Velocity Trade Review: Exploring the Benefits of Trading with Velocity Trade
Velocity Trade Review: Exploring the Benefits of Trading with Velocity Trade

With over ten years of experience, Velocity Trade is a global brokerage company. The firm offers trading terminal creation and access to 40 international exchanges. Yet, they also provide consulting and financial services with a range of trading instruments. These include currency pairs, stocks, futures, options, commodities, CFDs, FX, etc. 

Also, ASIC, IIROC, FCA, and other authorities regulate the broker across five continents. What more can a trader want from a broker? Read this Velocity Trade review for more.

Broker status:  Regulated Broker
Regulated by:  ASIC, FCA, IIROC, FMA, BaFIN, FSCA
Regulators’ Complaints: n/a
Owned by:  Velocity Trade International Limited
Headquarters Country: UK, Canada, Australia
Foundation year: 2007
Supported Platforms: MT4, PFSOFT
Minimum Deposit: 0$
Cryptocurrencies: No
Types of Assets: Forex, stocks, metals, commodities, fixed income assets, futures, CFDs, FWD, NDF, Spot FX
Maximum Leverage: From 1:1 to 1:500
Free Demo Account: No
Accepts US clients: No

Is Velocity Trade a Regulated and Licensed Broker?

Velocity Trade Regulation

First and foremost, it is critical to mention that this company is a regulated and certified broker. They are authorized and regulated by several regulatory authorities including ASIC, IIROC, FCA, FSCA, AFM, STRATE, CIPF, TMX, and FMA. Their licenses and regulations ensure that they comply with industry standards and provide their clients with a safe and secure trading environment.

Velocity Trade is a regulated global brokerage firm. They offer access to 40 multinational exchanges and a wide range of trading assets, including stocks, currency pairs, futures, options, commodities, CFDs, FX, and more. The broker is regulated by ASIC, IIROC, FCA, and other authorities across five continents. Read this detailed Velocity Trade review to learn more about this reputable broker.

With numerous licenses from top-notch FX authorities, Velocity Trade is a globally regulated broker.

There is an abundance of regulated brokers competing for traders’ attention in the world of online trading. Among the notable players in the market are Velocity Trade, Alpha FX, and LiteBit, each bringing their unique strengths to the table.

This firm is a regulated company with access to 40 exchanges and multiple assets. They’re certified and regulated by various authorities, ensuring industry standards compliance. Velocity Trade provides account options for various entities and educational resources for traders to improve their skills.

Velocity Trade Platforms – A Software Comparison

Velocity Trade uses MetaTrader 4 as its execution software, which offers a full range of features. In addition, they provide solutions for capital raising and investment organizations. Their MT4 platform is ranked 8 out of 10 among other brokers. MT4 provides unique trading opportunities through the LD4 and NY5 engines. 

Velocity Trade also offers OTC vanilla options and precious metals trading. They partner with TMX Insights to show FX and equity data analytics.

What Financial Instruments Does The Platform Include?

Velocity Trade shows a variety of different instruments, such as:

  • Forex (FX) currency pairs
  • Precious metals, such as gold and silver
  • Commodities, such as oil and gas
  • Indices such as the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average
  • Equities, including stocks on various exchanges
  • Options, including OTC vanilla options.

Clients can access these financial instruments through the Velocity Trade trading platform. The company also offers investment solutions like capital raising.

Velocity Trade – Countries Of Service

The company is an international broker with offices around the globe. This company has products and services that are specific to certain countries or jurisdictions. Notably, Velocity Trade engages in secure transactions and activities in countries where it is authorized to do so. 

The company has offices in Toronto, Montreal, London, Amsterdam, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Sydney, and Auckland. Moreover, they operate in over 50 countries. Some of these countries are the United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Canada, and Australia. 

Account Options Offered by Velocity Trade

Velocity Trade offers an assortment of account options for its clients. These options are as follows:

  • Individual account – for individual traders who wish to trade on their behalf.
  • Joint account – for two or more individuals who want to trade together and share the account.
  • Corporate account – for companies or organizations that want to trade on behalf of their business.
  • Trust account – for trusts or estates that want to trade and manage investments.
  • Partnership account – for partnerships that want to trade together and share the account.
  • Investment club account – for groups of individuals who want to pool their money together to invest and trade.

Each account type may have different requirements and features. Also, clients can choose the one that best suits their needs. 

Can a Trader Use a Demo Account?

For traders who are just starting out in the world of financial markets, a demo trading account is an excellent tool. This tool is there to help them learn and get familiar with trading techniques without the fear of incurring any losses or taking unnecessary risks. However, Velocity Trade, a reputable and well-established brokerage firm, does not offer a free demo trading account for traders. 

While some traders might find this to be a drawback, it’s worth noting that Velocity Trade provides a wealth of educational help and support. This is to help traders enhance their skills and knowledge in trading. Thus, even without a demo trading account, traders can still benefit from the firm’s commitment to education and professional development.

Terms of Service for Velocity Trade 

Velocity Trade’s Terms of Service outline the following:

  • Account registration and verification process.
  • Prohibited activities, including fraudulent or illegal behavior, and violations of intellectual property rights.
  • Responsibilities of the user.
  • Deposits, withdrawals, and fees associated with trading accounts.
  • Limitations of liability.
  • Termination and suspension of accounts, including reasons for termination and the process for dispute resolution.
  • Governing law.
  • Miscellaneous provisions, including the agreement, modifications, and waiver of rights.

Users are advised to carefully review the Terms of Service before using Velocity Trade’s services. By accessing and using the platform, users agree to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined in the agreement.

Leverage, Spreads, and Fees

Leverage allows clients to borrow funds from brokers to increase returns. However, leverage also increases risks. Velocity Trade’s leverage levels vary by jurisdiction. The UK, European, and Australian entities offer up to 1:30 leverage, while South Africa offers up to 1:200 and New Zealand up to 1:500. Canada restricts leverage to 1:40. 

Velocity Trade charges commissions as its primary fee. Spreads vary based on trading regions and exchange conditions. The broker does not charge non-trading fees, making it an attractive option for clients.

Velocity Trade’s spreads vary by trading region and exchange conditions. The EUR/USD pair has a spread of 3 pips. Notably, clients can always contact customer service for more information.

What Steps Should I Take if I Encounter an Issue With Velocity Trade?

If you encounter a problem with Velocity Trade, contact their customer support or client services team. They can help resolve any issues you may have.

You can file a complaint with the relevant regulatory authority if the issue remains unresolved. It’s always wise to keep records of any communication and documentation related to the problem to support your case. After all, you can always contact us for help.

What Is Velocity Trade?

Velocity Trade is a regulated international brokerage firm.

Is Velocity Trade a Regulated Broker?

Yes, the company is regulated. They are regulated by multiple jurisdictions.

Is Velocity Trade Available in the United States or the UK?

They are available in the UK, but not in the United States.

Does Velocity Trade Offer a Demo Account?

No, Velocity Trade does not offer any demo accounts.

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