Merjes Group Review – Doesn’t Solve Anyone’s Financial Crisis
Merjes Group Review – Doesn’t Solve Anyone’s Financial Crisis

Merjes Group introduces itself as a young investment project formed during the running economical crisis from the funds of private investors. The main focus is to generously allow small time investors to earn big. Sounds like a dream come true, yet completely false and unrealistic. 

This shady financial services provider from the UK doesn’t have a license for their conduct. All the acts about being a good samaritan and helping everyone earn their piece of bread is a lie. This honest Merjes Group review proves it.

Regulated by: Not regulated
Is This Company Safe? No, being unregulated, they cannot be safe
Known Websites:
Have Warnings from: FCA
Registered in: UK (allegedly)
Operating since: 2023-03-29
Trading Platforms: No trading available
Maximum Leverage: Leveraged trading not enabled
Minimum Deposit: $25
Deposit Bonus: Not available
Trading Assets: Crypto
Free Demo Account: Not available
How to  Withdraw from This Company? Issuing a chargeback with the help of our legal team is your solution!

Merjes Group Regulation Issues

It’s understandable that every business does its best to come off as attractive for investing. However, some do it the wrong way. Merjes Group is a UK financial brand that has come to existence just recently. 

Unfortunately, Merjes Group is not regulated by the UK’s regulatory body – FCA. Registration is not enough without a proper license. Actually, FCA has posted an alert on this swindler and made it clear to the public that they’re not authorized. Read about the whole deal here. This makes them no different from other FCA blacklisted brokers like LBLV.

Not only is the brand not regulated by the jurisdictional regulator, but also not a single other entity, including CySEC, ASIC, CONSOB, CNMV and BaFin.

Undoubtedly disappointing for many who’ve planned to invest here, but it’s better to prevent than have to go through the trouble of recovering funds. Merjes Group is not worth your money because they’re not safe, funds aren’t protected through segregation of bank accounts and there’s no transparency.

Who Merjes Group Focuses On

At first perhaps very inviting, but only for a short time. The Merjes Group website can only keep your attention and interest for so long before you start realizing the stable income isn’t generating. 

The Merjes Group scam manages to capture your trust for a while with the promises of guaranteed percentage of income every so often. The lies do not take long to show through, as the fraudster doesn’t actually pay off your promised returns. If it’s happened to you as well – do not despair. We’re here with a strong legal team to help you out of the extortion pit.

Take a good look at the areas where Merjes Group is most active and take caution not to become their next victim:

  • Brazil
  • South Africa
  • Germany

Merjes Group Costs

Merjes Group is strangely secretive about the costs of their services. While they claim that there’s no deposit fees, they do not reveal the transaction fees and any commissions. Almost making you believe their services are so generous and free, right? The only fee mentioned on the website, since the legal docs do not exist, is the withdrawal fee of 0.0001 BTC.

Referral Bonuses As Another Bait

A reputable UK company that Merjes Group attempts to look like wouldn’t be able to allow bonuses due to FCA prohibiting them. But this sham does. Depending on your investment and the turnover of your referrals you can earn yourself a fancy title and a supposed interest. 

Additionally, your own successful turnovers could allegedly earn you iPhones, vacations and even apartments in Dubai. How realistic is that? 

Naturally the con artist doesn’t mention the potential malicious bonus clauses that should be explained in legal docs, simply because these texts do not exist on the site.

Merjes Group – The Entire Offer

In essence, what this investment firm has to offer is crypto investing in several different forms of plans/packages. You do so with the help of a questionable terminal and then wait for the passive income to accumulate. In the meanwhile, you can also gather referrals and earn from their deposits, too. Bonuses are raining, but who knows if they exist at all.

Software Used

After everything we’ve seen from dubious financial service providers, this doesn’t exactly take the cake but it’s close. The terminal isn’t exactly a software but a simple web widget used to buy crypto coins. Depositing is instant because all the transfers are made through crypto wallets. It’s a part of your client panel. 

Currencies Supported

Every and all transactions at Merjes Group are done in crypto. Being a crypto oriented platform, this website only accepts crypto payments. Available currencies for making deposits are: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DOGE, BUSD, XRP, TRX, USDT.

Merjes Group Rounds

Instead of calling it account types, Merjes Group account is called a Funding Round and there’s no trial trading since the scheme is based on investing. There’s six funding rounds in total, and they depend on the amount of deposit you make. Each round brings you higher percentage of daily income:

  • 1 Round – $25 – $5,000 deposit, with daily interest of 1-1.2% during 83 days
  • 2 Rounds – $5,000 – $14,999 deposit, with daily interest of 1.3-1.5% for 66 days
  • 3 Rounds – $15,000 – $49,999 deposit, with daily interest of 1.6-1.8%, for 55 days
  • 4 Rounds – $50,000 – $249,999 deposit, with daily interest of 1.9-2.1%, for 47 days
  • 5 Rounds – $250,000 – $499,999 deposit, with daily interest of 2.2-2.5% for 40 days
  • 6 Rounds – $500,000 – $10,000,000 deposit, with daily interest of 2.6-3.0% for 33 days

Merjes Group Withdrawal Issues

As client’s are reporting, major problems with investing at Merjes Group are the withdrawals. The service provider isn’t punctual when it comes to payouts and has a tendency to stall withdrawals, making an investors life miserable. 

Since Merjes Group support hasn’t bothered to upload any legal docs to their website, they do not make it clear how the process exactly works. You can attempt to submit a request from your user area, but nothing guarantees it works, because Merjes Group isn’t licensed and therefore not trustworthy. Even regulated brokers aren’t always unmistakable. Take FXGlobe as an example. 

In the case of Merjes Group, we suspect the bonuses are used to apply special withdrawal conditions in the forms of more taxes and commissions, but only Merjes Group knows what their plan exactly is. 

Unresponsive Merjes Group Support

Attempting to get in touch with the staff at Merjes Group is slow and horribly exhausting. We can’t even imagine how an investor feels when they need urgent assistance yet their pleas for on deaf ears. Communication is only done via an online form, which doesn’t guarantee replies. We know we never got one when we tried to reach the support service. 

Few Things To Remember About Merjes Group

Anonymity with this one is so obvious it should immediately make you reconsider your investment decisions. Again, Merjes Group has a warning against them, issued by the UK’s most prominent regulator – FCA. This should be enough to motivate you to stay away and look for a trustworthy firm.

If you have still decided to invest and need help getting your cash back, we are here. There’s no shame in being scammed, there’s only the question of taking the right action. All you have to do is make haste and contact us via Online Chat as soon as you can and while it’s still not too late for your funds. 

FAQ Section

Is Merjes Group Legit or Scam?

This firm doesn’t hold a license for their activities, so they should not be trusted. FCA has made that opinion public.

Does Merjes Group Have a Referral Program?

Yes, the website offers different commissions, based on the amount of your deposit and the turnovers of your referrals.

How Can I Chargeback From Merjes Group?

Our legal team consists of chargeback specialists who can help you get your capital back.


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