Tradercode com Review – Promises Impossible Technology To Lure Victims
Tradercode com Review – Promises Impossible Technology To Lure Victims

Tradercode website’s flashiness doesn’t make up for the lack of regulatory information, corporate details, and legal documentation. The first few lines you read will immediately have you questioning this platform’s honesty and legitimacy. Especially after you realize that this firm has nothing to do with any kind of trading or lucrative crypto investing.

As soon as promises of huge crypto gains thanks to the auto trading AI start, you should look for another place to invest your hard-earned money. This Tradercode com review explains why. 

Company type: Affiliate Campaign Scam
Is This Company Safe? No, this company will rob you blind – they’re not safe!
Known Websites:

Have Warnings from: FSMA
Registered in: N/A
Operating since: 2023
Trading Platforms: N/A
Maximum Leverage: Not available
Minimum Deposit: N/A
Deposit Bonus: Not available
Trading Assets: Crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin)
Free Demo Account: Not available
How to  Withdraw from This Company? Illicit platforms will not allow payouts – contact our legal support for help!

Allies With Fraudulent Brokers

Under the pretense of providing an unmistakable robot trading tool, will have you sign up with their suspicious platform. While you expect nothing but profit, what actually happens is the following. 

The Tradercode account  will direct you to a faux brokerage site that does the scamming and who is affiliated with The other outcome is the affiliate scam collecting your contact data and then selling it to offshore unregulated brokers like FxActive Broker.

Either way, opening an account with Tradercode is extremely dangerous and may lead to loss of money and put your personal data in jeopardy, too. 

How The Deception Unfolds

The website as we can see it now was only created in early 2023. These nations were the primary targets for Tradercode com:

  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Switzerland
  • Austria
  • Ireland

The mechanism for attracting new clients is through boiler room agents. Their main tool is persuasion, and they endlessly bother people by phone or online chat services.

In the case of Tradercode, these agents claim to have an infallible AI empowered trading software, that guarantees profits. They target mostly beginners and steal their money. For help with recovery, contact our experts.

Not A Reputable Firm By Any Measure

While there are no reviews about anywhere, their other domain,, is a different story. The TrustPilot page only contains 1-star reviews without a single positive one.

It’s not a company you’d want to be working with, as many burned traders complain that their personal information was sold to a 3rd party. Others say that they were pressured into investing, and never saw their money back.

No Transparency About Costs

Although Tradercode will try to reassure you of their honesty and transparency, you will never see any of it. 

Especially when it comes to trading costs, transaction fees and conversion commission. Investing your crypto coins while not knowing the fees in the process is not recommended to do.

Zero Trading Tools Information

The suspicious website that’s trying to sell you their services doesn’t quite reveal any of the information about those very features. 

There’s only bragging about some astonishing software and affordable accounts, but nothing is revealed. Another form of dishonesty that should worry you.

Robot Trader

The alleged Tradercode platform is based on superior AI technology with unmistakable accuracy. This bogus software is nowhere to be found on the website. 

However, the Tradercode scam still advertises it as a technological miracle that will bring you heaps of cash overnight when you let it place trades on your behalf.

Crypto Promises

The pushy Tradercode agents will insist on you buying Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or any of the alleged 100+ tokens from them. Sadly, the website doesn’t allow any trading at all due to being an affiliate scam. None other financial product is mentioned as available for trading.

Opaque Trading Account

The Tradercode fraud revolves around emotion and pressure, and they don’t want their victims to stop and think. To further this agenda, doesn’t contain any information about their trading accounts, not even the minimum deposit. 

Just like other unscrupulous firms like FxOnUs, Tradercode and doesn’t offer a demo for testing purposes.

Withdrawals Never Processed

As much as you would insist on withdrawing your deposit from Tradercode com, that will simply not happen. Deposits made via crypto channels immediately end up in a scammer’s pocket, with slim chances of you getting it back.

What happens also is that the fraudsters ask for withdrawal fees up front, as another way to extort money. You should refer to a legal source of help for your fund recovery. We provide such services.

Uncaring Customer Support

On their websites, Tradercode brags that their customer service is available 24/7, and that they don’t take longer than an hour to respond. Many of the Tradercode victims complain that the customer support loses interest as soon as you make a first deposit, however.

The company doesn’t use a live chat service, and the only way to contact them is by phone or a dedicated form on the website.

Our Team Helps With Chargebacks!

As soon as you find out that you’ve been scammed, you should contact the authorities and seek legal support. Our team of legal professionals is here to listen to your complaint and guide you through the chargeback process. 

For a quickest response, please use the Online chat feature that will connect you to an agent who will schedule your first consultation, which is completely free.

FAQ Section

What Is is an affiliate site that is connected to scam brokers. The site itself provides no services but sells personal data and connects victims to scam schemes.

Is Legit?

Although affiliate campaigns do not need regulation by law, they need to be transparent and legally incorporated, which Tradercode isn’t.

How Does Work?

Tradercode com traps their victims by promising guaranteed profits through the use of an AI software, but they are only interested in the deposit. For help with Tradercode chargeback, contact our experts.


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