Action Refund Review:  Warns Traders About COVID-19 Related Scams
Action Refund Review:  Warns Traders About COVID-19 Related Scams

At this time of need, when people continue to suffer from COVID-19 around the world, the scammers online keep on inventing new vicious tricks and improve their past schemes. Our search for a reliable chargeback company has led us to bring you our Action Refund review. We believe that this company can help victims that are suffering from these ongoing scams.

Numerous chargeback firms offer unrealistic returns from using their services while charging a high percentage for basically doing nothing. From all of these companies floating around, we’ve stumbled upon a genuine chargeback firm. They have a very high success rating in refunds for their clients, with dozens of positive compliments online – Action Refund.

We have decided to study this firm and compose an honest Action Refund review. Let’s see if they could help us with these new scams:

What Can We Tell About Action Refund?

Action Refund continuously researches and gathers crucial information from Federal Agencies. They disseminate actionable intelligence to their clients and protect them from COVID-19 related scams.

In addition to experts in the fields of infectious disease and finance, working around the clock to mitigate the effects of the pandemic, are the scammers with treacherous intent, operating similarly to find illegal ways into your wallet and part you with your money and investments.

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has brought economics and healthcare into the minds and wallets of people all over the world. Action Refund has the resources to trace cryptocurrencies. Not just Ethereum and Bitcoin, but obscure altcoins as well. These resources allow the company to implement advanced strategies, such as:

  • Determine exactly where scam proceeds are going
  • Find the right accounts that scammers are laundering stolen assets
  • Find the geographic locations that correspond to the scammer’s digital wallets. They can use it as a piece of crucial evidence when communicating with banks.

Action Refund Review – How can they help?

For the time being, substantial segments of the cryptocurrency market are in a legislative blind spot of sorts. The company is committed to staying in close touch with different relevant enforcement agencies to implement practical and aboveboard recovery efforts.

In our findings – Action Refund employs the skills and experience of a highly efficient team made from past security intelligence analysts, both national and commercial security operators, law enforcement agents, and other skillful personnel to address this need.

Note that many jurisdictions are working in tandem with tech companies to set new precedents on handling online financial scams. It presents a unique opportunity for Action Refund. These new regulations are building the framework that the company requires to pursue unauthorized crypto funds online effectively.

Financial fraudulent operations and scam brokers will use innovative tools and techniques to deceive you into providing your personal information or gain access to your computer systems by using fear or promoting COVID-19 information that looks authentic.


Emails with headers such as the following will attempt to bait you into clicking links or providing personal information:
• COVID19 Financial Treatment
• COVID19 Options for Trading

Numerous alarming reports highlight many of the potential scams related to COVID-19, with additional information on how to avoid these types of scams provided by a warning issued by the Internal Revenue Service.

In this Action Refund review, we can establish that the company is an asset recovery organization. They remain at the forefront and proactively protect you and your resources.

In addition to asset protection and recovery, Action Refund specializes in tracking cryptocurrency movement while identifying the real criminals who target victims behind those websites. provides its services to e-commerce sites, investment funds, law firms, and high net worth individuals. Their services include cryptocurrency-related crimes, cyber intelligence investigations, asset tracing, and litigation support.

Forex Market Abuse By Scammers

Spread margins and commissions: Unregulated brokers often manipulate bids and ask prices by adding markup to widen the bid-ask spread payment on their platforms. By doing this, they earn more for every trade at the expense of the trader.

Automated forex scams: Professional forex traders incorporate complex algorithms into their trading strategies. This works for them. However, it doesn’t work for novice day traders looking for easy money. Scammers provide forex bots that don’t have the complexity and reliable data they need to work. Moreover, the scammers know they won’t work. It’s just a marketing ploy to lure potential victims into these forex scams.

Signal assistance: These organizations claim to offer information on market movements. A client can spot a fraudulent signal service through the following signs: subscription fees, unverified results, complicated sales tactics, and broker-tied signals.

Binary Options Fraudulent Operations/Personals

You make your deposit and receive a handsome bonus. However, you’ll never see that money. To make a withdrawal, you must trade the bonus funds many times. Moreover, you’re likely to lose these funds along the way. Brokers then call and aggressively push you to deposit even more funds. Above all, deposit bonuses are just another way for scammers to bring in victims.

Trading software: Brokers promise their clients automated tools that will bring big money with no effort. However, the tools execute as many random trades as possible to siphon your funds to the broker.

Broker managed accounts: Big investors with real brokers receive expert advice from account managers. Scam brokers promise the same. However, they don’t deliver. They always advise higher deposits and riskier trades, therefore depriving you of your funds. Also, when you try to withdraw those funds, you’ll find yourself with a locked account.

Withdrawal or platform issues: A hallmark of scam brokers is phony downtime and technical issues. Any legitimate platform can have problems, although a scam broker is lying to keep your funds locked up. Clients who try to make withdrawals hear countless excuses. Moreover, the broker will request complex verification measures before issuing a withdrawal. The client is unable to meet the verification requirements, and the broker disappears into the shadows.

Stock Trading Fraud

Tutoring scams: Almost all investment scams offer educational resources on their website. Although they claim to be helping you, they’re spreading misinformation to get new traders to take excessive risks. Some brokers even charge for the privilege, also taking your money that way.

Refusal to process withdrawals: Illegitimate brokers make withdrawing your funds a nightmare. There are so many ways that a broker can try to keep you from retrieving your funds. Although they are often subtle, here are some of their recurring tactics.

  • A broker will claim they require further identity verification for security purposes
  • They can request additional deposits as part of the identity verification
  • The broker tries to misdirect your complaints with unrelated terms and conditions
  • Above all, they simply stop all communication with the client

Action Refund Review – Mastering The Chargeback Services

Your situation might not be as hopeless as it seems. Action Refund has extensive experience handling cases just like these. The team is well-versed in international banking processes.That allows them to navigate chargebacks and other procedures.

Action Refund’s team of specialists has discovered many pathways to success during the years of operation. Action Refund got the process of finding the right path to the refund process down to a science. They have streamlined and simplified this process to make it as approachable as possible for online fraud victims.

In our Action Refund review, we established that they know how to manage payment processors to initiate refunds effectively. They apprehend the twists and turns of contacting and negotiating with the foreign regulatory bodies that fraudsters typically try to cover behind.

Action Refund promises their clients to do all they can to retrieve their funds. The company believes that clients should first protect themselves to prevent online fraud. For Action Refund, it is crucial to educate their clients on the different types of online scams.

Action Refund Positive Reviews and Reputation Online

If you search for “Action Refund Review” online, the user discovers that they claim to offer a free consultation to their clients for discussing their case. From a close look at their privacy policy, anyone can find this claim legitimate.

Whenever somebody determines to hire the Action Refund’s services, Action Refund stated that they charge a commission and fee, depending on every individual case. Moreover, if you take a close look at the website, you will see several accessible payment methods at the bottom to ease customers as much as possible and a GDPR approval sticker.

The warning is that various scammers/fake accounts claim that Action Refund exploits these payment methods only, so the company will charge their clients for a consultation. These contradictions are false.

Our Conclusions From This Action Refund Review

Action Refund directs people to provide a full description of the incident. The company double-checks the client’s information. They do that with an intro call and an email with the detailed information required to start the refund procedure.

When clients forgot to include anything or have any questions – Action Refund introduces several options to reach out to the customer service agent to know what to include or not. Moreover, they have mentioned an email address that clients can send any evidence related to the case 24/7 via email to [email protected].

Chargeback companies that respect themselves should stay in close contact with their clients, providing them with updates about case progress.

In conclusion, we hope that by reading this Action Refund review – you will find most of the relevant information about new scams online. To read more about Action Refund asset recovery services, you can visit you can also get an easy option to seclude free consultation calls with one of their specialists.


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