Greg Secker Scam – Fake Forex Guru Tries To Get Away With Crime
Greg Secker Scam – Fake Forex Guru Tries To Get Away With Crime

Densely saturated with seemingly successful, influential, multi millionaire Forex experts, the online trading market attracts an ever growing number of new investors. 

While falsely promoted as trading veterans, these charlatans set up convincing schemes that leech off the budget of the novice investors. 

The victims that keep pouring their hard earned money into the deal just wish to become knowledgeable enough to start making money on their own. 

However, the swindlers abuse the motivation and ambition of others to rob them. One of them is certainly the notorious Greg Secker scammer. 

Who is Greg Secker?

Who can truly blame this imposter for simply recognizing the opportunity and grabbing it? Although in a completely bad and immoral way, this charlatan has convinced hundreds, if not thousands of people to trust his Forex abilities. 

The self-proclaimed “philanthropist, entrepreneur, master trader and int’l speaker”, this anonymous, uneducated and ruthless liar has developed his own strategy, course, and a brokerage firm by now. 

The way he speaks of making money makes people instantly think there’s nothing easier. His followers were brainwashed into purchasing his exorbitant trading courses that simply turn out to be bogus knowledge. 

Zero Proof of Education 

At this point it isn’t certain if this person is really the mastermind behind the scheme, if his name really is the one he advertises, and above all, if he’s really as educated and experienced as he claims. 

Most probably not, as there was never provided any information about his education, origins and his licenses as a financial consultant. 

All of the details related to his life and successes are just weasel words that glorify his knowledge, skills and shiny personality. 

Thanks to those, he allegedly succeeded in opening his own company, earning millions at a young age. Now he wishes to share his precious Greg Secker trading strategies and his Forex trading wisdom with the world. 

Registered Businesses

As UK Companies House publishes, his firm, Live Trading Floor Limited, was incorporated on

26 March 2009 and currently owns pathetic net assets of about 94.000 GBP. It doesn’t look as if the company is even active at anything.

The other conduct, Secker’s Knowledge to Action (Holdings) Limited, was also duly registered with the UK Companies House in the same time. However, it seems just as inactive and a subject of constant yet canceled strike-off actions.  

Lastly, the Greg Secker Foundation, established in 2011, is known to have held unrestricted reserves of about 124.000 GBP at the end of 2020. 

Social Presence and Online Popularity

It seems that the scam is the most active on Youtube, where the swindler constantly spams his subscribers with videos about how his bogus software earns him tens of thousands per trade. 

Another useful tool for promoting the scheme is Instagram, where the con messages each individual that shows even slight interest and convinces them to buy his worthless products. 

He also has a large number of followers on Facebook, where he flaunts the unachievable lifestyle of a person whose net worth is just $2 million. His LinkedIn and X profile is also very active. The charlatan has made sure he has plenty of ways to reach his victims.

The Learn to Trade Scam

The ever overbooked learning course is marketed as an award-winning coaching course. What awards has it won, however, is apparently a secret, but the impact that the false marketing has on the targeted audience is effective. 

Since the website constantly says that the course is sold out, you can only apply to join the Waitlist when you’re visiting the site – 

Now, the pricing of the Greg Secker learn to trade project is not revealed, but the victims report about being asked to pay from $5.000 and more.

SmartCharts Learning and Trading Tool

The eLearning and smart Greg Secker trading platform, sold as a part of this scheme at, is overpriced beyond any measure or comprehension. 

It is meant for Forex novices, who wish to quickly grasp the trading essentials and improve their skills that would lead them to riches quicker. 

At that, investors are convinced they could rely on this magical tool that Greg advertises via fake demo trading results, not actual trading data.

The package itself is named “Learn Forex Subscription” and is promised to feature:

  • 5 Built-in Trading Strategies
  • Access to Trading Platform
  • 74 eLearning Videos
  • 250+ pages of Learning Notes

The price of the bogus educational resources, better known as the Greg Secker course, is $3.999!

Greg Secker Foundation

Lest we forget what a philanthropist, generous giver and a born leader this scammer is. Another way to ensure money laundering and extra pocket cash for himself was to establish his own charity organization

From having Prince William play on the company polo team to building homes for those affected by typhoons and cyclones in the Philippines, this Mother Tereza has done it all. Naturally, no proof of any of it exists anywhere, but you can make yourself believe it if you squeeze your eyes shut to the facts.

Bought Reviews Help Campaign Grow

When the promotional campaign for a scam scheme is so strong, there’s no way paid user reviews aren’t involved. These are a crucial part in the process of deceiving potential victims to buy Greg Secker’s magic beans. 

If you visit the Trustpilot page for his Learn to Trade campaign, you’ll find a total of 961 reviews with 4.1 star average rating. 

However, the negative reviews reveal the actual state of matters. Very often you’ll see the defrauded people complaining about paying  £5000+ for a course and software that was sent late, they had no guidance and could not ask for a refund.

Furthermore, the SmartCharts review page also has a high average grade, yet the negative opinions posted suggest the same: exorbitant prices paid for non-functional materials and tools. 

It seems that Reddit users have done the best job exposing the fraudster, with full explanations on how the scheme works, how he fakes trading data, advertises false products and knowledge, and etc.

Why Education Matters

While anyone can claim to be a top trader, Forex prodigy and an educated investor, not many can show the actual evidence of it. 

That’s why you should not blindly trust the opulent lifestyle these charlatans brag about as something they’ve achieved by solely relying on their trading talent. 

The holy grail of Forex trading is not something to obtain overnight. Sometimes, even after years of training, it isn’t certain that you’ll always be winning. 

You should always work on improving your skills, practicing tirelessly and not letting your emotions and dreams control your actions.


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