Legitimate Crypto Recovery Companies – Who Can You Trust?
Legitimate Crypto Recovery Companies – Who Can You Trust?

Due to the complex nature of cryptocurrencies, many individuals do not bother educating themselves and learning how digital assets function. Yet, they are all ears once someone mentions profits. This phenomenon has given rise to countless crypto scams over the past decade.

What we are covering in this article is a Crypto scam within a larger scheme. Financial swindlers pose as Crypto recovery companies, promising to return victims their stolen coins. One common tactic is to demand an advance fee and accept impossible cases. If a victim agrees to it, they end up getting defrauded once more.

To prevent this scenario, we urge you to educate yourself on how the tricksters operate and which deceptive methods they use. Also, find out how to discern legitimate crypto recovery companies.

Rise of Fraudulent Crypto Schemes

In an August 2023 report, the FBI warned of an increase in Crypto funds recovery schemes targeting victims of fraud and theft. The reported losses exceeded 2.5 billion dollars in 2022. Monkey businesses claimed to offer tracing and recovery services, often contacting victims through social media and online ads. 

These schemes involve upfront fees, after which the phonies may cease communication or send fabricated reports. The agency urges individuals to exercise caution, avoid sharing personal or financial information with anonymous providers, and report illicit activities to their local field office and the FBI IC3.

What Are Crypto Recovery Companies?

Cryptocurrency recovery systems have become extremely important due to the growing number of schemes. Some companies specialize in retrieving victims their hard-earned funds. They employ experts who can skillfully utilize advanced software to recover money, often working closely with law enforcement and regulatory agencies.

Keep in mind that legitimate Crypto asset recovery companies do not demand upfront fees but charge a percentage of the recovered funds as a commission. They prioritize their clients’ security and privacy, protecting sensitive information throughout the process.

Before hiring such as company, it’s imperative that you check their background and track record, given that many fraudulent recovery providers are lurking online. These fraudsters resort to unethical practices, meaning they have no empathy for those who have already been deceived. 

How To Identify Fake Recovery Firms?

Trading recovery fraud often targets individuals who have already been scammed. Cyber thieves may contact victims and introduce themselves as government officials, attorneys, or recovery service representatives. They promise to recover all of the lost funds, but first request a fee.

The scheme is further facilitated by bogus websites featuring fake testimonials, high ratings, and content about fund recovery. Beware of persuasive writing unconditionally lauding the company.

Hence, we shall provide our readers with the guidelines of a renowned regulatory body, the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). The American watchdog outlined key red flags you should look out for:

  • Requests for emails or phone numbers before disclosing fees or services;
  • Upfront payment requirements before any action;
  • No physical address on the website;
  • No legit phone number, or communication exclusively via Telegram or WhatsApp;
  • Request for bank account details;
  • Anonymous individuals or entities;
  • Surprisingly detailed knowledge about the lost money;
  • Use of web-based email addresses like @Gmail or @Yahoo;
  • Stolen seals, logos, or graphics;
  • Grammar and spelling errors;
  • Silly reasons why fees cannot be deducted from recovered funds.

Who Should You Trust?

Transparent crypto recovery companies boast teams of skilled professionals who specialize in recovering lost or stolen digital assets. They utilize various methods, including legal processes and cutting-edge software to track and recover funds for clients. 

The first step honest providers take is hold a consultation. Potential clients are supposed to discuss their case and disclose the amount and type of cryptocurrency lost, the surrounding circumstances, and any relevant documentation. The company will then assess whether it’s possible to recover the funds. If so, they will set a deadline and expected fee.

According to the Binance recover page, the world’s largest crypto exchange, several invaluable crypto recovery tools can assist victims in recovering their assets:

  • Crypto Asset Recovery – A legitimate firm that offers recovery services for passwords, seed phrases, and scam tracing.
  • Jurat – Serves to integrate legal rights onto the blockchain to enforce court rulings, aiming to deter cybercriminals from running their schemes.
  • M2 Recovery – Blockchain analysis, password recovery, and exchange assistance, with legal expenses insurance.
  • CNC Intelligence – Offers cryptocurrency tracking and recovery services through blockchain analysis expertise.

In addition to these, we would also mention Action Refund, a crypto recovery firm comprised of numerous experts with the necessary experience to crack even the most difficult cases. Check them out and contact their customer support if you suspect that you have fallen prey to digital fraud.


The crypto landscape is full of fraudulent schemes posing as real crypto recovery companies. Individuals must educate themselves on which malicious tactics these scammers use and how they can distinguish legitimate crypto recovery companies from the imposters.

Transparent recovery companies play a pivotal role in helping victims get their funds back. Their experts utilize advanced software such as CipherTrace and work closely with financial regulators and law enforcement to recover stolen cryptocurrencies. 

We urge you to read the CFTC guidelines on how to identify con artists posing as honest providers and remember the red flags to watch out for. This implies doing diligent research and first requesting a consultation before making any kind of deal. Sometimes, it’s impossible to retrieve funds, which is why you need professionals to assess the feasibility of each case.

FAQ Section

What are crypto recovery companies?

Crypto recovery companies are specialized providers that help unfortunate victims retrieve lost or stolen crypto assets through powerful software and legal processes.

How to spot fraudsters?

Look for red flags such as requests for personal information or upfront fees, lack of transparency, and unrealistic promises. Read the CFTC’s guidelines.

Which companies can you trust?

Some legitimate operators you can trust include Action Refund, Crypto Asset Recovery, M2 Recovery, and CNC Intelligence.


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