated Offshore But Blacklisted Everywhere Else
PUPrime Review – Regulated Offshore But Blacklisted Everywhere Else

PUPrime is one of those seemingly attractive offshore brokerage companies that have nothing but false promises and financial disasters to offer you. While their offshore regulation stands, they are still able to engage in all kinds of fraudulent activities. That has earned them a place in several blacklists issued by reputable regulatory bodies that do not leave anything to the case. 

How exactly the PUPrime scheme works and what is behind the polished service is what this PUPrime review explains. So keep reading to see how easily gray zone brokers are able to ruin you financially.  

Regulated by: FSA (Seychelles)
Is This Company Safe? As implied by the major regulators, this is not a safe firm!
Known Websites: https://puprime.com/


Have Warnings from: FCA, DFSA, SC, CONSOB, AMF
Registered in: Seychelles
Operating since: 2019
Trading Platforms: MT4, MT5
Maximum Leverage: 1:1000
Minimum Deposit: $20
Deposit Bonus: Availble 
Trading Assets: Forex, Indices, Shares, Metals, Commodities, ETFs, Bonds
Free Demo Account: Not available
How to  Withdraw from This Company? Payouts from offshore brokers may not be possible without legal support!

Offshore Regulation VS Blacklists

PUPrime likes to show off their offshore regulation as if it’s something worth bragging about. Nonetheless, the firm appears in the list of Seychelles regulated entities: https://fsaseychelles.sc/regulated-entities/capital-markets

No security regulations or AML measures are required. That, and the fact that they still offer services to UK and EEA customers is what’s gotten them on the warning lists of several regulators:

The shady broker needs far more valuable permits and licenses to make them eligible to operate in the areas where the mentioned regulators oversee markets. For example, HotForex is one offshore firm that has proper regulations.

PUPrime would need segregated bank accounts for clients’ funds. Then risk-reduction measures like negative balance protection and leverage limit to 1:30 follow. Compensation funds are a must as well. Meanwhile, they offer none!

Investors Targeted By PUPrime

Besides the accurate statistics, it wasn’t hard to determine which traders are mostly targets of PUPrime. We’d like to warn investors from the following countries to be especially careful:

  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Nigeria
  • Malaysia

PUPrime hunts potential victims with strategies based on fake promises of huge profit in no time. The point is to spark interest and then relentlessly call and message victims till they invest. 

Sadly, all the investments end in loss, and the withdrawal of funds becomes impossible without legal support. We’re here to offer it to you, though, so feel free to contact us. 

Are Traders’ Reviews Accurate?

PUPrime is present on TrustPilot. But even the website has posted a disclaimer about being aware of PUPrime being a subject of public warnings. Here’s what investors had to say:

“The only thing worth on this platform is some lip service and be very careful of hidden and manipulative fees. I am also a victim of hidden fees which can go to 50% or more of the account and there’s also manipulation in spreads and fee pressure .You have been warned”

“I had a very bad experience with Puprime.

I am an Individual Trader. On April 21, my account 754095 trades with a profit of nearly 6000 usdt. When I made a withdrawal order, Puprime took the ridiculous excuse of Hegde Abritrade and arbitrarily deducted the profit of nearly 6000 usd on this account of mine. I asked them to explain clearly and give proof but they got no response.”

Unreal Trading Costs And Hidden Fees

Trading at PUPrime requires risk-managing abilities, because leverage available goes up to 1:1000. Spreads are unrealistically low and they start at 0.0 pips or 1.3 pips, depending on the account type.

While the broker claims not to charge deposit and withdrawal fees, the reality is painfully different, as client reports say. But PUPrime legal docs fail to mention their amounts. No wonder when no transparency exists. 

Bonuses As A Means Of Financial Manipulation

PUPrime offers several types of bonuses:

  • 20% Exclusive Bonus
  • 50% Deposit Bonus
  • 100% Cash Rebate
  • Referral Program – $150 cash bonus for every referral 

Well known malicious clauses that follow the bonuses aren’t mentioned absolutely anywhere. No transparency rule obligates PUPrime to be honest about it and the fact that the UK and EEA have bonuses banned doesn’t affect this offshore broker. 

What Features PUPrime Really Offers

Seeing that PUPrime has MT4 and MT5 as available platforms may attract customers, but it doesn’t mean much. After all, the broker doesn’t allow profit withdrawal. Trading various financial products may also be done under completely manipulated and controlled conditions. Accounts offered are several, but the fraudulent behavior also defeats the purpose of buying any of them.  

Trading Platforms At PUPrime

Two industry leading platforms are available at PUPrime: MT4 and MT5. Both of them are known for their extraordinary speed, reliability and customizability. The unmatched characteristics indeed provide an edge on every world market you choose to trade at. The other solution is the Webtrader, made after MT4 and MT5. 

However, the downside to using them is that they’re provided on a questionable PUPrime server that might be entirely manipulated by the broker. OInvest is just as shady and misuses the attractive trading conditions and MT4 in their offer.

Mobile App

MT4 and MT5 aren’t made only for the Windows and Mac users. iPhone and Android clients can also enjoy trading, but on the go. PUPrime links you to the Apple and Google store links for these apps. Essentially, you can do that on your own, without some offshore unscrupulous website linking you. 

The broker also has their own app – PU Prime – Trading App, which is available in stores for free downloading. It is allegedly equipped with expert analysis, up-to-date charts, and global market news.

Available Trading Assets

Under 1:1000 leverage and with alleged spreads of 0.0 pips, you can trade the following instrument groups:

  • Indices (China50, DAX40, DJ30, EU50, FTSE100)
  • Metals (Gold, Palladium, Silver, Platinum)
  • Commodities (Coffee, Copper, Cocoa, Soybean)
  • Shares (Adobe, Blackrock, Christian Dior, Datadog)
  • Bonds (FGBX, FLG, TY)

Account Types And Prices

Several packages advertised at PUPrime is something we couldn’t verify. The website requires you to go through an exhausting KYC procedure and deposit first, before you can choose an alleged account type. Either way, here’s their initial deposit requirements:

  • Standard – $50
  • Prime – $1,000
  • Pro – $50
  • ECN – $10,000
  • Islamic – $50
  • Cent – $20

The costs included depend on the account type. Some offer tighter spreads but higher trading commission. All that is less relevant though, than the fact that a blacklisted and untrustworthy broker is offering them.

Demo Account

Although PUPrime does advertise a Demo account, it isn’t actually available. After we downloaded the platform, we couldn’t log in to the Demo version. You see, the broker never provided us with the required login credentials. 


Seemingly friendly and welcoming towards newbies, PUPrime offers some sort of education. You can read the blog news, articles on various subjects and watch videos that are stolen and labeled as PUPrime. Some e-books are also said to be available, but you have to deposit first to have access to that.

PUPrime Withdrawals – Can They Happen?

Perhaps the only way to properly get a hold of your invested capital again is to seek legal help. If your withdrawals with PUPrime cannot be processed, are stalled or denied, you can ask us for help. 

As the previous PUPrime victims have reported, troubles with cashing out profit are various. From PUPrime broker subjecting you to additional fees to finding excuses to reject you. 

Customer Support – Do They Respond?

Our first negative experience with PUPrime customer service is that we never got an email from them with the login credentials. 

Live chat isn’t actually a live chat, as you do not get connected to a staff member directly. You only leave a message and an email to get a response to. That never happened for us, either. 

Secondly, the email and phone number given are questionable and no wonder clients report not getting a response ever. 

PUPrime Final Verdict – Are They Worth It?

It’s not just the fact that this offshore broker is poorly regulated. The fact they’ve been blacklisted multiple times speaks volumes about the safety and funds protection. 

If you are starting to suspect your funds invested with PUPrime are in danger, you should act quickly. Our legal experts do not charge the first consultation, yet do not refrain from sharing useful advice and knowledge. So contact us promptly and let us help you restore your deposit swiftly.

FAQ Section

Is PUPrime Trusted?

No, this broker is absolutely not trustworthy and is blacklisted for those reasons.

Is PUPrime A Regulated Broker?

PUPrime is only regulated by FSA (Seychelles). They offer services to other countries without proper regulation.

What Is The Minimum Deposit For PUPrime?

The Cent account is the cheapest package and requires a deposit of $20 to start using it.

Who Owns PUPrime?

PUPrime is a brokerage brand owned by Pacific Union (Seychelles) Limited.


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