SWP Trading Review – Warning Signs All Over Place Explained
SWP Trading Review – Warning Signs All Over Place Explained

SWP Trading is a brokerage that presents itself as a company that has been around since 2013. With such a long existence, you would expect them to know at least some basic rules of trading.

Thus, the more you investigate them, the more irregularities you can find. Therefore, to avoid all the traps this firm might have for you, we advise you to read t his SWP Trading review carefully.

Regulated By: No regulations
Is This Company Safe? No
Known Websites: www.swp-trading.com (inactive); www.swp-trading.org (active)
Have Warnings From: FINMA
Registered In: Switzerland (allegedly)
Operating Since: 2023
Trading Platforms: WebTrader
Maximum Leverage: N/A
Minimum Deposit: €5 000
Deposit Bonus: Available
Trading Assets: N/A
Free Demo Account: Not Available
How To  Withdraw From This Company? Withdrawing money from this fake brokerage is practically impossible. Instead, we advise you to contact our refund experts for recovery options as soon as possible.

Legal Info: Is SWP Trading Legit Or A Scam?

As a Swiss-based company, SWP Trading should first have a license issued by FINMA. However, the ownership of Senior Wealth Partners AG was not found there—at least not in the list of regulated entities. The company was only found on the FINMA warning list. Therefore, you can only expect other warnings to pile up soon.

Another clear sign of a scam is the company’s registration date. Instead of 2013, they presented you with, it appears the company was registered in 2023. Thus, that’s the old domain, and the fresh one is swp-trading.org which was registered in 2024.

Who Are SWP Trading’s Victims?

For these two years of existence, the company didn’t waste a second. They started immediately targeting wealthy and top-tier regulated countries. In the first line are: 

  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Denmark

With all the irregularities and suspicious features, it’s clear this firm can’t be authorized by any of these countries. Same as Lay Wealth and Etioma firms that have quite similar business models. But if you want to get your money out of these firms, our refund specialists are available for consultation.

Traders Reviews

The moment you open SWP Trading reviews on Trustpilot, you can realize it’s all a scam. With almost 50% of negative comments, it’s understandable your funds are not safe with this brokerage. A few of those traders come from the UK, where the company is not authorized.

But also, there are only 22 comments, and if the company was truly registered in 2013, there would be much more. So, if you have funds stuck with them, contact us as soon as possible for refund assistance.

Leverage, Commissions, Spreads, Fees and Taxes

The key disadvantage of SWP Trading broker is hidden trading conditions. Consequently, you can expect a lot of manipulation around it, especially with fees and spreads. 

But also, you shouldn’t forget hidden leverage, which is highly important for your account. Without a negative balance, it’s quite easy to get into a debt with high leverage. Surely, that’s not something you want with scam brokerages.


An additional warning sign with SWP Trading trading firm is a welcome bonus offer. They’ve been using a classic trick with minimum trading volume to prevent their traders from withdrawing any bonus funds and profits generated with bonuses.

For example, if you accept a $200 bonus, the minimum trading volume is 50 standard lots. That’s $5M on your balance required before you can even withdraw anything. For that reason, bonuses are banned across Europe.

SWP Trading Trading Features

Whatever SWP Trading investment plan you choose, the key feature is account analysis. Fairly, that doesn’t sound promising with all the manipulative details presented. Unfortunately, there are no options like social or copy trading, EAs, or any of the advanced options.

Trading Platforms Available

Even though the company presents us with a secure and transparent platform, without third-party options available, that’s practically impossible. Especially since the company is not licensed. 

Generally, web-based platforms coming from unregulated brokers often end up being manipulated. Therefore, you should keep looking for companies with trusted options.

Available Trading Assets

Another important detail of this so-called innovative platform is that tradable instruments are not revealed anywhere. Just ensure the SWP Trading advisor doesn’t suspiciously guide you into crypto investments. 

In any case, potential options are: 

  • Forex – GBP/EUR, USD/JPY
  • CFDs – NASDAQ, Netflix, palladium
  • Cryptos – XRP, LTC

Account Types

The company has quite high deposit requirements for all account types. Their numbers don’t make sense for a brokerage without a license. 

In any case, one of the notable issues with all account types is insured trades and managed trading accounts. None of this is practically real without adequate licenses. You can choose between:

  • Classic – €5.000
  • Silver – €25.000
  • Gold – €50.000
  • VIP – Custom

Mobile Trading App

A huge disadvantage of the SWP Trading platform is a lack of trusted mobile apps. Whether you are an iOS or Android user, you’ll have to bother with a web trader on your mobile device. Fairly, it can be frustrating to use YouTube on a browser and not to mention to trade on it.

Demo Account

In any case, you have only one option to explore all of the available features. That’s to deposit those €5.000 and test it out. Fairly, that’s a big sum required for testing since a demo account is not available.


As can be seen, SWP Trading doesn’t offer any educational packages. However, without proper knowledge, they can manipulate traders as they want. That’s why proper education with top-tier licensed firms makes a whole lot of sense.

SWP Trading Withdrawal

With quite a suspicious SWP Trading withdrawal policy, it’s hardly believable you’ll get any withdrawals approved. Not to mention, they only process withdrawals within the first 30 days of opening the account. After that, it remains a mystery.

Apparently, there are no withdrawal fees for card withdrawals, but for all other methods, you can expect hefty ones.

Customer Support

There are several ways to get in touch with a SWP Trading scam firm. However, if you even mention withdrawal, you can’t expect adequate assistance from them. 

In any case, the available options are phone, e-mail, and web-contact forms without precise operating hours.

Key Information To Consider About SWP Trading?

The only thing you should consider with this brokerage is a lack of regulatory oversight. Proof of their scam activities can be found in the FINMA warning, which is a clear sign to run away from them. 

In any case, you better prepare yourself for a refund on time. Before they completely vanish with your money. For step-by-step guidance, reach out to our chargeback specialists already today.

FAQ Section

What is SWP Trading?

SWP Trading is an alleged Swiss-based trading firm that has been operating since 2013 according to the company’s presentation.

Is SWP Trading Legit?

No. SWP Trading is a scam broker with all fake details presented. If you have funds stuck with them, contact us immediately for chargeback assistance.

Who is Behind SWP Trading Broker?

SWP Trading firm is allegedly operated by Senior Wealth Partners AG. Yet, this firm is not found in FINMA registers or regulated entities but on a warning list.


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