UFMInvest Review – Unregulated Platform is a Major Financial Pitfall
UFMInvest Review – Unregulated Platform is a Major Financial Pitfall

Full of broken links and pages that do not exist, this brokerage website still dares to claim to be a world-class online financial services provider. More bold statements can be found and they refer to the broker dealer being falsely regulated by leading financial authorities. The fact that the site itself is one big failure doesn’t quite instill trust, however. 

It would be wise to read this UFMInvest review prior to any investment endeavors so you can learn about the scam broker strategies and how to recover lost funds.

Regulated by: Unregulated Broker
Is This Company Safe? No, this company owns no license and has a dysfunctional site, so stay away!
Known Websites: ufminvest.com
Have Warnings from: N/A
Registered in: Texas, US (alleged)
Operating since: 2023
Trading Platforms: N/A
Maximum Leverage: 1:400
Minimum Deposit: N/A
Deposit Bonus: N/A
Trading Assets: N/A
Free Demo Account: No
How to  Withdraw from This Company? There are no withdrawal options for scam victims. We strongly recommend you contact our legal crew for help and support with fund recovery.

Many Legal Discrepancies

Company called Khanza & Mall Ltd. is allegedly the owner of the UFMInvest broker. This entity is supposed to be registered in the US, yet claims to be regulated as a securities dealer by CySEC and FCA

Default website language suggests the firm operates out of Saudi Arabia, but they do not appear in the CMA register of legit entities. Needless to say, the business is completely anonymous and doesn’t appear in a single database they claim to be registered with.

After going through several more registers of supervised broker dealers including BaFin, ASIC, NFA and CNMV, we concluded that this scheme is just a fraudulent setup. 

That means you won’t be getting premium service, segregation of funds, security of funds or compensation options. This fraud is the complete opposite of what regulated brands like Vantage Markets represent. If you want to stay safe in the financial markets and earn some profit at that, we recommend choosing a well-regulated service.

Victimized Nations

The company tries to compensate for lack of UFMInvest reviews with fake customer feedback posted on their web presentation. This creates a false impression of the quality of service offered and urges other investors to throw their money into the grinder.

Since October 2023 this shady website has promoted illicit online trading services and attracted customers with promises of stable income. Forex investors lured by fancy yet fictitious service have lost thousands of dollars to the promises that never saw the light of the day. Several countries where the fraudulent operation has been most active are:

  • United Arab Emirates
  • Germany
  • Iraq
  • Israel
  • Belgium

To retrieve funds stuck on such sites, contact our legal professionals promptly and enjoy premium chargeback service.

Deceptive Details About Costs

Although the site will have you believe the maximum allowed leverage is 1:30, legal papers suggest something entirely different. Characteristic for offshore and unregulated firms, the leverage ratio is actually 1:400. Since this is a major sign of fraud, it is hidden from the home page.

There are no details to find about other UFMInvest fees, which is yet another disturbing circumstance. What this company most likely does is charge secret commissions and advance fees you will only become aware of once you decide to withdraw.

Trading Features Gone Missing

Any attempt to access the trading area, account types or explore the available tools results in failure. Despite our repeated tries to load the registration page or software download links, nothing seemed to work. Some legal papers are accessible, but that does little when no services are active.

Inactive Links to Platform

Before being allowed into the trading area, all users are first directed to register for a UFMInvest account. However, that is not possible. Therefore, our access to the trading terminal was blocked. 

In addition to that, both of the mobile app download buttons did not work and continuously responded with 404 errors when clicked. Links to the Google and App Store are just two inactive buttons on the site to mislead investors. 

Can Anything be Traded?

Out of several asset groups listed on the site, we couldn’t explore a single one of them. Thinking we’d be able to test out the availability of instruments, we tried to open a UFMInvest demo, but that was not doable either. We suspect that no actual trading products were provided at all, considering this whole campaign is one huge sham.

Registration Prevented

There is no efficient way to become acquainted with the account options offered by this Forex dealer. FAQs offer some links where you could allegedly get additional info on deposit requirements, but the pages they lead to do not exist. 

When we tried to get to the sign up page and test the UFMInvest Islamic account availability, it was not possible due to site malfunction.

Troubles With Payments

Financial cons like Aron Groups and the one we’re reviewing tend to conceal information about payouts to manipulate investors and ask for advance fees before allowing payouts. Additionally, this site lies about accepted payment methods to make you feel secure.

In reality, UFMInvest withdrawal channels are concealed. Only cryptocurrencies are accepted to purposely make the money recovery difficult. Please consider contacting our blockchain experts for help with crypto transfer tracing.

Ghost Company Not Contactable

It is not possible to contact the company’s support office at the present moment. As any other page of the rigged website, the support channel is also defective and shows no data. That’s only in line with how the company operates as a whole.

How to Recover Lost Funds

Have you had a poor user experience with this company and would like to share your impressions? Don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us more about your opinion of this firm. 

If you’ve also got funds stuck on this fraudulent investment portal, worry not. Our chargeback professionals are here to advise you and help you dispute a dubious payment or build your case for the authorities. Book a free consultation today!

FAQ Section

What is UFMInvest?

UFMInvest is an unregulated firm that sells online trading and investment services without a permit.

Is UFMInvest Legit?

No, contrary to what these con artists claim, they are not regulated by CySEC, FCA or any other body.

Who Owns UFMInvest Broker?

Firm that claims to operate the scheme is called Khanza & Mall Ltd. If you’re having doubts about their legal status and you’re pondering whether to start a chargeback, contact us for help.


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