COVID-19 Forex Scams: Investors Watch Out!
COVID-19 Forex Scams: Investors Watch Out!

COVID-19 Forex Scams (Background): The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped lives worldwide, including almost every household across the globe. Health organizations are recommending physical distancing to control the spread of COVID-19. Furthermore, suggesting that distancing issues in large numbers of people staying at home.
Additionally, many individuals are choosing self-isolating or forced to do so. Beyond health concerns, COVID-19 has created economic and market levity around the world as well. These circumstances have ended in doubt, vulnerability, and an environment in which fraudsters enhance their efforts.

Abusing Concerns Of COVID-19 Related Bankruptcy

The current dryness of the market, united with wide-spread job losses and other stressors, has formed an atmosphere of panic and doubt. Furthermore, scammers who seek to trap investors manipulate these fears with promises of extraordinary gains. However, in reality, is that the stock predictions are baseless.
In more recent years, most hostile stock promotions are done through a simple email or social media of any sort. Nevertheless, advertisements delivered through the mail carry the same risks. We’re urging anyone who is considering a trading investment to launch an investigation. In other cases, speaking with their registered finance expert to guarantee it is a fitting conclusion.

Current “Pump-and-dump” Schemes

It is pretty common to see scammers that advantage global events and break data to attract unsuspecting fresh victims, building on the hype’s expectations of significant returns. A popular method scammers do is pump-and-dump practices that include publicly swapped small “shell” firms.

The “pump” following the investment to get investors to buy-in. Then, scammers tend to “dump” their stock before the hype ends. They are typically ending with a large slice for themselves while all left investors lose their hard-earned capital. Luckily for us, there is a new vaccine and a few natural health products authorized to treat or protect against COVID-19. Remember to keep an eye open for any false claims that a company can help stop the COVID-19 outbreak faster than we know.

Covid-19 Forex Scams – Work From Home Ads

We have stumbled upon a few potentially fraudulent online ads. Numerous companies offer to promote opportunities to work from home or grow your life savings as investors in the financial markets during the COVID-19 pandemic.
These ads try to educate you on trading stocks or Forex while claiming that you don’t need experience or a license. Most importantly – they can keep a large percentage of the profits. Yet, the firms require payment of fees from potential investors. Various regulators believe neither the firms nor pricing is legitimate. Make sure you know the warning signs before you get involved in such schemes.


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