True Forex Funds Review – Pros And Cons Of Trading With Proprietary Businesses
True Forex Funds Review – Pros And Cons Of Trading With Proprietary Businesses

The Hungarian prop firm was first opened back in 2021. That’s one important detail the company discloses – their location. Suspicious brokers and financial service providers will usually not be so trustworthy and disclose their real address. Or it could turn out they’re actually from offshore, just like The Financial Centre.

Either way since 2021 the True Forex Funds Website has managed to build their community of users that prefer trading the way this company enables them to. This especially refers to the clientele with lower buying power. You see, True Forex Funds will support their users by giving them an allowance. It, of course, comes with certain conditions.�

However, it is up to the user to meet them at their own pace and without the interference by the deal owner. In this True Forex Funds review, we will go into details about how this scheme exactly functions. After reading our review thoroughly, you will be able to decide if this kind of investing suits your capabilities, so read on.

Regulated by:No regulation needed
Owner:TFF International Kft
Headquarters Country:Hungary
Foundation year:2021
Supported Platforms:MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5, cTrader (under development)
Minimum Deposit:€89
Cryptocurrencies:Yes (BSV, EOS, XRP, THT)
Types of Assets:Commodities, Crypto, Forex, Indices, Metals
Maximum Leverage:1:100
Free Demo Account:Available
Accepts US clients:Yes

What Is True Forex Funds?

Talented traders looking to succeed in Forex may not always have the required amount of capital available. In such cases, they can turn to prop firms like True Forex Funds.�

The purpose of their programs is to give investors an edge by financially supporting them. However, the firm doesn’t just give away funds to any interested investor. Everyone first has to take an evaluation test, and only after proving themselves as capable can they get a trading load from True Forex Funds.

After a trader receives the trading amount from the firm, they can use it for trading. The way the trader pays back what they owe is by splitting profit with True Forex Funds. The split is pretty attractive and is 80%-20%. So the trader gets initial funds to use for price speculating and they pay it back by giving 20% of their earnings to the firm.�

The minimum amount that traders have to invest on their own is very low, so these kinds of programs work well for traders with smaller capital available. This way, all capable traders get a chance to earn a living, even if they may not be economically powerful enough for making big investments. The credited amount goes up to $200 000, which is a remarkable price.�

Of course, True Forex Funds charges certain withdrawal fees and a refundable registration fee. Along with that, there’s a daily limit and a percentage limit on how much you can lose in total.

True Forex Funds Reviews – Traders’ Experience

With over 1300 reviews and average score of 4.7 on TrustPilot, True Forex Funds was given 88% 5 star-ratings of the total number of evaluations. This places them pretty high on the trust scale. Judging by the opinions of traders left there, the firm is appreciated and much trusted. Let’s take a look at the most recent user remarks and feedback on this site:

I’ve been trading now for about 7 months with TrueForexFunds and received my first payout yesterday based on an account created in May. It’s nice to go on this journey with TFF. They always assist me, if I have any problem. Payout arrived within 24 hours!
Looking for many more payouts to come! Lets go TFF!

I m working with TFF for almost 1 Year and i m max funded with them, they have great market execution, great customer support, always pay on time and the evaluation process is very fast. I have earned a lot of profits during our partnership and i m sure there is lot more to go.[…]

+10.000k payout. What I love the most about this prop firm is how everything is automated especially regarding payout process which takes less than 24h to be processed and sent to your Deel account. I hope it continues this way!

Countries of Service

So far, statistics show most of the clientele using the True Forex Funds loans come from wealthier states. It could potentially be related to the fact that the site is only available in English language. That makes it easier for the English-speaking customers to get by. These are the countries where True Forex Funds has the biggest number of clients at the moment:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany

Trading Instruments and Fees

True Forex Funds Trading Instruments and Fees

Tradable instrument classes at True Forex Funds are shown below, along with the trading commission charged per each group of products:

  • Forex (EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, USD/CHF, CAD/USD, NZD/AUD) – 7$ commission/lot
  • Crypto (EOS, THT, XRP, ADA, UNI, BSV, AVE) – 5.70$/lot
  • Commodities (Natural Gas, WTI Oil, Silver, Gold) – 3.5$/lot
  • Indices (GER30, US500, AUS200, HKIND, ITA40) – 0.32$/lot

The joining fees depend on how you configure your account upon registration. It’s all in direct correlation with the amount of trading loan you want to get. The higher the load, the higher the initial investment. What is a plus is that the fee is refundable.�

We’ll now list the sums expected of traders to invest for each credit available:

  • 10 000$ credit – single payment of $89
  • 25 000$ credit – single payment of $189
  • 50 000$ credit – single payment of $299
  • 100 000$ credit – single payment of $499
  • 200 000$ credit – single payment of $998

All the pricing we’ve seen is much more realistic than with suspicious entities like USI Tech that are far less transparent and offer excessively attractive conditions. 

True Forex Funds’ Funded Program

The process of funding each individual depends on their success during the evaluation phase. If the newcomer passes the tests, they have proven their potential and can apply for a credit. Depending on the way they choose to fund their account, True Forex Funds can loan them up to $200 000.

After having their account credited with the trading funds from the firm, investors can enjoy trading on MT4 and MT5. There’s no time limit or minimum trading goal you have to reach. However, there’s a limit of 5% for daily loss and a limit of 10% for maximum loss. Trading period is, therefore, indefinite and the registration fee is refundable. All the profits the client accumulates are split 80%/20%, which means the firm takes a fifth part of your total gain.

What is a 2-Phase Evaluation Program?

This is the test phase that everyone looking for a loan is required to pass. During the first phase, the clients have the objective to trade for a minimum of 5 (five) days. The profit target that they have to reach is 8% during a total trading period of 30 days. The registration fee is required, but the site does not disclose it.

After passing the first phase, the clients can move to the next test. Similarly to the first round of trading, clients have an objective to reach. In this cycle, they have to acquire a profit of 5% during a minimum of 5 (five) trading days. The total trading cycle can last up to 60 days and participation is free, so there’s no entrance fee.�

During both of the phases, clients have a limit of 5% daily loss with a maximum limit of 10% for total loss. All the funds provided to clients during this period are Demo funds which are not subject to withdrawals.

What Trading Platforms Are Available?

Along with a range of tradable instruments and very affordable fees, True Forex Funds also brings you the option to trade on the prestigious MT4 and MT5. The company is currently working on adjusting cTrader and implementing it as a choice, as well.

We’ve talked about these premium trading platforms many times before. As the ratings and numbers of downloads witness, MetaQuotes software is a real discovery. These advanced technological solutions have elevated the trading experience to a whole new level.�

MT5, being the successor to classic MT4, is somewhat richer in features but also requires more skill and resources from your machine. Either way, both platforms are still very much in use and are, undoubtedly, the most preferred trading terminals in the world.�

But even these top notch software are useless in the hands of fraudulent companies, such as GCI Financial. So beware when choosing your investing partner. 

True Forex Funds Withdrawal – How Can I Get My Money?

Traders can choose to withdraw funds 14 days after they’ve first placed a trade on their credited account. In case the client does not wish to take the payout, they can choose to continue trading until their next split comes.�

All the cashing out is processed during the same day. The payment channels are:

  • credit cards
  • bank wire transfers

Judging by the comments left by over a thousand customers, True Forex Funds is diligent when it comes to payouts. Feedback says that the payments arrive on time as soon as they apply for withdrawals. Nothing so far points to the possible withdrawal problems with this company.�

How Can I Get Help for Filing a Chargeback Case?

If, by any chance, you are having problems with withdrawing your funds, we advise you to first carefully collect all the evidence about the firm denying your payouts. In case you suspect the site is stalling with your withdrawal or imposing conditions that weren’t predefined by the legal docs and the contract between the parties, contact us freely.�

We’re always at your disposal. Whether you’d like to just share your story and experience or ask for useful advice, we’ll be available at any given moment. You can use our Online chat or form to send in the reason for your question, and one of our agents will promptly respond. So don’t be shy, we have plenty of experience with these kinds of circumstances. Contact us today.

Is True Forex Funds Legit or Scam?

True Forex Funds is a proprietary firm that doesn’t need a regulation by law to operate, however, as evident from their legal docs, they follow certain regulatory standards which are mandatory.

Does True Forex Funds Offer a Referral Program?

Yes, True Forex Funds offers an affiliate program which helps existing customers earn by bringing in new users. The minimum payout is 150 EUR for which you have to refer at least two new traders.

Are my funds safe with True Forex Funds?

As the customer testimonies say, the traders are so far very pleased with the company’s reliability and the investors have trust for this firm. 


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