PayBack Ltd Review Update – Warnings Make Everything Clear
PayBack Ltd Review Update – Warnings Make Everything Clear

The internet has brought about a lot of great ideas and conveniences to our lives. We cannot deny that a whole fresh collection of problems have also risen. At one point or another, you come across stories of people who got defrauded or scammed online. It has become common that anyone could notice people telling each other not to trust specific individuals on the web. You could lose everything. Despite that, there are full-fledged businesses that do operate online while many people provide their products and services over the internet as they are all authentic. Our full study below is a PayBack Ltd review.

Approved entities do exist, but it is also a fact that illegitimate companies are higher in quantity, as they are easy to create. Some traders are only intrigued by making quick money as they have no problem with having to scam others out, as long as they get what they desire. If you do some study, you can find dozens of online scams and fraud schemes. Even the most intelligent traders have fallen for these tricks.

These cybercriminals prey on the weaknesses of their targets as it can become difficult to resist the opportunity. Before you know it, you are a victim as they have made away with your money. What will be your response when that happens? Everyone reacts differently, but it is disheartening and stressful to have to go through that because there are a hundred different things that you could have done to prevent the issue.

What can you do?

Unlike regular crimes, the police will not help you. It is hard to realize where to get assistance in such situations. After all, it is easy to be anonymous on the internet. People can hide their identities behind fake profiles or conceal their IP addresses and whatnot. There is an advanced technology involvement that scammers develop to ensure that no one can find them easily.

In such cases, companies like PayBack Ltd appear to be a blessing. Because it claims to have the resources, expertise, and tools needed to fight scammers. At that point, they are promising to recover your investment, and that is all you want. But, just because someone offers help, you should reconsider doing your own study about this company before contacting it. PayBack Ltd is requiring some things from you, not just details about the scam, but personal information.

The company asks a long list of questions about yourself, which means that you will be vulnerable to identity theft. Furthermore, when a firm provides a service, it won’t be for free. Clients have to pay PayBack Ltd services. You’ve been defrauded before, and you don’t want to risk it again by trusting someone like this. When you examine this company, it will become apparent to you that PayBack Ltd is not who they claim to be.

Who PayBack Ltd Really Is?

PayBack Ltd scam has been operated by Payback Ltd, a company registered in Israel. For various jurisdictions, they were registering new domains to cover all high-potential areas. Such as the United States, Germany, and Europe overall. Another entity that has been running these schemes is Money Back Ltd.

In general, all these seem to be founded by two individuals – Amir Geva and Daniel Poleb. Thus, there are no details if they will be individually investigated or prosecuted.

Anyway, even when everything is transparent and there is a PayBack Ltd warning, traders still fall for these cheesy tricks. Unfortunately, they don’t give themselves enough time to research everything. It’s always the hard way. But if you follow our simple advice, everything could be easier.

Regulated by: No regulations
Is This Company Safe? No
Known Websites:
Have Warnings from: FCA, BaFin
Registered in: Israel
Operating since: June 2018
Trading Platforms: N/A
Maximum Leverage: N/A
Minimum Deposit: N/A
Deposit Bonus: N/A
Trading Assets: N/A
Free Demo Account: N/A
How to  Withdraw from This Company? With multiple warnings from the most trusted regulators, withdrawing funds after you pay money for this funds recovery scam becomes quite harder. But if you use the tactics they are selling to you, it can truly work. Let us know if this company has your money.

PayBack Ltd Warnings From Regulators

If you still don’t know if is PayBack Ltd legit, just check the latest warnings that were published. Nothing less but from the FCA and BaFin. Two of the most rigorous and respected regulatory organizations in Europe.

After these, there’s no doubt you shouldn’t trust this agency on anything. Especially since they are requiring traders for upfront payments according to some PayBack Ltd Reddit comments. In reality, once traders send them money, they will be asking for more. Numerous fictive expenses can come up along the way.

If you think about it, if the company can recover your money, they could collect their part of the pie from the money recovered. Thus, they don’t. Therefore, don’t bite everything you see. Especially if there are instructions who have already exposed their activities.

Payback Ltd Review – Verification for what?

In this review of PayBack Ltd, we mainly focus on the official website. There – users will come to know that the company’s services require them to provide some information. They will ask you to share some of your personal information which includes your name, number, address, and other private and sensitive details. These details shouldn’t be shared with anyone over the internet. Next, the company will ask you to share information about how you got defrauded, so they could indicate if you got a case. PayBack Ltd claims that they will first verify this information.

How could they verify the information? If it was possible to track the scam, wouldn’t you have done it already? How can they confirm that the scam did or did not happen? What kind of verification is required? On Payback’s website, they won’t provide answers to these questions. All you find is rough information written like a 3rd grader’s homework. The website won’t inform you of anything, and this is extremely worrying. This PayBack review indicates that they don’t give any proof approving their promises, so it is best not to use their services.

Free consultation with a fraudulent scent

In our PayBack review, we noticed that the company claims to offer a free consultation to their clients (yet again on the website). A private discussion that reassures people to assume they can examine the company first and then determine if they should hire their services. However, PayBack Ltd alleges that they advise a free consultation, but there are some doubts with this bit. Initially, you will get this free consultation only after you have shared all your personal information with them. In some cases, they ask for your credit card number and last digits.

It is very concerning because they will already have a lot of your delicate information as you haven’t decided if you want to use their services or not. Shouldn’t this sharing of information happen Following the consultation? Yet, in this review of PayBack Ltd, we’ve seen the company already asked for it before. Secondly, even though they have claimed it to be free, it truly isn’t. The company’s policy clearly states that customers have to pay a commission for a consultation. As clients charged a separate fee.

What is PayBack Ltd’s definition of free? There are no answers to this question and you shouldn’t think about opting for a service that’s blatantly lying to its clients – By trying to mislead them. Had they been upfront about it, clients will gladly pay for their services. It’s a red flag.

PayBack Ltd Review – No specifications about client cases

You seek recovery specialists, that’s why you are considering using PayBack Ltd’s services – please read this review again. We have already established there are hundreds of different kinds of scams that can happen, and cybercriminals are very sophisticated, so you want a recovery company that has dealt with such matters before. It is not just about experience; it is about the right kind of experience. When you visit PayBack Ltd’s website, you will discover that they have mentioned numerous amounts that they have recovered so far for their clients.

If you take a look at the numbers, the sum is impressive and truly decent. They are not small figures and quite hefty amounts, so it is natural to be curious about the kind of scams that involved such big amounts. This is where you are in for a shock because you will discover that PayBack Ltd has provided no information about the cases. There is no mention of client names or any other details. People may not want their names disclosed, but the cases could be mentioned without sharing their sensitive data. The numbers Payback Ltd’s shows are fake.

Severe lack of transparency

Our review already proved that PayBack Ltd has lied about the consultation, and they are also problematic about their verification. But, this is not where the obstacles stop. The company is also not transparent about its registration. Victims should use a professional aid. Primarily in matters as sensitive as financial scam recovery, you want a company that knows what it is doing and knowledgeable of the dispute/refund procedure.

Another look at PayBack Ltd’s website makes it appear that the company has a lot of expertise in the recovery field. All the claims and statements they’ve made make it appear PayBack Ltd has been doing this work for years now. In reality – if you google their registration date, you will reveal that the company exists from June 2018. It means that they are relatively new in the market and don’t have a lot of experience as they claim. Of course, there is no harm in trying a new company, some can be useful.

PayBack Ltd has not disclosed this information, not even under the About Us section on their website. It shows a lack of transparency and this is not something you want in a company that soon to assist you to recover from a scam. Apart from that, the company charges a commission and a fee for their services, but you can scan their entire website and you will not find any information about their charges.

Potential clients deserve to know how much they will have to spend. PayBack Ltd has not bothered to provide any further details about this – be aware.

Multiple domains – Pay Back / PayBack Ltd Review

PayBack Ltd

Anyone who has any knowledge about the internet should be aware of the importance of domain names for businesses. The competitive market names are extremely crucial for businesses because people recognize them by these domains. Their branding, advertising, and marketing all depend on the domain name, and they can attract, engage, and retain their clients with it. Every legitimate business in the world understands its importance as they have taken special measures to protect it.

This review studied PayBack Ltd and found that they have several domains. They have two noticeable domain names and this doesn’t seem valid because having them is going to cause a great deal of confusion. How will customers know which one is the actual domain name? Finding two domain names might put people off altogether from using PayBack Ltd’s services because they will be unable to figure out which one is right. These are and

Belgium’s Financial Services and Markets Authority recently stated that PayBack Ltd is not registered. They have issued a severe warning alleging that the company is operating a type of recovery room fraud. Its sister firm ”Funds Recovery” has been warned against by the FSMA as well.

Our Conclusions From This PayBack Ltd Review

Chargeback companies that respect themselves should stay in close contact with their clients, providing them with updates about case progress. In conclusion, we hope that by reading this PayBack Ltd review – you will find most of the relevant information about how they go with it. We’ve exposed that PayBack Ltd has numerous reasons to avoid using it when you need assistance with a scam. If you hire this company – you can forget about protection from hacking, identity theft, and more problems.

Unfortunately, many users start reading reviews only after falling victim to scams. We sincerely hope that you are not one of them!
However, if you're here because you suspect that your investment isn't in a safe place, know that you have the right to claim funds back!

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